The Wedding Affairs : Qatam Al-Quran & Majlis Berinai

The most awaited wedding of the year is officially kicking off today with Qatam Al-Quran n the morning  and later on Majlis Berinai in the evening.

Qatam Al-Quran

The pelamin were cunss (they used the same person we use for my eldest brother , mine and hijaz’s pelamin :)) Ni belum Nikah ni…hmmm..looking fwd to see the solemnization’s pelamin esok!

I had already planned my leave, so as early as 9am me and my mom together with the kids straight to Shah Alam. The Qatam Quran was from 10.00am to 11.00 am and by noon guest were served with Nasi Padang. It was just a small crowd of women together with anak-anak sekolah tahfiz.

                 With my cousins


Later we rushed back to UK (but not before stopping to Hajra and SugarScarf boutique in Shah Alam) and when finally reached home it was already 4.00pm! Haiyah…penatnya. I was just about to rest when my dad call to get ready as we are leaving again for Shah Alam at 4.45pm. Tak sempat nak rest! We changed our attire and suddenly we are already in Shah Alam by 5.45rpm. The traffic at that time at NKVE was bad, I cannot imagine if we left the house after 5.00pm!!


This is more to casual relax concept where my couz change into three costume…and they are

An was such a sport, she posed and posed infront of all her family and friends….we were all cheering like mad macam tengok fashion show hahahah! Wawa enjoyed it very much…Aqib cried though when people were all cheering…takut!

Next costume is….

And the last one, tha family all teased her….kena sangat dengan dia hehehe

Matched her chinese look meh 😛

Can you see Aqib? He was yawning!!

 This was my last pic for tonight coz I rushed to breastfeed him and he finally sleep after a day long of excitement…till now. 🙂

Where were all the men? Eating lah! Our dinner tonight – Kambing Bakar, hawker style kew tieuw,satay, ice kacang, nasi lemak and the rest if of course desserts! The best part it was totally just us the family tau…so we all were very comfortable enjoying the life band with our cousins singing..at the beautifully decorated gazebos..(no pictures coz by this time my batt dah kiok…talk about that culprit! grrr asyik habis batt!)

I’ll update the official picas once it is shared among us. 🙂

It was a looong day for us, BUT we totally enjoyed it and hopefully An did too…as tonight – her last day as a SINGLE 🙂

I’ll try to update on the big solemnization ceremony that will take place at her house in Shah Alam again…this time a bigger crowd, 500!! whoaa..you should see the pelamin preparation for tomorrow. It’ll be a Royal wedding, Yellow Gold theme!



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Tiffany Engagement Day!

Today 14th April is my cousin big E-day and yes she is the only girl in the family too! So it was really grand and I looooved the theme color so much! Sempena tema tiffany jewellery ー light turquoise! The bunga telur is a Tiffany jewellery box tied up with white ribbon.

The Shamsudin clan were given the choice to dress up in brown or peach. I and mr hubby were given the honour to be one of  the usherer. Ramai ada baby kecik this year,glad that I  can make myself useful. Thanks to bibik and my ample ebm stock though! So mama can be on duty but with kids at the same venue!

Everything was so pretty,just look at the pictures. Fewer words this time…:)


The baju!


Busy coordinating the desserts!


Ohhh tempting betul kek ni!


Cloudy day!



me and Aqib, Wawa ntah mana main dgn cousins semua.


My beautiful pregnant sister in law (I told her this shall be your twin pregnancy portrait) hehe


Rombongan lelaki in purple! One of Rafik’s cousin is my childhood friend!

the women usherer

It was raining earlier but it stopped just before the function,alhamdulillah.

Everything went well, looking forward for the big W day this 12,13,14,15 and 16 September 2012! Yupe 5 days to be blocked for their reunion day!

Gotta start hunting for the right fashion for the Big Wedding of the year pulak…uhhh baju 5 helai ke? eheheh….hope not la. kopak ooo!

Till September then! Congratulations an dearie! Let the countdown begin!



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Happy Birthday Mama!


My dearest mother turned 57th years old on 17th January.
May Allah bless her always with good health and life hapiness.
Happy birthday mama, we love you!

Pre birthday dinner at Ben’s KLCC with my family of four

Looking forward for the all get together this Monday with the rest of my siblings.

Mama nak jam ke hp?! Hehe



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A New Year Getaway Trip – Malacca

It was totally impromtu! Nobody expected that we would be joining the end-of-year holiday craze. The initial last minute plans were to go to Port Dickson, but all the hotels were full and instead we went to Melaka from 31st Dec 2011 to 2nd Jan 2012.

The Hotel – So we end up booking for Avillion Legacy Hotel Melaka. From the internet it looked nice but internal interior was a bit old. Something wrong with the lobby section aircond! It was kindda warm while we wait to check-in. If you booked your rooms via online booking please do remember to print it out, or the hotel won’t able to check  you in! (we end up printing at the hotel’s admin room where we meet other mat salleh yang tengah busy printing their booking details!)

