Ho Chi Min Vietnam (day 1)

Its a reward trip for the selected staff and when we heard our names been picked, we were all excited lah kan! 1st…bcoz this time we can go as partners (with my dept colleague Dila) and even arranged to be in 1 hotel room, 1 flight and etc…sebelum ni tak excited coz normally you have to sorang2 pandai2lah mingle kan. Hahaha

BUT there was a catch. We have to become the team leader to our group. Group no 2. I think. Hardly can recall. So we have to ensure everyone in our group to arrive on time…passport all with us and of course everything according to itinerary.

So when the day has finally arrived, we managed to depart on time. Our group consists of 4 regional head from 4 states and the rest is the business managers and sales staff all over the country. We do know them b4 from the phone calls..but it was quite actually interesting to finally meet eye to eye with everybody. 😄


Since we were the 2nd batch to fly that morning from KLIA. Me and dila arrived somewhere between 6ish am. We met the tour agency and were given a bag tag and a free tote bag.

We move to departure area quite early as we were warned by the 1st group as they got stuck up at the immigration counter earlier. So terkejar2 la depa.

At the gate seating area finally we officially read some doas and introduce ourselves to each other. We saw some naughty faces already there haha!! We have to handle them..hemm..

Flight with MAS was not so smooth. Trying my best to maintain my coolness 😎😎 but as we were about to land…I can still remember how wobbly the flight was. Just imagine you feel like the plane was trying its best to maintain on a straight landing line..but it shook left and right like nobody business!! Gile cuak. Shaky landing. But alhamdulillah we touched down at the Ho Chi Min airport safely.

First thing first, the toilet trip. Mujur ada botol kosong with us. No air ok dlm cubicle as always.

At the arrival area, we had to ensure everybody maintain in a big group. It was very crowded. Some even left the group to go to toilet and some collecting their bags and some buying the phone line 😅. Fuh mencabar sikit. But we try to maintain cool je…

When the bus driver and our tour agent from there finally meet us..we were brought to a bus area..from there we still had to wait for the rest to ensure everyone is in the bus. 30 of us.

Finally we can enjoy the complimentary cold mineral water and sit back and listen to the tour agent story…we had too…coz we were at the most front 😂 org lain dah belasah tido k! Team leader la katakan. Haih.

Our hotel is located 39-41 Thu Khoa Huan street. Just next door to the Kampung Pandan Halal restaurant.

Luar nampak while we waited for our rooms to ready. We had our first lunch at the Kg Pandan restaurant. Nyums sedap jugala. Dah laparkan hahah.


After lunch we finally got our room keys and that ptg the activity was free and easy. We were impressed with the rooms! Cantik but small. Just nice for 2 person.

The location is very near the Ben Then Market. So after solat we decided to join one of the girls yang dah biasa dtg and we took a taxi (berempat) of us. Fuh gamble betul this time. We went to
The China Market. Ben Thai. Lawan arus.






Its quite far from our hotel but they said its supposed to be much2 cheaper here. So I just follow the girls to one of the kedai kain. The famous prada lace…I ni mmg kureng sikit bab2 beli kain..especially when I have no such mission. But alang2 dah sampai i just bought one for myself my sarah and my mom. Mine and sarah terus buat baju raya. Mama’s green still tak buat baju. Hahah if i dont really like it..i rasa mama lagila tak suka. But fine..dah beli so end of story. Cash pulak tukar dalam rm1,500 je konon. Haa 1st day je dah habis rm500. Bought 5 kain ela nak buat jubah konon..siap jahit. They will send to our hotel by Saturday mlm. The market closed at 5pm. So we had only 2 hrs la. Rushing gile babe…took a taxi home back to our hotel.

Tips. Vietnamese can’t read and talk english that well. So please make sure you bring a lot of the hotel cards with you. We just showed the card to the random picked taxi driver and he drove us home. And yes like Jakarta they do have preferred safe taxi. Baik2 oo.

As for the tailoring..pun we pass the hotel card for them to deliver to our hotel.

Done. That night we walk through the street..agak scary sikit coz we were warned by others byk penyagak. We moved in 4..sampai kat pasar malam dia..and then we finally reach the junction of halal food. Fuhh senang nak makan but very pricey.

