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Sarah & Her Primary School – Orientation 16 Nov 2013

I registered my girl for her primary years in March 2011, I was informed that we as parent must be alert to register our kids to the Government schools when they reached the age of 5 years old.

For first time parent, I would advice you to start googling and keep in touch with the other 5 yo parent so that you wouldn’t miss any news about the registration. By 2011, we got to know the registration was 50% ok, you can enter your kids NRIC no on the Kementerian Pelajaran site – Mine area Gombak KL ya…and walla you can see which school your kid will be assigned too.

By April 2012 ( kurang ingat nanti i check balik the date), we went to the school to submit all the necessary form such as birth cert, bil elektrik (for house address), and got our registration number from the school. In August 2012 also we were given our kid school confirmation. We pay some registration fees and tag nama¬† for her school uniform. Orientation date were also given…16th Nov 2013. (masa ni mak dah emo…uwaa)

I didn’t managed to blog about it so here are some belated pictures of the orientation.

Wawa queuing for class

Wawa queuing for class

20131116_082347 20131116_082621

She was in Kumpulan 6, the group was according to first come first served policy. Wow I though we were early coz our registartin number in earlier of the year was 85…then when we went for the actual registration dah group 6 pulak!

On orientation day, the kids were put in their group and shown to their classes. For me masa ni crucial to ensure she sits infront of the class. So ta da….duduklah depan anak mama. hehe

As a parent I am impressed with the school. Well organized. We were ask to collect the books and bought our kids sport attire. Text book to be purchased later during school holidays. The best part was collecting her 1st text book neatly packed in this size s ikea blue shopping bag. Best kan!

Saw a few familiar faces on that day, the best part is that 6 of my schoolmates are here with their kids and the rest are colleagues from my employer, mr hubby’s mrsm, a-levels friends. Building a good network is very important here. Mommy is already saving hp numbers hehe.

She told me…she loved the new school. Alhamdulillah.

Till next entry her first day.



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Bye bye 2013…welcome 2014!

Been enjoying those IG’s video of some of my friends shared, the video of their 2013 highlights.

I still cannot figure it out how to do that I guess I’m just going to settled down with blogging my 2013 highlights.

Let’s try make it as simple as I can hehe..

January 2013

1st Jan – we started to train our daughter Sarah to sleep in her own room, we called it “the bed shift”

Awal Muharam – Photoshoot with the kids at Titiwangsa Lake

Mid Jan – we bought our first ever luggage at Johor Premium Outlets. (kira historical la for me :))

– Visited Puteri Habour Indoor Theme Park – Kitty Cat / Thomas and Tank

February 2013

Early Feb – Promoted

March 2013

9th March – Sarah’s 6th Mini Mermaid Party at the 3 Residence Taman Melawati. It’s the beginning of A2PPL’s unique party ideas.

Mid March – Aqib hospitalised due to his chesty cough

End March – We allow our bibik to have a 2 week break.

First experience traveling with Aqib and 2 weeks of full-time housewife hehe

Jakarta trip with my mom and dad.

May 2013

11 May – A2PPL hosted a complete A to Z client party.

Mid May – Singapore day trip to Orchard Road

June 2013

19th June – Staycation at The Royale Bintang The Curve, Meet the Barbie

30th June – Hosted Aqib’s 2nd Football Party at our own house. Loved the concept!

August 2013

Early August – involved with 8 car collision on our way back home from my inlaws kampung.Still am traumatized over the experience

September 2013

Early Sept – Visited KL Bird Park

27th – 29th Sept – Staycation at the Renaissance KL for Hubby’s birthday celebration

October 2013

Early Oct – Start participating with car boot sale at Keramat

November 2013

Early Nov – Watch Anuar Zain perform LIVE at TM Convention Centre.

16th Nov – Sarah’s primary orientation day

24th Nov – Sarah’s Kindy Graduation day at IIUM

December 2013

2nd Dec – Sent by the employer to attend The Asean Summit : The Leadership Conference at Bank Negara Sasana Kijang

18th Dec – Selected by the employer to start on train the trainer certification.

26th Dec – Mommy daughter date at Sunway Lagoon Theater to watch Snow White & the 7 Dwarf

27th – 29th Dec – Staycation at Pullman Putrajaya

31st Dec – for the first time ever its just a new year for me.

