Product Review : sabun muka

We all yang putih kelantan siam mari ni ada tendency naik frackles and menda2 hitam kat muka bila terdedah to sun without the right sunblock.

So this is e product….recommeded by my mom hehe sabun beras wangi.


Let see dlm masa sebulan ok tak kulit ni…start using the natural soap semalam.

Wish me luck!


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A Blessing Gift on Ramadhan

Allhamdulillah,sujud syukur…my boy is healthy like a normal 1year old boy. We did a followup ultrasound yesterday and look at the results we got!


Both kidneys is normal,no more,swollen!

Thank you Ya Allah for answering our duaa and  prayers all this while. What a great blessing for you,a precious gift to us this Ramadhan! ALLAHUAKHBAR!


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My Kids Paediatrician : Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Shanaliza


Hi, while waiting for mr hubby to pick us up I decided why not I blog our kids paed. Our favourite kids specialist when come to checkup our two kiddos. Why we loved her clinic so much? Bcoz of the doc herself,Datin Dr. Shanaliza. She is sooo good with the kids and we favour her compared to other paed for her caring,motherly nature. She explains well and never fail to comfort us as a parent to our sick children. Her 2 wonderful staff Yes…the very first time I stepped in to this clinic somewhere 2nd quarter of the year 2007 after the tragic death of Doc Haliza,Sarah’s paed at Ampang Puteri Specialist…this aunty greeted us “mama…knp mama?” wah…comfort feeling terus! Her other staff is also very friendly!

Consulation Hours

The only down side is her opening hours,you gotta go just during her limited consultation hours. But I guess that is what all about opening her own child clinickan? hehe So I decided to share with other mommies out there her opening hours so senang for u to plan when to go. Ramadhan Consultation Hours dah ada kat sini I ask achik ni, and she informed opening hours will be as usual but they are closed at 3pm. Meaning no night consultation during ramadhan.

Contact no

It is best for u to call first before coming! I got her no in my hp. Best tips if emergency If my child is badly ill during the odd hours, I always bring them to poliklinik kotaraya first,the next day baru to paed.


Besides that, Doc Nasir is also our 2nd child pead. He is also very good and the best part he warned us about rotavirus being non- halal for muslims patient.

Sharing is caring! owh by the way wawa naik all red whole body bcoz of her high temp fever last few days. got her special soap n cream.



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The Result

Guess what, mr hubby whatssapp me this morning informing his H1N1 results are out…..

drum roll please!!!

His results came out NEGATIVE H1N1!!

Alhamdulillah,Influenza A and B dia pun dah almost sembuh but the kiddos both are not well!



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Influenza A & B

Last Friday my husband came back from his work informing two of his colleagues were confirmed with H1N1. I was babbling to mr husband and why didn’t his office enforced quarantine measures to all staff working on the same floor. He mentioned something like that his colleagues were away on a long MC before the verdict came out.

Well, on Saturday he complained that he was not feeling well…well I thought it was his normal cycle. You see his work demanded long working hours, when he has date lines he’ll return home around 3-ish in the morning  :(. When your body work overstretched, your immune system will be down…and he’ll be having his normal fever, sore throats and head ache. So I thought it was that la…relax jela kan..haha.

On Sunday morning, he complained again…saying he is having all the H1 N1 sympthoms…but later on he was fine only with head-ache.

On Monday morning he went to Klinik Izham to check whether he got the H1N1…he was later referred to Damai Specialist and they did the nose swab. (mr hubby told me it was painful…keluar la jugak air mata tahan sakit)…and was confirmed with Influenza A & B. Whaattt both?

My first question was… What is influenza A & B.

So here are the definitions that I GOOGLED…from Wikipedia

“Flu” redirects here. For other uses, see Flu (disambiguation).
This article is about the disease influenza. For the family of viruses that cause the disease, see Orthomyxoviridae.
Page semi-protected
Classification and external resources

TEM of negatively stained influenza virions, magnified approximately 100,000 times
ICD10 J10, J11
ICD9 487
DiseasesDB 6791
MedlinePlus 000080
eMedicine med/1170 ped/3006
MeSH D007251

Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is an infectious disease caused by RNA viruses of the family Orthomyxoviridae (the influenza viruses), that affects birds and mammals. The most common symptoms of the disease are chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness/fatigue and general discomfort.[1] Although it is often confused with other influenza-like illnesses, especially the common cold, influenza is a more severe disease than the common cold and is caused by a different type of virus.[2] Influenza may produce nausea and vomiting, particularly in children,[1] but these symptoms are more common in the unrelated gastroenteritis, which is sometimes, inaccurately, referred to as “stomach flu.”[3] Approximately 33% of persons with influenza are asymptomatic.[4]

On the other side of the spectrum, flu can occasionally lead to pneumonia, either direct viral pneumonia or secondary bacterial pneumonia, even for persons who are usually very healthy.[5][6][7] In particular it is a warning sign if a child (or presumably an adult) seems to be getting better and then relapses with a high fever as this relapse may be bacterial pneumonia.[8] Another warning sign is if the person starts to have trouble breathing.[7] A 2009 New England Journal of Medicine article stated that it is difficult to tell bacterial from viral pneumonia and recommended that patients with influenza who show signs of pneumonia be treated with both antivirals and antibiotics.[6]

Typically, influenza is transmitted through the air by coughs or sneezes, creating aerosols containing the virus. Influenza can also be transmitted by direct contact with bird droppings or nasal secretions, or through contact with contaminated surfaces. Airborne aerosols have been thought to cause most infections, although which means of transmission is most important is not absolutely clear.[9] Influenza viruses can be inactivated by sunlight, disinfectants and detergents.[10][11] As the virus can be inactivated by soap, frequent hand washing reduces the risk of infection.[12]

Influenza spreads around the world in seasonal epidemics, resulting in the deaths of between &10000000000250000000000250,000 and &10000000000500000000000500,000 people every year,[13] up to millions in some pandemic years. On average 41,400 people died each year in the United States between 1979 and 2001 from influenza.[14] In 2010 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States changed the way it reports the 30 year estimates for deaths. Now they are reported as a range from a low of about 3,300 deaths to a high of 49,000 per year.[15]

Three influenza pandemics occurred in the 20th century and killed tens of millions of people, with each of these pandemics being caused by the appearance of a new strain of the virus in humans. Often, these new strains appear when an existing flu virus spreads to humans from other animal species, or when an existing human strain picks up new genes from a virus that usually infects birds or pigs. An avian strain named H5N1 raised the concern of a new influenza pandemic, after it emerged in Asia in the 1990s, but it has not evolved to a form that spreads easily between people.[16] In April 2009 a novel flu strain evolved that combined genes from human, pig, and bird flu, initially dubbed “swine flu” and also known as influenza A/H1N1, emerged in Mexico, the United States, and several other nations. The World Health Organization officially declared the outbreak to be a pandemic on 11 June 2009 (see 2009 flu pandemic). The WHO’s declaration of a pandemic level 6 was an indication of spread, not severity, the strain actually having a lower mortality rate than common flu outbreaks.[17]

Vaccinations against influenza are usually made available to people in developed countries.[18] Farmed poultry is often vaccinated to avoid decimation of the flocks.[19] The most common human vaccine is the trivalent influenza vaccine (TIV) that contains purified and inactivated antigens against three viral strains. Typically, this vaccine includes material from two influenza A virus subtypes and one influenza B virus strain.[20] The TIV carries no risk of transmitting the disease, and it has very low reactivity. A vaccine formulated for one year may be ineffective in the following year, since the influenza virus evolves rapidly, and new strains quickly replace the older ones. Antiviral drugs such as the neuraminidase inhibitor oseltamivir (Tamiflu) have been used to treat influenza;[21] however, their effectiveness is difficult to determine due to much of the data remaining unpublished.[22]

Well, that is on Influenza, how about the difference between A, B and C? U click HERE

When I told my team at my office, I think I’ve scared all of them. Insisting for me to informed my HR and I did la,coz to prove that if it is serious for surely I’d be quarantine as well. True enough my HR informed Risk Management department and they told me that there is no need to be quarantined due to the latest medicine discovery to heal this. They only required me and those sitting near my department at level 9 (about 20) to be screened every morning by taking each of their temperature. Harhar….habiskan menyusahkan semua hehe!!