Mlm tu mkn kat xx.survey2 dulu.





Saw this kopi…but decided not to spoil the tummy on our 1st night ere. Perhaps later.

Balik tido.


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Frozen craze

I love Frozen. My kids love em too. The cartoon by disney was outstanding. The values reflected in the movie was surprisingly good. Family or shall I say siblings love and bonding are everything in our life. Hope my kids well at least the eldest get that message! ūüôā

So here I am planning for Frozen party for my girl (she initially requested for winx club party…then my little pony and the last one was snow white party!! Yikes talk about catching up with kids ever so up to date craze!!)…

March 10 is so nearby.(probably ended up either in April or after raya)..and my thrill is still downhill because I didn’t managed to get the costume here! Whyla kan kan? Saw this so so turquoise dress at GE mall during the cny break..yupe I didn’t buy sampai sekarang la terpikir nyesal kan. That is the nearest liplap dress to elsa original costume. Sabar je la haha.

We’ve started with a checklist for the party and here what is on my head at the mmt:
1. Date
2. Venue search
3. Who should we invite for this medium size party
4. Costume – to tailor made or buy from uk
5. Elsa and Anna doll
6. Music/entertainment
7. Kids activities
8. Food caterer or restaurant
9. Props – checked
10. Printable – checked
11. Cake
12. Color theme
13. BUDGET!!


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Car Boot Sale continued. expected just now the most feared thing is happening!  Now officially have to rebut for slots.

Lebih ramai menjual drp yg membeli ūüė¶

And the wheather was too hot sampai rasa nak pitam. My face is soo red!

But alhamdulillah. Sale tetap berjalan mcm biasa walaupun price war and competing with more penjual. Slow sikit today. My books tak terjual.

We noticed we have some frequent customer ..yang paling lucu there is a guy who asked for my daughter’s clarks shoes dtg lagi dgn harapan dapat rm15. Erkk minta maap banyak2.

Total sales bolelah beli tix jakarta kot hahah air asia pegi balik masa zero fare promo. Kihkih..Tapi bila split kena la berusaha gigih lagi. Demi anak2..nak kan jalan2 bercuti kan. Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit.

I am sun burned. My hubby is already sleeping. PENATnya MasyaAllah with the heat especially.But Bersyukur sangat2 dapat slot last today! Yeay!

Come and visit us k!





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Hiring staff

I am currently looking for secondary or university students who i can hire on function basis. I am talking about 2 to 4 hours basis.

If they opted to work at a fast food chain restaurant, it would be like rm3 per hour and those kitchen work is very tiring for long hours.

But I am offering Rmxx for 4 hours, looking seriously for creative hard working people and are up to high pressure working environment. Preferrable those who can drive around. I need a girl and a boy.

If you have any recommendations do inform but i prefer someone who are not relate to u lah. Hehe nanti i tegur sikit mengadu..adeh.

I am still googling! Wish me luck! Ngam masyuk sekepala. Tu yang i nak cari klu bole meh! Hoho…

Oklah..can’t wait to update on this entry soon!


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Our Bibik


She is going off for a week before continuing another 2 yrs and 2 months more! In shaa Allah if she is fit to work.

So here we are waiting..and waiting at jln duta’s immigration center to continue her 5th year permit. Wuhoo!

As you might know, no fomema health check n charges is required after her 3rd year of employment in Malaysia.

So this annual permit would only cost you ard rm461. Rm 376 for levi fees, rm60 renewal of permit, Rm15 for visa multiple entry and Rm10 for processing fees.

The great thing is that no forms required just bring the paspport.

It took us about 2 hrs to finish everything here!

Warrrghhh still waiting…

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Hobbies that create additional income

I’ve chatted with few of my online wahm friends and working mommies who has hobbies that helps them to generate extra side income. There is a plus point here…doing what you loved most and u get paid for it!!

I adore all women out there who are gifted with such talents to cook…bake..hand craft and sew..etclah! I wish I have the courage to launch myself to do what I Loved most -party planning ..designing…baking and crafting!

