My Breastfeeding Stories : Ramadhan Survival 1433 Hijrah

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan came and passed by…..and I’d like to update my entry on my breastfeeding journey this year. Phew….it was not easy,  as expected my supply dropped somewhere in the middle of Ramadhan. I guess, because of the reduction in liquid and food intake.

The first week of Ramadhan my supplies were quite okay, producing 4oz to 5oz per pumping session. Later on I can only pump once a day due to the short working hours from 8.30am to 4.45pm. Most of the time rushing to finish up work and by the time to pump it’s already time to rush back home. My  fault I guess, balik tu kekadang sibuk memasak for buka puasa that I didn’t managed to pump. After break fast, Aqib will feed directly and by the time he fell asleep, I managed to pump another 2oz…hahaha…letih babe!

Basically I only pump twice a day, if larat 4 times a day…huhuhu…BUT I also noticed every time period susu drop jugak! so this Ramadhan 2 kali…memanglah sangat2 drop. 😦

One fine day 1 week before raya….my bibik(my maid) ask me a question..

” Cik, kalau susu sudah habis, susu tepung jenis apa nak kasi?” (miss, if the ebm milk stock all ran out, which powder milk brand shall we buy?)

“apa ni….saya besarkan Sarah dulu susu badan hingga 2 tahun, mana ada nak beli/beri susu tepung!” grrrr masa tu hangin la jugak kan sesuka hati dia tanya mcm tu!!! ( I was totally pissed off with her! )

At that time, there was only 4 full bottles of ebm in my deep freezer! Fuhh I was a bit panicky but slowly calmed down. I know exactly what to do….BUT I also know it requires a LOT of effort and determination!! uwaaaa…..

My action plan was to:-

1. Increase Aqib’s food intake from small bowl to big bowl. In between increase rice porridge and more frequent fruit intake.

2. Increase snacks (fruits, baby biscuits) and juice intake in between his milk feed plus a lot of plain water

3. Told my maid, to help me and support me to ensure Aqib get his rights to drink ebm milk till 2 years old. (slow talk to her)

4. To do power pumping and

5. To eat and eat and drink and drink…

6. Reduce outing without Aqib of course! (sangatlah tak suka bila di ajak keluar tanpa anak2- actually I love to have them around even though pening and hassle kan!) hihiihihi

7. Keep pumping,,,,

8. Stay positive….this is not easy kay!

So we both survived throughout end of Ramadhan…and now going through Syawal…

Alhamdulillah, with my full Faith and prayers to Allah…managed to collect 13 full bottles (sikit….but at least something kan?) and today I noticed drastic  increase in my pumping session! 8.0 oz 1 session!! Coz I ate a lot?? and of course 1 week of cuti helps a lot, macam rooming in with baby…feeds when my boy demands!

Tak boleh relax, but I will keep trying my best. That is my promise to my son. Moga Allah izikan rancangan kami. Amin.



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Breastfeeding : Getting Ready for Ramadhan

I have been very busy lately with my work and my personal agendas that I had the shock of my life yesterday…someone posted on FB Ramadhan the holy month will be here soon….so soon like in 17 days from today! Yikes…first thing that POPS out in my mind is I still have three days to replace from my last Ramadhan (I finished my confinement in the mid of Ramadhan and only managed to fast for 18 days out of 30 days).

BUT the main thing that worries me now is my EBM milk supplies, dahla tinggal sikit – quater of the deep freezer I’m guessing around 30 bottles pun tak sampai kut? (suruh bibik kira kejab while I type this entry muhahah)

Next week I’ll be leaving Aqib for 2 days – meaning that will consume around 10 – 12  of full 5 ounce bottles. Urgh…ok let’s take a deep breath and start today!

Yes, I managed to breastfeed Wawa for 2 years consecutively during Ramadhan, I remember those difficult time. My milk supplies drop especially during afternoon pumping can only get around 1 or 2 oz last time. In the morning after sahur I can express full 8oz Avent bottle. But the food intake and the drinks that I had to forced myself to drink is…fuhhh A LOT okay! For the sake of our child kan…you’ll do anything!

Anyway…here is what I’ve done before and decided to share with other fully ebm mommies out there.

1. Don’t panic! hahahah (tipulah kalau tak panik…but try to calm down kay)

2. Plan ahead…start increasing your pumping session from now…being me a positive person…it is still not too late, I have 17 days to pump and pump and pump. (meaning makan makan makan….too people!)