Well, I was trying to handle this news calmly but as I returned home from work that day, Mr hubby did look weak and was wearing his mask. He was ordered by the doctor to sleep and eat separately from the family. Me takutlah kalau-kalau betul H1N1, he was playing games and watching TV like normal aaa..hmmmph. I forced him to call for his best buddies who are doctors…and one even advice him to just play it cool. It could just be a normal FLU! Patutla doc kat Damai tu pun mcm selamba je according to mr Hubby, no urgency at all! He was given 5 days MC to rest at home and currently on OMIFLU. Not TAMIFLU…tamiflu is to treat H1N1 ok people.

Kesian though, he stayed put in our 1st class ward – master bedroom. Luckily he had just installed our 2nd Astro decoder in our room. Macam tau-tau je nak kena quarantined kan?? :p

Luckily I had recently cook and freeze 4 type of gulai that Sunday, so he can just reheat all home-cooked food with rice. His glass, plates and utensils were all wash separately (my friend yg kena H1N1 advised on this precaution measures). Our Wawa’s IKEA bed tray is really useful..everyday when I’m home I’ll serve him his lunch , tea and dinner. Ayooo break the rules…no eating in the bedroom!

Me, and the kids sleep at Wawa’s room, nasib baik ada aircond kalau tak mau bebudak ni nangis tak lena tidur malam 🙂 Bercampinglah kami semua…wawa keep going into our room. “kenapa tak boleh tidur dengan papa?” “papa pakai masak”..fuhh dahla dia tengah selsema. Every morning I had sent the kids to my inlaws house nearby. Just to separate them from their father during his quarantine time. I’ll pick them up after work and we stayed downstairs or play in Wawa’s room.

I took the kids to the see the normal MD and Shanaliza Paeditrician. She advised us to monitor the kids temperature. If it hits 38 celsius in 2 days consecutively, I have to bring them straight to the hospital…with the basis of my husband was confirmed with Influenza A & B. Mintak jauh though…oh yes the first thing that crossed my mind masa mr husband told me he was confirmed with IT, my heart goes out to Aqib then Wawa. Risau yang amat….but alhamdulillah..we are much more calm now. Maybe it is just a normal FLU…if you look at him now infront of me in his mask watching TV. He said he feels fine today.


Tomorrow is his checkup, hopefully he can be declared as free of the Influenza. Fuhh 5 hari duduk dalam rumah, macam mana tuh!

Well, let’s pray that my husband will recover soon…and our life be back like normal. AMIN.

Till the results…



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My Breastfeeding Stories : My EBM Supplements

Currently I’m taking 3 supplements daily to boost my ebm supplies in term of quality then of course quantity!




Habbatus Saudah Kaasyifa is one of product used in Islamic medication system by An Nissa Islamic Treatment. Well known for its effectiveness in increasing women well-being and of course my main intention to increase my ebm supplies.

2 of my ebm mommies group take habbatus saudah with honey, and their stock increased tremendously!

Proven too, my morning pumping session increased from 2oz to 4oz balik,my noon session increased from 7oz to 10oz. bolela…but the taste is urghhh sangat x sedap…but i found out ustaz2 kat bawah surau bank ni banyak jual supplement based on sunnah nabi.  I am aiming to purchase the royal jelly with habbatus saudah.. Yang ni sedap dia jual rm180,  mine only RM52  je. Mine I try my best to take it together with honey.

Besides that they even sell honey + cider + habbatus saudah….emmm sedap tau ni!! but herga erkk…slow2 la I collect 🙂

So for those mommies yang nak do pm me,who knows it will work for your supplies too?

Besides that I also take dates extract and Spirulina just to enhance the quality of my milk.

Love the dates extract very much!

Of course all won’t be giving such a positive results without our Almighty’s consent (dengan IzinNya). Kita ikhtiar.


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My Boy: Allergy Reaction + Warded

21st Nov – On Saturday morning  i thought i saw red marks at Aqib’s arms and legs. Thinking it was just another seasonal bites by the pepijat that all of us suffered.


This picture was taken on the day he was admitted

Later on,we noticed that the marks were spreading all over his body. Aqib was really cranky! He also started to developed chesty cough and fever! Too many flam that i insisted to go straight to see gp instead of waiting for the next day to see his peadiatrician.

Doc diagnosed him with allergy and told us we were lucky to seek medication immediately. Doc put him on nebulizer for 7mins and adviced us to come again the next day for another round of gas.