BUT…there is always a reason why I hold back. I¬† am too…in love with my current employer…my team and my job. I have been following the fate where Allah has lead me too…knowing there is always a reason why I am here at my current level. Maybe not too glamourous successful compared to others but I know I am preeching to the mass on the importance of Islamic Banking.

Ya Allah please guide me to the right path and options…show me the way if I can excel in both line…

5 years already…time to buckle up and launch a2ppl to mass in 2013!

Extra semangat mode after talking with all of them. Heheheeeee!!



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Johor Premium Outlet

When my bos requested for us (me and my colleague)¬†to pick our outstation¬†job venue¬†either Penang or Johor Bharu, me and mr.husband decided to opt for JB. Ermm¬†why involved mr husband ni kan? Well we sort of serik¬†&¬†kesian¬†with Aqib¬†crying at¬†night searching for mama¬†on my first outstation¬†trip to Kuantan¬†& Terengganu¬†in Oct 2011. You see, Aqib¬†is currently¬†a full breast feed baby and night is a crucial moment for¬†him to be¬†by my side. So yes, from now onwards they will follow me to any of my outstation¬†trips jika¬†budget dan masa mengizinkan. (hopefully tak banyak¬†sangat la….uwaa!)

To make it interesting, we’ll add one day extra for the family to jalan-jalan¬†around the local city. Next trip shall be Kota Kinabalu or Kuching in April! Haiyoooh! Masalah¬†nak¬†naik¬†kapal¬†terbang¬†dengan¬†semua ni!

Anyway back to my JB¬†story….yes mr.husband highlighted that this is our chance to check out the famous Johor Premium Outlets near Kulaijaya¬†(JPO). It’s a must drop by venue if you go to Johor state.

Believed it or not, we went twice! Mr husband heheh went triple time! (My dad, him, bibik and the 2 kids went first racky jalan while me and my mom both work!) We supposed to go on Friday morning (cuti officially) but instead my dad and mr.husband managed to persuade us to singgah kejab on our back to JB from UTM Skudai. So, we went with our work attire lah ke situ.

My first impression when I first caught a glimpse of the venue from far¬†were “eh¬†sebijik¬†macam factory outlet in Victoria”

Impressive! Pic above taken on 2nd day, while the 2nd one below on 1st day (after 6.30pm)

We had our dinner and lunch at JPO foodcourt, the food options were good and yummeh! Try their fresh tau fu fa from the Soya Kiosk, Ayam Penyet and Cantonese Kuewteau. Price range macam food court KLCC.

Hired their “Car trolley” for wawa¬†becuase¬†JPO¬†ni boring for the kids (before we discovered the playground on 1st floor near Guess and Adidas boutique the next day), so why not keep her entertain with the car kan? So I went and¬†ask about the rental and errkk¬†a bit¬†shock to know that I need to pay RM130¬†upon rental! RM100¬†for deposit and RM30¬†is the actual rental cost. Terdiam¬†kejab….but after fikir-fikir¬†tempat¬†macam¬†ni memang¬†la mcm¬†tu costkan? Nasib¬†baik¬†Aqib¬†kecik¬†lagi…kalau 2? Aduh¬†hehe!

After solat¬†then we start checking out the boutique there.¬†First day was for us to survey only (malam¬†pendek¬†8pm to 10pm) memang¬†tak cukup¬†masa! Managed to cover only half of the outlet….oh yes we did check-¬†out¬†Coach…but hmph agak¬†menghampakan¬†the price is still quite high compared to when you buy direct from US, plus the stock are mostly¬†yang dah outdated…yang design CC….so cancel hasrat¬†nak¬†beli¬†COACH handbag.¬†Oh yes my mom introduced¬†OROTON¬†to me, it’s an¬†Aussie brand….yang¬†ni I like. The designs tak luput¬†ditelan¬†perubahan¬†masa/fashion. My mom told me her hantaran¬†handbag were OROTON¬†and sampai la ni still in excellent conditions.