From Jan to April 2013 – Did my first MRI Scan for my back pain and the doctor at Columbia Asia diagnosed me with imbalance saraf, Had to go through physiotherapy on weekly basis. Alhamdulillah am doin alright now.

Phew, thank god ada blog ni…took me a while to remember what we did this year. There are a few more entries due. Ntah bila la nak blog. Still have an essay to prepare tonight…dateline menunggu…

Just realized we did travel a lot in the first half of the year! Alhamdulillah. Lessons learn next time organized towards the 2nd half of the year! heheh.

I stop by to look back at my 2013 year reso…wow I almost achieved 80% of it. Not bad huh? hhahaha..I’m gonna add one more reso..Aqib to move in with Wawa soon…!!

Thats a wrap.




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Yes my girl has been sleeping in her own bedroom since 1st Jan 2013 and that makes it almost 4 months of a training.

My girl is a type who would always wakes up in the middle of the night, once or sometimes 2 to 3 times in a night! YES mommy has never had a full 6 or 4 hrs of sleep since 6 years ago haha!

I’m not complaining but a little bit worried when looking at her sleeping patterns. No 1 she will always wakes up around 3am in the morning sometimes crying sometimes not.

Another round would be at 4 ish or 5 ish…daily..

I try looking at a few factors that may be causing all of this:
1. Food – cara pemakanan, what was her last meal drink
2. Lifestyle – maybe not enough pyhsical activities that may lead to non deep sleep pattern?
3. Benda ghaib – terasa mcm nak check gan ustaz gak coz 3 am kan waktu syaitan kemuncak kacau. But I hope its not la coz she also wakes up at 4 n 5 am kan?
4. Habit – or it is just her.

Mommy is beating around the bush, was thinking to go and see a specialist on this. This might cause her to be too moody at day time.

Talked to my hubby about this and did consult their pead. but I guess I have to start looking for a solutions coz kesian my girl and second i too need my sleep!

YES i tgh teman my girl tido….she woke up today at 3.30am again….

almost an hour takut esok by noon i’ll be lemau already.

Nite! Eh morning people!


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Our Bibik


She is going off for a week before continuing another 2 yrs and 2 months more! In shaa Allah if she is fit to work.

So here we are waiting..and waiting at jln duta’s immigration center to continue her 5th year permit. Wuhoo!

As you might know, no fomema health check n charges is required after her 3rd year of employment in Malaysia.

So this annual permit would only cost you ard rm461. Rm 376 for levi fees, rm60 renewal of permit, Rm15 for visa multiple entry and Rm10 for processing fees.

The great thing is that no forms required just bring the paspport.

It took us about 2 hrs to finish everything here!

Warrrghhh still waiting…

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Sarah’s Kinddie Party

This will be her last party held at her kindie…sob soh my girl is growing up fast!

Wawa requested a mermaid cake with a mermaid doll in the middle (ala mcm previous barbie birthday cake 2012) hahah…but due to time limitation I decided to try to order an edible image cake! Tak pernah mimpi ok hahah…had my own photo shoot with my girl in her mermaid costume.

And walla here are the results…not bad ehhh?


This year 8th March 2013, Friday as early as 8.00 am me and my maid drop off the goodies first together with the cake.

Around 11.30am we were back at school compound to witness and captured some historical moments.

Lets have a look at the picas ūüôā As usual my girl will be smiling shyly. Honestly I saw a lot of improvement in her social interaction and confidence level. Proudly smiling with her friends around her. That’s my girl!

Ok jom layan gambo!!

Setting up for the cake cutting Showing the cake design Shy girl Wawa! Her teachers Cakes Susah nak amik group picture this year! Aqib enjoying school playground, hari-hari main sini hokayy!

Amazed that they can managed 55 kids!

Distribution of goodies

Distribution of goodies

Love this shot!

Love this shot!

Her friends

Her friends


Oh yes behind the scene..a very sick mom...I was badly ill sampai mabuk makan ubat that day!

Oh yes behind the scene..a very sick mom…I was badly ill sampai mabuk makan ubat that day!

Lovely weather don't you think so??

Lovely weather don’t you think so??



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Bobbi brown

Our fav makeup is by Bobbi Brown
Why BB?
Because of the natural makeup concept that believed in

Fav item
Of course their lip gloss blusher and eye concealer and silver eye base.