3. Plan your sahur and break fast menu.

 My sahur normally consists of – a plate of rice, a bowl of quaker oats, a mug of hot milo, Spirulina + vitamin c, and 3 big IKEA glass of plain water. Selagi tak imsak, i force myself to drink and drink and drink sampai nak muntah …heheh

My break fast – ohw this one I think takde beza I just eat a small portion of rice with kuih-muih and drink a lot of water.

4. Plan your pumping session

I breast feed directly whenever my child demanded.

I loved to pump around 7am before going off to work and this time I’ll get full bottle. (last time la this time we’ll see)

It is crucial for us to stick to our normal pumping session, to stimulate the production as usual. Remember the rules? Empty Breast as often as you can.

Try to pump at night as during this time you’ll have the ability to eat and pump as normal.

5. Eat healthy food – lebihkan kekacang, soya beans, barly, air-mata kucing eat all those advices by our ebm experts la. heheh…

6. POSITIVE MIND SET – yes please please have this concreted at the root of your mind. In order to do this whole thing we must set positive mind set and determination.

7. Duaa…and duaa …pray to Allah may our milk supplies melimpah ruah di bulan ramadhan yang mulia ini. Rezeki anak kita datangnya semua dari Allah SWT.

Eh bibik dah come back with the countdown…fuhh still got 20 bottles and 18 full ebm plastic storage. But this still doesn’t mean I can relax. Oustation for ( 4 days)if ikut plan boss…aduh ! Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusanku, limpah-ruahkanlah susuku…buat Aqib tersayang! Amin.

Good luck you guys…nanti middle Ramadhan I’ll update this year ebm during Ramadhan experience ya!?

Note: If you googled, banyak org tanya can  ebm mommies puasa…dikecualikan drp berpuasa. I hope kita tak guna alasan tu untuk tidak berpuasa. Try your best first, then baru redha if you cannot kay.

Try and read among the tips available online: This my favourite!

Preparing For Ramadan With Your Baby

Tips for breastfeeding while fasting in the Holy Month

By Dr Balkees Abdul Majeed, Paediatrician and Lactation Consultant




Ramadan is the ninth lunar month in the Islamic calendar. Fasting in this month is one of the five pillars of Islam. Performing fast during Ramadan is obligatory for all Muslims.Preparing For Ramadan With Your BabyWomen who are pregnant or breastfeeding may be exempted from fasting if they feel that their health or the baby’s health would be negatively affected by the fasting. The mother, however, will have to compensate for the missed fasting at a later date or pay some expiation for not fasting.

The human body has natural regulatory mechanisms that activate during fasting. There is efficient utilization of body fat and basal metabolism slows down during Ramadan fasting. Studies have shown that there is no significant difference on macronutrient composition of breast milk and consequently has no effect on the growth of infants.

Tips for breastfeeding during Ramadan

The most significant difference in the month of Ramadan is the time to eat. Mothers who usually eat breakfast, lunch and evening meals should instead eat during dawn and after their fast is broken in the evening. We have listed a few practical hints you can follow to supply the maximum amount of balanced nutrition for both you and your child during Ramadan:

  1. Increase fluid intake between fasts.
    When fasting, liquid is reduced to as much as 2-3% in the body. The human body adjusts to reduce perspiration and urine production. Drink sufficient water (not soft-drinks) especially in the morning before resuming your fast. This helps to avoid dehydration.
  2. Go for a balanced diet
    Eating nutritious food at dawn and during iftar (breaking fast) is important. Try to include the following food in your meal plan:

    • Meat and beans are a good source of protein, minerals, and certain vitamins. Beans are a good source of dietary fibre too.
    • Whole wheat bread, oat cereal or cooked rice are a good source of complex carbohydrates, and help nourish your body with energy, protein, minerals and dietary fibre.
    • Fresh fruits, vegetable juices and soups help maintain liquid balance in the body.
    • Milk and dairy products are good sources of protein and calcium, which are essential for body tissue maintenance and several physiological functions.
      Note: The body’s immediate need at the time of iftar is to get instant energy for body functioning. Don’t forget to take dates as they are good sources of sugar. Three to four dates should be sufficient to bring low blood glucose levels to normal levels.
  3. Get enough rest
    The milk production will not be affected as long as the infant continues breastfeeding.