This hotel is quite strategic located at central melaka, its quite nearby to take the River Cruise at Jalan Laksamana, around 7 minutes drive from our hotel. Breakfast and dinner provided by the hotel is fine.

The journey took only around 2 hours, we arrived Melaka around 3pm from KL (we stopped for lunch at Gerai Ayam Kampung near masjid after exit Ayer Keroh). 

Aqib,steady je on the way to Melaka.

Wawa and her sunglass!

It was Aqib’s first meal, in the car pulak tu otw to Melaka – carrot puree! A new beginning to his feeding world at 6 months old!

Below: Aqib upon arriving at our hotel room.

After resting, we decided to try the famous Melaka River Cruise since it was nearby. Costed only RM10 per adult and RM5 per child below 12 yrs old. I think for Aqib it was FOC.

Pics taken before naik boat.

Wawa was sooo excited that she got to be on a boat. Tak habis-habis excited “mama kita atas airkan?”

me and my beloved kiddos!

cantikkan all along the river, the building were full of wall pantings.

Official photo taken by the photographer, nak charged rm28 tuh! Bising2 dapat RM20 each.

The moving sofa at the lobby, the kids loved emm!

Next day, we went to check out the Taman Buaya

Wawa and buaya!

us masa tgk buaya show

can you see the crocodile?


Later that day after lunch, we went to jalan-jalan around the river side to visit the famous a’famosa and Jonker’s street. Lovely evening walk, we enjoyed it very much!

Aqib was such a sport during the trip! Alhamdulillah senang mama yang kaki jalan ni! Good boy!


We met this guy with his colorful ice kacang infront of A famosa.

Ice Kacang tapau!

Sarah was introduced to BECA for the first time in her life! Tak sempat nak naik, next trip we’ll definitely let her try naik beca,kereta lembu!

The famous  Jonker Street

Noi wanted to stop by here at Hard Rock Cafe Melaka, fuh nasib baik tak terbeli hehe!

After walking along Jonker Street,we then were joined by the others for steamboat dinner at Casa De Rio, by the riverside. It was beautiful sight with the lights along the river cuma steamboat tak berapa sedap! huhu…

The trip was fun, at least puas hati sampai A Famosa, Jonker Street, managed to try the river cruise (it was really impressived!), eventhough the traffic is bad it was worth it. Next trip would definitely pick a normal weekdays to come here. Taubat dah nak gi time cuti am ni!

For you guys who are interested to visit Melaka, totally recommended! But mind the horrible traffic tau!



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Hari Raya Eid Adha 1432H / 2011








It is raya haji again and this time we celebrate it at my inlaws ( morning) and later ard 3pm we head to shah alam for our merrier raya with my family side!

This time my aunty alia and her hubby requested for our dearest maknyah to cook the aqeqah lamb. They donated one to the anak yatim and the other one to jamu the family. I tell youlah….maknyah is the best cook in the town. Kambing tuuu masak kuah beriyani,masyallah sedap betul!

Cicah garlic bread perghh!

Anyway, everyone got to see Ilyaas and Alia 🙂

The kids were looking forward for their swimming session and wawa lead the toddlers group utk serbu pool!! Hehe lucky I brought bibik to look after wawa while I took care Naquib. Papa ntah mana main bola, my dad golf, brorhers layan movie and my mom borak2 with the rest.All in one house! Macam club daaa…then of course solat jemaah beramai- ramai.

Oh yes it was zakiyy 20th birthday too…love the rainbow cake!

Whatever it is, top dish of the day seharusnya kambing tadi oookayy!

Selamat Hari Raya Korban everyone!



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Selamat Hari Raya 2011




Wishing all my beloved family members and friends all over the globe a very happy eidul fitri.

Sepuluh jari ku hulurkan dengan penuh kekesalan,moga terima maaf yang ku pintai dari kalian semua. Halalkan makan minum,maafkan kekhilafanku. Moga di hari dan bulan yang mulia ini,hubungan silarraturahim kian mersa.

Alhamdulillah,i’ve managed to fast for 18 days this ramadhan without any problem eventhough i am fully breastfeeding my son. We are very happy this syawal as we have a new addition to our family of three. Aqib’s first raya,our first raya berempat!

Syukur….syukur…..salam lebaran buat semua


Fairy Yaya

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Welcoming the Month of Ramadhan

The official announcement of the holy month of Ramadhan was on TV today,1st August 2011 will be the beginning of fasting for all muslims around the globe.

Am glad that this Ramadhan i am still breathing to welcome this month.A month where all muslims ought to stop or slow down with their duniawi. To focus with our ibadah and to ensure our closeness to the Almighty.

My du’aa this Ramadhan,may it filled with ibadah,may all of us become a better muslim. Insyallah.

Happy Ramadhan you all! Wished i can join the joy of Ramadhan as soon as I finish my confinement.



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