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Frozen craze

I love Frozen. My kids love em too. The cartoon by disney was outstanding. The values reflected in the movie was surprisingly good. Family or shall I say siblings love and bonding are everything in our life. Hope my kids well at least the eldest get that message! 🙂

So here I am planning for Frozen party for my girl (she initially requested for winx club party…then my little pony and the last one was snow white party!! Yikes talk about catching up with kids ever so up to date craze!!)…

March 10 is so nearby.(probably ended up either in April or after raya)..and my thrill is still downhill because I didn’t managed to get the costume here! Whyla kan kan? Saw this so so turquoise dress at GE mall during the cny break..yupe I didn’t buy sampai sekarang la terpikir nyesal kan. That is the nearest liplap dress to elsa original costume. Sabar je la haha.

We’ve started with a checklist for the party and here what is on my head at the mmt:
1. Date
2. Venue search
3. Who should we invite for this medium size party
4. Costume – to tailor made or buy from uk
5. Elsa and Anna doll
6. Music/entertainment
7. Kids activities
8. Food caterer or restaurant
9. Props – checked
10. Printable – checked
11. Cake
12. Color theme
13. BUDGET!!


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Hiring staff

I am currently looking for secondary or university students who i can hire on function basis. I am talking about 2 to 4 hours basis.

If they opted to work at a fast food chain restaurant, it would be like rm3 per hour and those kitchen work is very tiring for long hours.

But I am offering Rmxx for 4 hours, looking seriously for creative hard working people and are up to high pressure working environment. Preferrable those who can drive around. I need a girl and a boy.

If you have any recommendations do inform but i prefer someone who are not relate to u lah. Hehe nanti i tegur sikit mengadu..adeh.

I am still googling! Wish me luck! Ngam masyuk sekepala. Tu yang i nak cari klu bole meh! Hoho…

Oklah..can’t wait to update on this entry soon!


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Sarah’s Kinddie Party

This will be her last party held at her kindie…sob soh my girl is growing up fast!

Wawa requested a mermaid cake with a mermaid doll in the middle (ala mcm previous barbie birthday cake 2012) hahah…but due to time limitation I decided to try to order an edible image cake! Tak pernah mimpi ok hahah…had my own photo shoot with my girl in her mermaid costume.

And walla here are the results…not bad ehhh?


This year 8th March 2013, Friday as early as 8.00 am me and my maid drop off the goodies first together with the cake.

Around 11.30am we were back at school compound to witness and captured some historical moments.

Lets have a look at the picas 🙂 As usual my girl will be smiling shyly. Honestly I saw a lot of improvement in her social interaction and confidence level. Proudly smiling with her friends around her. That’s my girl!

Ok jom layan gambo!!

Setting up for the cake cutting Showing the cake design Shy girl Wawa! Her teachers Cakes Susah nak amik group picture this year! Aqib enjoying school playground, hari-hari main sini hokayy!

Amazed that they can managed 55 kids!

Distribution of goodies

Distribution of goodies

Love this shot!

Love this shot!

Her friends

Her friends


Oh yes behind the scene..a very sick mom...I was badly ill sampai mabuk makan ubat that day!

Oh yes behind the scene..a very sick mom…I was badly ill sampai mabuk makan ubat that day!

Lovely weather don't you think so??

Lovely weather don’t you think so??



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Happy 1st Birthday Son!

My dearest one and only son turned ONE year old on 30th June 2012.

I can’t describe my feelings…for this entry,maybe I am not good in portraying it…cuma rasa overwhelmed and sebak penuh kesyukuran.

After all the dugaan that we’ve been tested to go through,I’m not even sure I can sigh happily thinking my boy is 100% healthy normal boy. BUT I am happy and syukur that so far things are getting of his kidney had shrunken back to normal and,the other one is getting smaller.

As for his lungs, we have to act fast whenever he start to cough,besides that Aqib is a happy,cheeky shy baby.

Senang jaga dia…totally a different whole experience.

