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Uptown Danau Kota

Recently my little bro proposed to bring my mom and the rest to checkout the uptown market at Danau Kota.

But before that he introduced us to Mali’s corner. Located just behind festive city mall.

It is well-known for its famous char keutiau basah and their side dish nasi lemak.






Look at the queue…panjang betul! One lot of the shop is for kewtiau and the other lot is for nasi lemak and air. Self service ok…semua kena beratur.





Then after the delicious dinner,we walked to the uptown around 11pm. The place is basically like pasar malam but it is full of baju…toys..jerseys…and many more! Sangatla teruja for party planner macam saya ni heeee…Aqib party mmg semua dah ready on my scrap book..tak sabar tunggu $$ and date je.

30 june and 10 march is a sunday peeps!
Another small scale party.lah ya? :(

Anyway…jom layan picas..of the uptown.


Adveture memalam…:)






Uwaa they got an improvised version of see baby stroller!


Hannah was all good mood!


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Bobbi brown

Our fav makeup is by Bobbi Brown
Why BB?
Because of the natural makeup concept that believed in

Fav item
Of course their lip gloss blusher and eye concealer and silver eye base.

I think it is quite reasonable for them to charge to doll up for a function. You just need to buy their items and eligible for a touch up! Yeay!

Our fav kiosk is at Pavillion!

Here are some picas taken during our recent visit!









My next target is sephora eye pallet and clinique chubby stick uwaaaa!!


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Product Review : sabun muka

We all yang putih kelantan siam mari ni ada tendency naik frackles and menda2 hitam kat muka bila terdedah to sun without the right sunblock.

So this is e product….recommeded by my mom hehe sabun beras wangi.


Let see dlm masa sebulan ok tak kulit ni…start using the natural soap semalam.

Wish me luck!


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Mommy’s Matters – International Baby Expo (IBEX)

Hi there…guessed what I managed to drop by at this IBEX yesterday during friday prayers break BUT only for 20 minutes! We were from a meeting in Shah Alam and supposed to be back in the office by 12.30pm but due to the horrible traffic only managed to be there at 1.45pm!

Plan punya plan….for ages…20 minutes je! arghhh sabar je la hehe!

Anyway my mommy’s group were already planning to go here since June…we constantly update each other on the sales and expo organize nearby. Since our new HQ is located next to the convention center it was perfect!

Incase you are planning to go here….totally recommended! Loved the participating brands! For more info click here!

My review

1. Registration

Yes you need to register before entering the expo (we were late therefore for us it was such a hassle!) Once you fill in your registation form you’ll need to submit the form at the counter and they will give you a sticker that you need to wear.

2. The pathway

It’s very wide and lapang….very convenience to push your strollers around! Loved it!

3. The participating brands

AVENT, PUREEN, MAM, CELLSAFE, WHOPEE DIAPER, MANDELA,MAM, GRACO, Fisher Price, a lot of international brand…I didn’t have the time to cover the whole hall but those are among that I passed through. Oh yes…DYNAS’s Mom’s Wear was there too! Saw her thought of dropping by nak snap picas…but time was tooo short! Next time!

4. Shopping

Managed to shop for the necessary items (claimable to en suami) -hahahah..MAM’s teats and accessories.stock up my pureen wet tissues (18 packets), breast pad and pampers. The unneccessary item :p (non claimable)- bought this beautiful mommy and daughter korean made ruffle blouse…waa so cute!! AND this baby cum shopping trolley!!

5. Urge

I really feel like going again today…coz tak puas. But let’s just see.. haha I have a facial appointment today at klcc. Nak cari piigeon breast pad lah!…maybe some baby gifts for the twins!

6. Pictures – do excuse my picas in here I was totally rushing! Dapat la jugak snap gambar though! heheh!

Trolley tu cool giler…kalau nak gi dekat2, weight 2.5kg only, foldable. My colleague pun beli,it can hold up to 20kg!image

Marilah kita beli beramai2 trolley tu! so easy to maneuver


So let’s plan early…be the early birds today!

Happy shopping!