He was better for the night,the next morning his condition was still not improving that we went straight to see Doc Shanaliza@Klinik Pakar Kanak-kanak Shanaliza near wangsa maju. By that time Aqib’s allergy was getting worst. At one look she decided that we need to go straight to ER.

Rasa mcm nak gugur jantung masa tu! Aqib was admitted and most dreaded part was to watch him being poked by the needles to get his blood sample and to insert iv. Kesian baby mama 😦


Aqib can still smiling at ER

Doc Nasir is Aqib’s paed since birth at APSH.Alhamdulillah he is a good doctor.He checked Aqib upon admission and confirm his lungs and flam were affected by the unknown allergy.


In a very bad state, he dozed off once the IV was put on with the medication. Within 24 hours his red marks all gone.


Kak Sarah visiting adik Aqib


Cranky Aqib


Bonding with Papa


We were discussing on the cause of the allergy,it must be either from breastmilk (salah makan probably,doc shana told me to avoid eating diary products) or it could be from materials sourced like new detergent.

Anyway to my horror,we had to watch my little boy kena pyhsio. At first i thought it was just tepuk-tepuk belakang badan for the flam to turun,but shocked and sad to discover a special thin tube inserted through Aqib’s nose and mouth to sucked out his flam.

Masa 1st session pysio tu memang emooo sikit, but to my surprise there were more than 15 babies and toddlers in the same room with us. bayangkanlah..berapa banyak baby yang nangis serentak! It seems to be season, maybe our air is sooo polluted nowadays?!


Gas for 1 minute, 2 to 4 times daily.

I cried on the first day of physio,sad to watch my 5mths old boy had to suffer through this ordeal. How i wish we can just gantikan his place at that time.

By the 2nd day tu dah tak sedih sangat,cause this is the best solution to cure him.


Tepuk-tepuk belakang dulu for 15 minutes


Tube inserted through nose and mouth to suck out the flam (most sedih part tengok anak nangis kesakitan)


Flams are all collected into this special container.


Baru bole lena


His hospital id tag.

We were there from 21st to 24th Nov 2011, alhamdulillah by 4th day he was getting better. Cuma flam still ada (i was worried jugaklaa bila doc bagi green light boleh balik). No inhaler was given but we continue to give Aqib his allergy medication up to 7 days, and 14 days of his flam medication.

Glad to report he has fully recovered and regained his weight from 6.7kg (he was @ 7,1kg before admitted) to 7.6kg by the time we went for his follow up and 5th month jab on 12th Dec 2011.

I have to watch out with seafood,diary products!

I hope we won’t have to go through this again! Amin!



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Exclusive Pictures of Naquib



Among private pictures saved by us during his critical moments after birth ( in incubator immediately after birth pics taken by hubby while i was bed ridden)…a few first moment pics  taken during our 1st direct bf time with Naquib ( sayu bila ingat balik + bahagia rasa dapat akhirnya pegang anak setelah sekian lama x dpt pegang)

My boy…mama will always pray for you to fully recover and grow into a strong healthy boy! love you Muhammad Naquib Nazhan!!!



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Updates on Prolonged Jaundice

Alhamdulillah, received the two blood test results from the lab (Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Shanaliza) and were told it’s nothing to worry about. No further investigation need to been done and my baby can stay home sweet home.

As my own step of precaution, i’ll keep monitoring his urine and stool, just in case!

I can’t wait for his 2 months checkup with Doc.Nasir, two down one to go (DL)

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Congenital Pneumonia, Prolonged Jaundice & Dialated Kidneys

I wanted to share with all other mothers or parents on this 3 illness that my son was/is diagnosed with.

 1.CONGENITAL PNEUMONIA                                                                                        

 When he was borned, he suffered Congenital Pneumonia (CP). At first we have no idea of what it was all about,only managed to looked at our poor son chest rapidly moving up and down! It was such a scary sight for us, he was then treated in a very special incubator with a small oxygen tank for his breathing (head area). His feet was full of wires and was on antibiotic drip to treat the CP.