I think it is quite reasonable for them to charge to doll up for a function. You just need to buy their items and eligible for a touch up! Yeay!

Our fav kiosk is at Pavillion!

Here are some picas taken during our recent visit!









My next target is sephora eye pallet and clinique chubby stick uwaaaa!!


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End of Year Getaway – Universal Studio Singapore (USS) 2012

This is the 2nd day out of 3 days trip to Johor state..but the 1st and 3rd day we were on the road traveling to JB¬†and back to KL. The rest is spend at Johor Premium Outlet, the JPO is as per¬†my previous entry. So today, I’ll just blog about our trip to the famous Universal Studio Singapore or well-known to the Malaysian as “USS”! Oh yes this time we decided to bring along my in-laws pulak.

The first arrangement was to take a package from my FIL’s¬†travel agency, but after discussing with so many parties my best friend Aida offered to lend her GPS for us to drive to Singapore! I was very thrilled to have this opportunity to drive in instead of chartering a private shuttle. Me, is the type of person who loves to have some extra adventure in her traveling life! muhahah…walaupun sesat can be¬†a bit stressing! Boring la kalau¬†skema¬†sangat¬†ikut¬†buku¬†kan! Still love my Bandung wall paintings yang masuk¬†dalam¬†kampung tu…heee (*flashback*)

One week before the trip,¬†my SIL¬†booked the Thistle JB¬†hotel online from¬†at a very cheap rate,Mr hubby¬†bought the USS tickets together with the express tickets…and I cancelled the Starrex that I’ve booked earlier and borrowed from Aida the GPS.

Thistle Hotel JB

Thistle Hotel JB

For those looking for shuttle to Singapore don’t worry you can just arrange your transportation with the locals upon arrival. Charges varies from RM400¬†to RM650¬†depending on the type of vehicle you will be using. For example I booked through my own contact¬†a Starrex¬†with 11 seater for RM600¬†(Trust me it would be worth it if you are going in a big group). My friend booked hers at RM650¬†while at Thistle itself they can offer from RM350-¬†RM400¬†with Proton MPV. So we managed to SAVE RM600¬†for this trip!..and spend SGD22¬†for one day parking (I know they mentioned SGD26¬†but ours were only SGD22).

Everyone was a bit anxious as this will be the first time for them to drive into the Republic..I was anxious as I’ll be the co-pilot. We didn’t have much time to try the GPS before the trip…so when we were in JB¬†the directions were a bit confusing! Aduh..mostly at junctions! Had to ask for the Johor Regional head to assist me to show us the way to 2nd link as the GPS keep pointing at 1st link! grrr..So next time if you decided to go to 2nd link pass the highway next to seaside tu…straight along and follow the perling¬†or tuas¬†signboard. First you must find the Angsana¬†mall on your right before taking left to enter perling¬†exit. Then it’ll bring you straight to the 2nd link tol.

We left the hotel around 8.30am and only managed to reach 2nd link around 9.30am…jam sikit JB¬†pagi2 office hours.

2nd link highway to Singapore

2nd link highway to Singapore

At the Singapore Custom, we need to purchase the Autopass¬†card at SDG10¬†(there is a value of SDG4¬†in the card). For first time car entering Singapore -there will be NO VEP¬†charges, but I’ll take note that it is only free for 10 days in 1 year then we will be charged¬†SGD¬†20 per entry next time). Mr hubby need to register his insurance details and within 15 minutes we are good enough to go. 2dn¬†link is totally recommended as there are no traffic at all that day, only 2-¬†3 vehicles compared to the traffic @ 1st link! Then we just follow our GPS (it was very reliable in Singapore compared to JB!! I guess Johor pesat¬†sgt¬†membangun! Map keep¬†changing kut! hahah) Within 15-20 minutes, we safely arrive at Sentosa¬†Resort World! Yeay…terkejut coz senang¬†sangat¬†nak¬†sampai!

Many of my colleagues that went to USS in November, had shared their tips what to bring what not to bring…where to go and the rest. Read a few blogs tu..thank you bloggers. Memang¬†banyak¬†tips betul.

1 out 5 attraction place @ SRW

1 out 5 attraction place @ SRW

Long queue for those nak purchase tickets on spot.

Long queue for those nak purchase tickets on spot.