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My Kids Paediatrician : Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Shanaliza


Hi, while waiting for mr hubby to pick us up I decided why not I blog our kids paed. Our favourite kids specialist when come to checkup our two kiddos. Why we loved her clinic so much? Bcoz of the doc herself,Datin Dr. Shanaliza. She is sooo good with the kids and we favour her compared to other paed for her caring,motherly nature. She explains well and never fail to comfort us as a parent to our sick children. Her 2 wonderful staff Yes…the very first time I stepped in to this clinic somewhere 2nd quarter of the year 2007 after the tragic death of Doc Haliza,Sarah’s paed at Ampang Puteri Specialist…this aunty greeted us “mama…knp mama?” wah…comfort feeling terus! Her other staff is also very friendly!

Consulation Hours

The only down side is her opening hours,you gotta go just during her limited consultation hours. But I guess that is what all about opening her own child clinickan? hehe So I decided to share with other mommies out there her opening hours so senang for u to plan when to go. Ramadhan Consultation Hours dah ada kat sini I ask achik ni, and she informed opening hours will be as usual but they are closed at 3pm. Meaning no night consultation during ramadhan.

Contact no

It is best for u to call first before coming! I got her no in my hp. Best tips if emergency If my child is badly ill during the odd hours, I always bring them to poliklinik kotaraya first,the next day baru to paed.


Besides that, Doc Nasir is also our 2nd child pead. He is also very good and the best part he warned us about rotavirus being non- halal for muslims patient.

Sharing is caring! owh by the way wawa naik all red whole body bcoz of her high temp fever last few days. got her special soap n cream.



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Review on Mother and Baby Kids Expo June 2012 @ PWTC

I noticed my blog search statistic queries were mostly on baby fair that I went on Friday. So I think it’s time to share my review today. so you guys can decide whether to go or not kan;-)

Well to our dissapointment the participating brands were sooooo less compared to the other mommy baby expo that I’ve been to before.

They claimed to be “the largest baby fair in Malaysia” but hmpp in what sense eh? What we noticed were the huge spacious pathway,which I acknowledged and cheered for as parents can easily push their strollers in both direction freely! Maybe the hall is to big that the number of booth opened looked sikit?!:-/

Well maybe because it was Friday afternoon,less crowd,less hassel for us to park and we took our own sweet time. I noticed some booth are still not open that day,hopefully there are some additional booth and brands open for today and tomorrow.

One of my friend even called me to complained on her dissapointment on the participating brands.

venue: Dewan Tun Razak 1

the banner that greeted us

the entrance

the expo map

studying the brands- nampak mcm byk,tapi booth sikit :-(


the huge pathway


among the favourite booth,ramai betul serbu yang ni


one baby world ada! yeay mujur


me as always will stock up my ebm plastic


bebe brand – good promo on breast pad and baby wipes. kira okla gantikan pureen booth yg missing


The rest are selling the baby matt mcm carpet which I dunno why tak prefer,design tak best kut?! haha
There were chicco,whoopee pampers booth, nursing and maternity clothing like mums dreamz,aussino, baby kids books and etc..haha for me tak menarik. oh but credit to the organizer for me it was very organized with the baby room,stroller rental area,stroller parking area.  Slagged in terms of participants je. Oh yes most of the empty space were filled in with jumping castle (there were 2 huge air filled castle tau!!)

I guess baby fair are getting quite frequent nowadays…my theory is that when it is too often less participation kan?

Anyway we did loose a few rm! I got my spongy blocks there! yeay.

so totally up to u guys nak gi ke tak,but if u are free y not kan? Masa ni la barang discounts!



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Pampering Diriku : Spa Review 3

We had accidentally discover this Spa during our stop by to shop at Fabulous mom @ Ukay Boulevard last week. Located on 2nd floor from Ratu store.

My dear friend saw the promotional bunting advertised and told me “Kak Iera if one day nak singgah sini. nak gi sekali” So there and then, I thought why not we just drop a visit to inquire on the packages and see the ambiance ourselves that day.

A week later, we decided to give it a try with my 2 close colleague from office.

The ambiance is okay, we feel very comfortable for a spa at a shop lot. There are 4 rooms – 1 is the office we can perform our solat there, 1 big room for facial & massage (fit 3), 1 room for saloon and 1 room for sauna + massage. As it is a private muslimah’s spa we were comfortable to make ourselves at home boleh bukak tudung and everything…haha!