Anyway there were more than 30 outlets, I purposely candid the directory stand for future references.¬†Additional building/ wing will be build¬†to add more branded boutique there. Yeay? Soon it’ll be in Sepang¬†too! Bahaya¬†nih! Most of the items are¬†from 30%,50% and 70% less. Among the shops that we went it were DKNY, Burbbery, OROTON, Micheal Kors, Cotton On, Poney, Flow, Guess, Adidas, Baskin Robin, Starbucks, Vincci, Pedro, GAP, Nike, Fossil, Braun Buffel, Feregamo, La Senza, G2000 and a few more.

Directory JPO

The sad part is that, there are no pumpkin-patch shop la…we went crazy at Perth FO last time! There were Guess kids, GAP kids, DKNY¬†kids and Poney. But the sizes were limited! Aqib¬†got himself 3 pieces of shirt while for wawa¬†we bought her new jeans (semua¬†dah kecik!!). For me, I was feeling little down that it’s not a kids’ clothes heaven!

The next day after checking out from our hotel, we were at JPO¬†from 3pm to 7pm tuh! Pergh…puas hati tu! ūüôā

Well what we bought no need to tell it here la, let it be just between the family. ūüôā

So you guys should definitely come here one day and kalau datang tak beli tak best la kan.

Enjoy the pics taken on our 2 days visit at JPO!

We left wawa and bibik at the playground while we checkout the shops.

Mr husband was very happy when we were at JPO,I can see his eyes bersinar-sinar! Hehe!


Oh yes tips if you’re planning to visit JPO soon;

1. Avoid coming on weekends (staff told us the crowd is crazy, you even have to queue to enter the boutique)

2. Masa weekend, sizes banyak habis, barang banyak takda stock.

3. So do plan your trip on weekdays.

4. Drop by on your way to JB or on the way back to KL.

5. Solat, Baby room and toilets are all clean.

I did tumpang¬†my ebm¬†in their fridge at the foodcourt! hehe¬†alhamdulillah my stock survived the trip ūüôā



Date 23 & 24 Feb 2012

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First Outstation Trip as “Four of Us”

Naquib was exactly 3 months old when we went to Kuantan to attend my dearest sister in law’s brother’s wedding on 1st October 2011, Saturday.

I tried my best to packed as minimum as I can, and end up with 1 big suitcase to fit all of our clothing ūüôā Prepared ourselves well this time, i packed my inflatable MC bath tub (we use this at our home coz the solid tub semua kat rumah tok-tok and bcoz¬†i hate to use the sink@ hotel¬†for my sarah last time), BEAN travel bottle warmer (cause i reheat my BFM @ certain venues which i think may not be suitable for me to direct BF or my baju berfesyen susah nak menyusu!), swimming attire for wawah and me (hahah berharap konon nak swimming!) and of course my mandela FS pump and ice packs!

Naquib was sleeping all through out the 3 hours journey with Kak Sarah’s guarding his carseat “kononnya” hehe..

We checked into a new hotel @ Zenith, Kuantan. Right infront of East Coast Mall :)) The bedroom was beautiful, too bad mr.hubby loved the working desk so much that he said “Ruginya tak bawak kerja, if not sure boleh buat kerja!” errrk!! so workaholic la my hubby ni!!

We took a connecting room with my parents, and wawa loved it! Too bad Naquib was crying hard soon as we settled ourselves in the room. Hmmm? We changed and rushed to the wedding at Taman Indera Mahkota.

That night, Naquib cried again that we had to put him in my parents’ room. After a full round of surah al-Baqarah finally i dared to bring him into the the room. Suspense jugak, but alhamdulillah we all slept well that night! fuhhh…nasib baik and look at the kids enjoying the comfy-ness of the huge bed! hehehe! ūüôā

The next day, Sarah woke up early to go swimming with uncle Aiq. Cantik la pool dia!

After breakfast, shopping at ECM and then head straight back to KL! Pheww…we did it! ūüôā Looking forward for the next trip. Singapore perhaps!!?? hehehe….









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My Breastfeeding Stories : Freestyling in Train!



Hehe i did it again,this time with my poncho shawl as the main cover to pump in public!

My outstation trip to Ipoh via KTM train!

Raise your ounces at anytime at anywhere!

I can do it,so can u.



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