SGD10 for single stroller rental. Located on the right after the ticket entrance.

SGD10 for single stroller rental. Located on the right  after the ticket entrance.

Compulsory USS we were here Shot! 6.12.12

Compulsory USS we were here Shot! 6.12.12

We went there with my 2 SIL

We went there with my 2 SIL

Antara gambar yang nak kena print

Antara gambar yang nak kena print

Happy to be here!

Happy to be here!

With among the charachter

With among the cartoon icon

Among the park 6 parks in USS - The Madagascar, The Far Far A Way Land, The Lost World, The Mummy, The Cyclone - Transformer

Among the park 6 parks in USS – The Madagascar, The Far Far A Way Land, The Lost World, The Mummy, The Cyclone – Transformer

I love this shot!

I love this shot!

While waiting for my SIL turn to try the 3d Transformer ride

While waiting for my SIL turn to try the 3d Transformer ride

Us again! Thanks to the USS staff !

Us again! Thanks to the USS staff !

The tallest roller coaster - 40 storey level

The tallest roller coaster – 40 storey level

Madagascar river cruise! My 1 yr 7 mths boy cannot ride this :(

Madagascar river cruise! My 1 yr 7 mths boy cannot ride this ūüė¶

wawa shop 1 wawa

We had lunch @ Far Faraway Land - Goldilocks Restaurant Halal

We had lunch @ Far Faraway Land – Goldilocks Restaurant Halal

While enjoying Ben & Jerry SDG5 per cup ice cream, we rush into her!

While enjoying Ben & Jerry SDG5 per cup ice cream, we rush into her!

and him :)

and him ūüôā

And then it rained....lucky we were ready with malaysia disposable rain poncho. RM3.50 kat Guardian. If beli kat USS SDG3

And then it rained….lucky we were ready with malaysia¬†disposable rain poncho. RM3.50 kat Guardian. If beli¬†kat USS SDG3

Among the park 6 parks in USS - The Madagascar, The Far Far A Way Land, The Lost World, The Mummy, The Cyclone - Transformer

Among the park 6 parks in USS – The Madagascar, The Far Far A Way Land, The Lost World, The Mummy, The Cyclone – Transformer

Thankful to McLaren rain cover stroller, sangat berguna pada hari hujan! Aqib relax je kat dalam dengan biskut dia. TQ my boy for behaving well. With waterworld cast - show cancel due to rain.

Thankful to McLaren rain cover stroller, sangat berguna pada hari hujan! Aqib relax je kat dalam dengan biskut dia. TQ my boy for behaving well. With waterworld cast Рshow cancel due to rain.

Senja sight of USS

Senja sight of USS

Julien's Party Go Ride with Aqib

Julien’s Party Go Round with Aqib

Love :)

Love ūüôā


The park closes at 7pm. This is our last view of the park before heading to the shopping area

The park closes at 7pm. This is our last view of the park before heading to the shopping area


At the shop..each doll cost SDG26. Only one Wawa

At the shop..each doll cost SDG26. Only one Wawa

Ni brg yang dia beg nak time kay mama katanya!

Ni brg yang dia beg nak time kay mama katanya!

Bye2 USS

Bye2 USS

We were there from 10.30am till 9.00pm! Last group to leave the theme park till the security guard waited for us to exit the park hahah…

Anyway here are some tips that I’d like to highlight and share if you are a family with kids below 6 and below 2 yrs old.¬†Among the questions that we wonder and tried to google before going to USS:

1. Is the Express Pass Transferable?

РWe have a baby (below 2) therefore are aware not able to naik sekaligus.

– Some rides are not suitable for our daughter (below 6)

So mr hubby emailed to USS management and the answer is YES we can transfer but limited to one express (potong queue) for each ride. So kena pandai2lah atur..

2. Can I purchase my USS Express Tickets at the park? Is it advisable?

– Nobody¬†can answer this when I googled…and we decided to purchase 5 express pass (fuhh)

-At the park itself yes I noticed a few places selling the express pass , therefore YES you can purchase there if tetiba tengok ramai and nak beli. Please refer to the USS map on the location of the Express Tickets counter. You can buy it at most of the souvenir shop at each park.

-So¬†far…during weekdays on Singapore & Msia¬†School Holidays the crowd was not bad…so I personally recommend you to purchase Express Pass for adult beforehand and buy¬†the rest later when you think it is needed.