For us the price is really affordable for those who loves to spend your time, pampering yourself for full body massage,lulur/scrub and etc, its worth a try :) For us we try the 2 different package that day. Mine was full body massage plus facial, while my other friend took full body massage plus sauna plus hair wash and blow. Each set only costs us RM80! (This is member’s price, non-member is RM90, normal price is RM110)

From all the services we took, I am definitely coming back to get body massage. While my other friend loves the facial treatment. For normal facial they are using mustika ratu product (only RM40) or for upgrade facial (RM80) they will use Mililea product.

Saloon area

                                                             Sauna box
                                                              The lobby
                                              One of the treatment room
                                                      The reception area

I seems to react to mustika ratu products so it’s a no-no facial for me next time. I’ll stick with my SKII facial. heeeee…….

Tapikan….urut dia….is the best! I got this girl name Mira. It only costs you RM50 for a full body massage tau. Memang ok dekat spa tu. Maybe because it is new…but its clean.

If keen to give it a try, just call the owner – Miss Iris/Lin she is very friendly only 36 years old and the best part is she is my newly discovered neighbor! Her daughter too is in the same school as my Wawa!

So our review results for this Spa is:-

Ambiance : 5/10

Service : Urut 9/10 , Facial 7/10, Sauna 7/10

Price : 10/10

I totally agree with Iris, the concept is an affordable beauty center for all.

Estree Beauty Centre, Level 1 (Above Fabulous Mom), Ukay Boulevard, UK.

Iris 01115752820



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Family Time @ Kidzania : Part 2

Continued from Part 1 entry

From Painting School, we then had to persuade Wawa to try the “dentist” job.

Gosh it was soooo difficult to convince her to do this as she refused again and again due to this mannequin yang jadi mock patient! Yes!! our daughter hates any form of mannequin since she was big enough to differentiate that thing.

She can play with it but she refused to have it in the same room with her at night! Why we want Wawa try this job ? Because she’ll learn how to brush this big teeth replica. Missy yang jaga turn ni dua tiga kali tanya I, “Anak akak ni ok tak nanti, takut dia buat hal kat dalam dentist” I know my daughter very well of course everything will be ok. :) ” Takpa dik, kat dalam dia akan follow apa staff instruct”

True enough when her turn finally arrived, she was smiling ear to ear, excited with the white doctor overall that she got to wear. The kid brush the teeth and were given some briefing (due the loud fire fighter sirens it was opposite the fire station! kita tak dengar apa pun kat luar) and finally got the chance to actually try fixing the teeth! (masa ni we realised Wawa is the smallest kid in there! tak sampai nak tengok mulut patung tu!)

                                        That’s my girl, berani dah check gigi :)

Sadly by this time, my X10 ran out battery and we had no choice but to use Wawa’s camera to take some photos…haiyah!

Her 2nd final job is of course among her favourite – as a beautician. She wore this pink overall and do makeup for a customer! She was smiling and giggling with the girl customer. Siap berblusher,lipstick and the girl came out with a very pink cheek! LOL

Masa ni time dah 7.10pm, so we decided to try one last job…coz Wawa pun dah start penat sangat and ngantuk…and I targeted this Ayam Brand School of Cook, next to the Sushi (age limit tak cukup).

Pictures tak transfer lagi from wawa’s kamera…nanti ya.

I like this one very much CHEF costume complete with the hat!, she learn how to cook/prepare a heart shape sandwich. Lepas habis masak, they all can eat the sandwich!! Wuhooo Sarah seronok sangat. I noticed her interaction skills has improved a lot, she actually chatted with the other kids! Alhamdulillah, slowly.

Oh yes,,,for those photography lover…SONY send out their photographer all over the Kidzania taking shots of kids in their uniforms. Once they capture ur kids pictures, they will scan your child’s wrist band and when you go to SONY store, just swipe your kid’s wrist band and you can see all the shots taken. BUT….it’s expensive, 1 picture cost RM30 or you can buy 3 pictures @ RM70. I had to choose between 6 shots! Once they printed the pictures, there is a code on the pic where you can download the pictures from their site. (ahhh baru teringat nak download the soft copy)

It was really fun, I wanted Wawa to spend all her Kidzos shopping but Mr Husband said keep lah…as we shall come back to try other jobs! Yeabbadobado…hopefully next time gan her cousins pulak! :)

Perhaps November nanti ya! During the long school break!