What is CP? I did some googling during my 8 days stay in the hospital and i extract this from

Pneumonia that becomes clinically evident within 24 hours of birth may originate at 3 different times. The 3 categories of CP are:-

1.True CP  2. Intrapartum pneumonia 3. Postnatal pneumonia

In our case, our son was dignosed with the first one, True CP. True CP is already established at birth. It may become established long before birth or relatively shortly before birth. Transmission of CP usually occurs via 1 of 3 routes:-

1. Hemotogeneous 2. Ascending 3. Aspiration. ( Read more from the site)

Doctor suspected ours was number 1, infection during pregnancy.

Alhamdulillah after 6 days in the incubator, he was off oxygen and antibiotic. Right now he is doing fine at home, with of course special monitoring from all of us. Everytime when we checked on him, we’ll always check his chest and his breathing. The nurses and the Paed said it is one of the common problem for babies. They looked so relaxed, but i doubt any parents out there can be as relaxed as them. He’ll grow out of it, they said. Insyallah.


After his 3rd day of birth,my son was dignosed with Neonatal Jaundice (NJ). His reading was as high as 18mg on his 3rd day in the incubator. Later on, his NJ reading slowly reduced to 10mg on his 8th day(off incubator). He was allowed to go home with me, after being seperated since the birth day. 😦

We noticed that his skin was still yellowish a week after his was discharged and brought him for another check-up. His NJ readings had increased to 16mg! His Paed adviced me to stop eating all the jamu, herbs, ginseng based food. I even stop taking my gamat and pati ikan haruan. Eventhough he told me, tumeric based food does not effect my son’s NJ, I still stop taking it. All was avoided to ensure he recover. After 5 days, we took another blood test and his NJ reduced to 13mg.

The paed advice us to go home, and monitor our child’s stool and urine. To see if the color was not yellow and the stool texture is not smudgy.

As i am typing this entry, my son is still suffering jaundice at 38 days after his birth! So we took him for a 2nd opinion and his blood samples was taken again today. After all i was damn worried after doing a lot of reading from the internet, that if you do not treat NJ on time it may lead to brain damaged or  This Paed told us, if an infant still suffers jaundice after 1 month it is called prolonged jaundice (PJ). Now to determined what type of PJ, is it Conjugated Jaundice (CJ) or Non Conjugated Jaundice (NCJ). What the heck is this? I have no idea! Lets read on…it’s getting to complicated with all the medical terms/jargons!! The Paed will be advising us on what the difference between the two of this on Monday (8th August 2011) right after we get my son’s blood test. She took 2 tube of blood and send to a lab to check on the mg level and on his liver.

So this topic shall be updated on Monday or do feel free to read/reaserch on. Me? I’ll take a break for a while la!

We are worried, our prayers and du’aa to our dearest son. May the results come back with nothing serious. I hope it is just a normal prolonged jaundice phase. This is what i gained from a forum in feel free to read on.


We were told during my 28th week pregnancy that our boy’s kidney were dialated. At first it was just one side, then later on both sides! Oh Ya Allah, dugaanmu hebat sekali. I was a bit panicky at the beginning,but later on tried to calm down when the doctors told me it is normal for baby boys to have dialated kidneys.

From a website: Having dilated kidneys basically indicates that there is an obstruction to the flow of urine from your baby’s kidneys. It’s hard to tell exactly what this might mean in your baby‘s case. There’s a wide range of severity, so it’s difficult to give you precise advice.


Sometimes, having dilated kidneys is a very minor problem and is simply a variant of normal. This can mean that there aren’t any health consequences for your baby at all and everything’s fine. In other cases, the condition can be more severe and can mean that there’s a risk to kidney function.

As you have been told that both of your baby’s kidneys are affected, it could mean that there is a problem with the bladder or urethra (the tube that leads from the bladder to outside).

Yupe, they told me the probability of the swealling to reduce back to normal and the chances it might get back to normal size. I was hoping for that, but after 3 weeks from his birth his kidneys were still dialated. APSH Paed told us that he needs to do another follow-up test to determined the illness. It could be Kidney Hydronephrosis or Kidney Dysplasia or others that i yet to know. Here are some info gained from the forum.

Yes i’ve done this research since i was pregnant, i am scared for my son. It is a relief to know there are cures for these kind of illness. BUT i will always pray and du’aa so that a miracle will happened if not we will go through this. Insyallah. Let’s pray together for our dearest Naquib. Your prayers and du’aa are very precious to us.

I’ll update on this after his test this next week.



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