3. Prayer room at USS?

-Yes there is, a small one near the The Return of the Mummy park. Refer USS map.

-Small but comfortable enough to take wudhu, air-conditioned and fully equipped with telekung and sejadah.

4. Halal Food at USS?

-Yes there are. Just look out for Singapore’s Halal Symbol – refer USS Map

5. Shopping at USS?

-Most of the t-shirt, soft dolls, balls, globes ranges from SGD27, key chains from SGD5.90 to 7.90, pens from SGD4.90 to 7.90. Buy 3 t-shirt get 1 free.

-Advisable for you to grab the souvenirs at each park, as the main one does not carry all range. Macam I nak this Shrek thing, saw it at Far Faraway Land tapi takda kat kedai last tu…sigh..nak patah balik too far and too late already!

6. Drink

– Water dispenser is all over you can bring you bottle and filled it in any time.

-The one that they sell is quite menarik perhatian..all kind of shapes! Each varies from SGD13 rasanya…and to refill each time SGD2.

-Drinks is a bit expensive…so bawakla…

7. Do they check on the f&b before you enter the park?

-It was mentioned in the website no outside food and drinks allowed, but after my colleague who went earlier told us they didn’t even bother to check coz too ramai. So we selit some under the stroller.¬†Relax and lepas je ūüôā

8. USS Disposable coat price?

-Transparent clear rain pancho with USS logo at the center SGD3.

-Belila siap2 dekat Malaysia..hanya RM3.50 kat guardian. Ada 2 size adult and kids.

9. Baju basah?

-Only dekat The Lost World ada water ride ni mmg basah so pakailah poncho tu.

10. Rides for children below 2

-Only a few – Julien’s Party Go Round dekat Madagascar, Jurassic Fly dekat The Lost World, Treasure Hunt drive dekat The Mummy World, The Monster Rock Show the rest macam tak sesuai.

11. For those with babies,, no worries mashed potatoes dia sedap! You can feed them that.

12. Baby Stroller Rental

– It is located near the entrance,, just fill in the form and they’ll print your name to be slot in your stroller. No worries stroller friendly theme park. You can just park your stroller at the recommended site, tak hilang.

Note- I shall re correct the name of the ride once I refer back to my USS map. At this time tak ingat aaa hahah

Wrap up

It was really worth it to use the express pass, we just cut queue and for those small kids,kejab je kita masuk terus naik ride and walla we’re done. Senang nak tinggal2 or gilir2 among parents or sedara kaum keluarga. Totally recommended to come in a big group if you are planning to come here, the merrier the better! Kasi havoc sikit! ūüôā

The Shop closes only after the last person leave the shop. So no worries..if you during weekdays finish your rides by 7pm and  stop by the shop on your way out.

Nak bergambar pun best coz banyak staff USS yang akan bantu click the camera..even though they have official photographer -me tak amik port pun nak beli…coz takda budget muhahah!

Budget overall cash masuk Singapore and nak makan beli sourvenier bawakla dalam SGD250-SGD300 per family InsyaAllah cukup.

I had fun..everyone enjoyed the day…even though it was hot and humid in the morning and later drizzle alhamdulillah we are all well prepared mentally and physically.

InsyaAllah if Allah permits we shall return back with the Wan’s Family pulak! AMIN!

That’s all folks…hope this entry will be helpful to those who are planning to visit USS this Dec! Have fun!



Latest updates..there is a parent swap system for the rides. If you are there with just u n hubby plus kids do ask at the ride entrance for it. My colleague just got back and told me about this. F.o.c.

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FASHION : The Color Block

Harhar….after trying so many shirt to suit the “Grease The Musical theme”, I’ve decided to dress up as The Pink Lady…tapi ala muslimah¬†lah kan! Honestly I should have done the costume research earlier BUT you knowlah my life is pretty hectic with my work,kids and family!

Luckily I dah borong¬†all the¬†hijab 2 side¬†colors from Al-Humairah¬†Contemporary boutique one week before raya! (soo¬†ralat¬†that I didn’t grab the weird green one….sampai la ni dok¬†geram¬†nak¬†stop by!! hahah)

Pink Lady Original Costume is supposed to be like this :-


and mine turned up jadi¬†Color Block laaa…..