That’s it…wrapping up. That’s our story! We Heart Kidzania very much! We know you’ll love emm too! Have fun!



Notes: One of the staff saw me breast feeding Aqib at one corner, and suggested me to go to a special baby room, dia kata siap boleh baby baring??? Kat atas…but I x sempat nak check it out…so luang2kan masa check it out for me ya?

Some other pictures captured.

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Family Time @ Kidzania – Part 1

Our actual plan today is to go to the Aquaria, but then my aunty invited us for a gotong-royong to finish up the bunga telur for this e-day.

So only around 4pm we start heading back to KL from Shah Alam. I was really sleepy when suddenly mr.hubby took a different route and was about to approach a junction between heading to KLCC or Mutiara Damansara he asked “ke nak gi IKEA?” Being me, I perked at any suggestions involving that yellow and blue furniture store!! hahahaahahhaha

Me “huh??…what now? erm oklah” but after he took that junction , me “oh here we go, kesian wawa pulak, today is supposed to be her day”

“eh sini ada Kidzania, should we try or not?” was a bit skeptical on this impromptu idea of mine. ” mahal tak?” mr hubby tanya he/heh..”of course la mahal, tapi should be around the cost budgeted for Aquaria rasanya? So how, do you wanna try check it out?”

I was still in shock until now that my mr hubby agreed to that last-minute idea and turned our car from the traffic light heading to IKEA and went straight into the Kidzania’s parking lot (uhhh sangat la sempit turning tempat nak turun parking dia, advisable bring your small car not big car takut scratch langgar tepi)

Right….now is the real part :p

As we stepped into the building,  this “air asia check-in counter” greeted us. I was a bit confused at first, but not for long! It was actually Kidzania’s ticket booth la! Haiyaa…jakun ma :p

We were again confused with the term “with my Kid”, where the price are lower compared to “without my Kid”. I thought “alamak…we didn’t bring the kids’s My Kid la pulak hari ni” But after talking with the staff it seems that everybody misinterpret that those terms are just to differentiate between locals and foreigners la! Fuhh selamat, we were with bibik luckily she was also charged under local! hehe…

The entrance fees (local) for adult is RM35 each and for kids aged 5 is RM55 (without mykid RM75 (foreigners)), babies under 2 yrs old is FOC! For Kidzania’s official website just click here.

They asked Wawa to stand on the luggage weight area and put on a scan bracelet on her wrist. Then applied the rest of the family too hokey termasuk stroller Aqib!

Wawa was given some sort of passport looking book (a map of kidzania) and then a CIMB cheque!

They even give us the boarding pass tau! The staff was so cheeky that when we were heading towards counter ticket exit,”bang, you cannot board your plane without your boarding pass” and pass us this!! :)))

The staff escort us to the lif (as we were with Aqib’s stroller that day) and once we reached 5th floor, kononnya we arrived at Kidzania and had to go through this immigration check-up point. It was soo cool ok, with the replica of AirAsia plane by the wall, and the counter had this immigration uniformed staff scanning our tag as we enter to Kidzania. Siap ada kaunter “foreigner,warga asing” tuh! I joked with bibik that she’s supposed to check in there! LOL!

As we stepped into the world of Kidzania, the staff advised us to cash in wawa’s cheque first at CIMB bank. Being Wawa who is always shy and “tak nak” I wanted to accompanied here into the Bank but only kids are allowed. But luckily Wawa is always ok when taking orders from/ dealing with the staff/teacher. So she went in and cash in her cheque and got her 50 kidzo currency to start living in the kidzania world!

Waiting for her turn at CIMB counter.

kidzo notes

The Kidzania Song and Dance (at every hour where the staff semua kena dance!)

Masuk-masuk je, the Theatre greeted us.

How does Kidzania works?! Memula terpinga-pinga juga lepas cash in the cheque. But after talking to the staff we finally know what to do.

Things that you should take note:

 Go around the whole Kidzania to survey what jobs are available before you ask your child which job they want to try (or just sit look at the map, the map is detailed enough indicating where and what and whether your kid can earn salary in kidzo currency or your kid need to pay)

Parents are not allowed to go into the shop/office where the kid to do/try the job by them self. (Wawa was saying no no…because she was shy and afraid (nak mama or papa teman) at first but alhamdullilah later on she gained her confidence) So dear mommies janganlah stress kalau anak tak nak participate!! huhu! rugila sikit kat situ.