Lets walk thru his growth progress.
1. Alhamdulillah currently still a fully breast feed baby. Aqib drink three full bottle of 5 ounce ebm daily,hmph around 18ounce lah.
2. Aqib eat 3 main meals daily and,in between we feed him bb rusks or rice biscuits.
3. He loves to drink cooled boiled water and of course without fail his Heinz bb apple or prune juice after his main meals.
4. He loves to mamam my cheeks and nganga aaaa bila gurau..
5. He smiles sooo often that warms my heart whenever I see him smiling.
6. He looooovveeess to play with our house phone,errkk maybe bcoz it looks  like remote kottt?
7. Whenever we put him in his stroller ke…car seat ke he will cryyyyy!! after a few distraction baru diam..kena bg pegang biscuit baru diam!
8. He loves it so much bila time mandi in his bath tub.Angkat sure cry lah meh!
9. Whenever he is shy,with somebody he will tunduk his head or even sometimes baring cium lantai terus!
10. OH…lets not forget his fav song by Tok Mi is “one little two little aqib” with little indian melody. Siap stop nangis and sing or smile,tangan both goyang!
11. He is a very light sleeper,so fahm2lah.
12. He had his first tooth out in mid June this year,sedar2 dah timbul!
13. He can now walk! Just within last week he walk a few wobbly steps. Today makin jauhla jln,get ready papa he will start running soon.
14.  Whatelse eh…so banyaklah,but those are the main things that I’d like to be recorded here so later in the future senang nak compare growth development.

well Muhammad Naquib Nazhan mama,papa,kak wawa and the rest of our family members LOVE you so much,and we pray and duaa Aqib will grow into a healthy soleh handsome gentlement.

Cayang dia! muahss!


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It’s Someone’s Birthday!


It’s my nephew (hubby side) 4th birthday on 2nd May 2012!

Wishing Mr Charming Ilhan Yusuf a very Happy birthday and our duua goes out to him…may you become a good loving son to your parent, soleh and a happy successful man in the future.

Mama and Ayah dia arranged for a lovely birthday treat for him…kidzania trip!

Looking forward for the big belated birthday bash this July! Hadiah hutang aaa kasi masa birthday party nanti ya 🙂

Happy Bornday Boboi!



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Our little Cutie Pie is 5 today!

5 years ago,I went through a c-section to deliver our dearest daughter,
5 years ago we shed some tears of happiness for the gift from the Almighty,
5 years ago a little pink girl came out from me,
5 years?? Yes MasyaAllah FIVE!


Mama,papa and Aqib pray for your happiness, health, safety and duaa for a solehah khalifah,daughter and cucu. InsyaAllah.

Mama 🙂

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A BBQ Party – 3rd Mysha Pool Party

Our dearest Mysha turned 3 years old last 2 weeks, and her mommy hosted a pool bbq party at their home pool in Ampang.

Mommy Mysha ni very creative tau, just look at the home-made birthday cake and deco.

Picas of parties as usual can be viewed here \\





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A Colorful Party!

A colorful pool party indeed! 🙂

Click here for more picas.



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Double Tree – pool scenes




Looking forward for our stay here next year! Just look at the pool, memang cantikkan?

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Birthday Lunch@ Double Tree by Hilton


It’s my dad 58th ud my SIL 33rd double birthday celebration. Both birthdate on 30th & 31st Oct. A birthday treat by my mom and my eldest brother…last year was at Chilis this year they decided to try out the famous New Double Tree Hotel – Makan Time Kitchen.

It is located on 11th floor, a great concept where every angle of the restaurant served different type of cuisine. We booked our tables of 12 next to the Indian corner. The best part was that it has a children corner! Yeay!

Wished I brought along bibik to take care of the kids while the adult can concentrate on trying all the dishes :p

Main highlight of my entry is of course the kids’ corner! 😉 hehe.

To be continued.


The food was great especially the chinese corner,with all the dim sum, love the cold taufufa plus longan + dried dates dessert! Yummey!

I enjoyed my meal and the kids’ corner dessert. For your info kids below 6 yrs old are under “Kids Eat Free!” and just look at the kids buffet @ kids’ corner. They served nasi goreng, spagetti, mushroom and tomato gravy. For dessert the kids enjoyed chocolate cake dessert.

Loved that this place has its own kids corner fills with fun activities such as color sand fill,balloon, coloring and of course clown act.

Little reminder to myself, wawa nya birthday party, NO CLOWN allowed! Huhu….punyala dia tak nak pergi kat area tu coz ada clown. Last2 we all had to bring her there siap papa dia dukung tu.

It is an awesome place to book your next lunch! Oh yes kalau super rich bley la buat kids party kat sana ngeeee!!

Other hotel that provide kids’ corner is Royal Chulan hotel! Maybe one day can try pulak if ada rezeki 🙂

Oh yes, thank you abang and mama for a great lunch experience! Happy birthday papa and kak Nina!! We love you.



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