Harhar…jauh la jugak¬†lari! Mr hubby was¬†such a ¬†sport to join this family videoshoot. What videoshoot? Tungguuuuu¬†I will share you the final cut after 17th September InsyaAllah! ūüôā

Surprisingly ramai¬†liked my color tshirt! I borong¬†all colors, the material is sooo¬†comfortable free size t-shirt! You can buy it at Ampang¬†Park or Semua¬†House…I have mustard, dark blue, red, black,shocking pink and green! Yet to purchase is purple and orange! RM70¬†for 2 tshirt! Murah¬†je! ūüôā

Ok lah, till then…



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Al Kisah Sehelai Seluar Color

From BV2 to GE Mall to KLCC, I cant even find myself a decent red pants! All seams to be tight fitted ‘skinny jeans’ or the price is way overboard to me yang nak pakai sempena this friday videoshoot!

I loved this turqouise skinny pants at M&S limited edition by them but it cost RM289 errrkk, this red capri pun comfy but capri pants hanging above the buku lali la pulak!

British India at GE Mall also have this colorful range of pants,my heart almost jumped of happiness when I saw this rack of blue,gree,red,pink pants but duhh the price is again RM389! Btw,BI is having their merdeka sale till 2nd Sept,so there were dark blue,green,maroon pants on 50% discounts BUT no size 14! duhhhh and no red color!

ZARA is the only one offers coloured pants at RM119,tried my size but me with skinny pants? ahaks sungguh x menepati syarak..if I want to buy I must wear it with extra long blouse!

So,ditto went home empty handed! I guess I’ll just stick to my blue or black M&S jeans je la this friday!

Color blocks just have to waitlah,I guess I’ll play around with my shirt and tudung je!!

I’ll snap some picas la nanti ya what i will finally decide!

Dont ask me what videoshoot,I’ll reveal it once everything is done!


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Mommy’s Matters – International Baby Expo (IBEX)

Hi there…guessed what I managed to drop by at this IBEX yesterday during friday prayers¬†break BUT only for¬†20 minutes! We were from a meeting in Shah Alam¬†and¬†supposed to be¬†back in the office by 12.30pm but due to the horrible traffic only managed to be there at 1.45pm!

Plan punya¬†plan….for ages…20 minutes je! arghhh¬†sabar¬†je¬†la hehe!

Anyway my mommy’s group were already planning to go here since June…we constantly update each other on the sales and expo organize nearby. Since our new HQ is located next to the convention center it was perfect!

Incase you are planning to go here….totally recommended! Loved the participating brands! For more info click here!

My review

1. Registration

Yes you need to register before entering the expo (we were late therefore for us it was such a hassle!) Once you fill in your registation form you’ll need to submit the form at the counter and they will give you a sticker that you need to wear.

2. The pathway

It’s very wide and lapang….very convenience to push your strollers around! Loved it!

3. The participating brands

AVENT, PUREEN, MAM, CELLSAFE, WHOPEE¬†DIAPER, MANDELA,MAM, GRACO, Fisher Price,¬†a lot of international brand…I didn’t have the time to cover the whole hall but those are among that I passed through. Oh yes…DYNAS’s Mom’s Wear was there too! Saw her thought of dropping by nak¬†snap picas…but time was tooo short! Next time!

4. Shopping

Managed to shop for the necessary items (claimable¬†to en suami)¬†-hahahah..MAM’s teats and accessories.stock up my pureen¬†wet tissues (18 packets), breast pad and pampers. The unneccessary¬†item :p (non claimable)- bought this beautiful mommy and daughter korean made ruffle blouse…waa so cute!! AND this baby cum shopping trolley!!

5. Urge

I really feel like going again today…coz tak puas. But let’s just see.. haha I have a facial appointment today at klcc. Nak¬†cari¬†piigeon breast pad lah!…maybe some baby gifts for the twins!

6. Pictures Рdo excuse my picas in here I was totally rushing! Dapat la jugak snap gambar though! heheh!

Trolley tu cool giler…kalau nak gi dekat2, weight 2.5kg only, foldable. My colleague pun beli,it can hold up to 20kg!image

Marilah kita beli beramai2 trolley tu! so easy to maneuver


So let’s plan early…be the early birds today!

Happy shopping!



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