It’s better if the whole family can spend the whole day there because each job functions normally last for 10 mins,15 mins and the longest Wawa tried was 20 mins. Mak bapak melangok kat luar observing their kids from outside the glass divider just like an aquarium and yes they were all busy taking photos of their kids!

Queuing for the jobs is a bit challenging if you go on weekends or public holidays. From our observation, the favorite jobs usually got the longest queue. Fuhh panjang and you waste most your time there (if the job duration is 20 mins then you’ll have to wait for 20 mins la…tu tak termasuk time queue).

Among the favorite jobs we noticed :

1. Fire fighter (the kids got to wear full head to toe uniform, got on the firefighter truck and pusing kidzania one big round before spraying water to this hotel which is on fire)

2. Police (kids gotta wear the big blue adult uniforms and round the city-meronda kut)

3. Pilot ( This one is really cool the kids gotta try the simulation plane provided)

4. You can use KIdzo currency in Kidzania to buy some food or merchandise, just look at the map for the shops that you can use RM and which one you can use Kidzo.

5. Food are all expensive, 1 vitagen costed RM2.80!! apa maahall bebenor.

Jobs that Wawa tried were…

1. Poslaju staff ( they had to deliver and collect parcel and packages all around kidzania. 20 kidzo for the work done – gaji la tu) Masa ni rasa Wawa macam tak faham the briefing by the staff, sorang tu 6 yrs old so habis tah mana-mana kami pusing nak hantar parcel…penat wooo kitaorg ikut depa..mcm kecik lagi to try this job)

2. Jewellery Maker ( Wawa makd her own bracelet)

3. Went to study at NZ Painting School ( Wawa’s favorite! they got to try the art school environment and got to bring back her artwork!)

While Wawa is “working”, we took turns to solat, refresh and pusing around the kidzania. Wished, all parent are allowed to queue heheh….so jimat la masa and she got to try semua job! But too bad cannot meh!

Oh yes, before trying the jobs, you need to look at the poster info pasted on each shop/office.

The “information department” revealed the suitable age to participate, the capacity of how many kids can go in at one time, the time (duration) of each activity will take place and of course the “economy” either you are working to earn money or you are using their service and need to invest money kidzo. I.e. Panting school is suitable for kids aged 4 yrs plus, can only fit 6 kids at one session, we have to wait outside for 15 mins hehe Wawa got to enjoy her activity for 15 mins and Wawa need to use her 5 kidzo to join this school. Got it? senang la nak pilih activity apa yang sesuai dengan umur anak kita.

Don’t worry they have activities from toddler aged 1 yrs old and above.

Wawa tried a few more jobs …stay tuned ok….to be continued….banyak sangat ambil gambar!!



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My Breastfeeding Stories : My EBM Supplements

Currently I’m taking 3 supplements daily to boost my ebm supplies in term of quality then of course quantity!




Habbatus Saudah Kaasyifa is one of product used in Islamic medication system by An Nissa Islamic Treatment. Well known for its effectiveness in increasing women well-being and of course my main intention to increase my ebm supplies.

2 of my ebm mommies group take habbatus saudah with honey, and their stock increased tremendously!

Proven too, my morning pumping session increased from 2oz to 4oz balik,my noon session increased from 7oz to 10oz. bolela…but the taste is urghhh sangat x sedap…but i found out ustaz2 kat bawah surau bank ni banyak jual supplement based on sunnah nabi.  I am aiming to purchase the royal jelly with habbatus saudah.. Yang ni sedap dia jual rm180,  mine only RM52  je. Mine I try my best to take it together with honey.

Besides that they even sell honey + cider + habbatus saudah….emmm sedap tau ni!! but herga erkk…slow2 la I collect :)

So for those mommies yang nak do pm me,who knows it will work for your supplies too?

Besides that I also take dates extract and Spirulina just to enhance the quality of my milk.

Love the dates extract very much!

Of course all won’t be giving such a positive results without our Almighty’s consent (dengan IzinNya). Kita ikhtiar.


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