    • Increase nursing sessions during night time.
    • Have regular milk expressing sessions at work place to maintain milk production.
    • Psychologically, the belief that breast milk will remain smooth during fasting should also remain strengthened. This is a big influence on milk production.

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan.



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My Breastfeeding Stories : My EBM Supplements

Currently I’m taking 3 supplements daily to boost my ebm supplies in term of quality then of course quantity!




Habbatus Saudah Kaasyifa is one of product used in Islamic medication system by An Nissa Islamic Treatment. Well known for its effectiveness in increasing women well-being and of course my main intention to increase my ebm supplies.

2 of my ebm mommies group take habbatus saudah with honey, and their stock increased tremendously!

Proven too, my morning pumping session increased from 2oz to 4oz balik,my noon session increased from 7oz to 10oz. bolela…but the taste is urghhh sangat x sedap…but i found out ustaz2 kat bawah surau bank ni banyak jual supplement based on sunnah nabi.  I am aiming to purchase the royal jelly with habbatus saudah.. Yang ni sedap dia jual rm180,  mine only RM52  je. Mine I try my best to take it together with honey.

Besides that they even sell honey + cider + habbatus saudah….emmm sedap tau ni!! but herga erkk…slow2 la I collect 🙂

So for those mommies yang nak do pm me,who knows it will work for your supplies too?

Besides that I also take dates extract and Spirulina just to enhance the quality of my milk.

Love the dates extract very much!

Of course all won’t be giving such a positive results without our Almighty’s consent (dengan IzinNya). Kita ikhtiar.


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My Breasfeeding Stories : Facing EBM Worst Enemy

I’ve reached the 5th month of fully expressing bf milk for my dear Aqib. Glad and relieved to update that he had started to drink 4ounce per feeding since he turned 5 mths old last 30th nov.

Everything was going on smoothly until Dec 2011. My dept were bombared with all kind urgent datelines,all demanded our full time commitment. Hardly have the time to sneak out and go for my normal 20mins pumping session.

YES,saya tengah menghadapi ujian ketahanan diri, hanya determination menjadi pendorong saya untuk terus turun dan pump.

YA. like my fb status today-“Life is like a marathon,keep running and running wonder when will i  reach the winning ribbon?” My life is like a non stop body feels tired but i don’t think i can even take a short nap during lunch breaks. Like today for example i had to pump while working and to catch up to join the jemaah for zohor. fuhhh…i refuse to skip my pumping session.

Promised myself,busy macam mana pun i will never ever skip,but try to reschedule instead. yes that’s sounds better ganti hehe!!

*on hardcore ebm mommy mode!*

of course….dengan izinNYA. AMIN!



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Busy Mode

It’s the end of the year again, and my dept is busy again. Hardly have the time to update my blog eventhough via hp!

Among my pending entry to be blogged:

1. Party venues sugesstions

2. Aqib hospitalized

3. School break-Pusat Sains Negara,Happy Feet,Bowling and art class!

4. Aqib 5mths old!

5. Telekom bowling

6. Imam muda hassan @ TM

7. Wan Hannah our latest niece

soooo byk to blog about,but no pc no time meh! until i find the curi2 free time and the right mood kayyy..hehe

tungguuuuuuu tau!!



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My Breastfeeding Stories : Storing EBM While Travelling

When my SIL emailed me last friday asking how did I do it while I was travelling around during my outstation period,i thought hmph I have delayed long enough! so here we are…

Well I did my research and ask aroud especially to my office ebm group. Yes,we do have an official breastfeeding mommies club at work! Yeay!

Well I won’t bragged on the details,but here are the tips i’ve gathered and done myself.

1. Buy extra ebm icepacks + good storage bags that will help you to gain the extra cooling hours.

2. Check your hotel or any form of accomodation for their utilities. In our case is of course The Fridge!!..oh yes to boil too, sterilize your pumping stuff.

3.Plan early on how you will deal with your ebm stock while travelling from one point to the other.

4. Always have options (plan a or b) on how to deal with your ebm stocks.

Tips from ebm group

Q: How can I retain the freshness of my ebm milk storage while travelling?

1. I am content with the manufacture of my ebm icepacks that it should maintain its coolness for 16 hrs.

2. I try my best to put all ebm last before I left my accomodation. I makesure that the icepacks are 100% frozen. (sometimes you need to adjust your fridge temperature when you checked in)

3. When I travel with car,i make sure my storage bag is hidden at the coolest part of the car. NEVER keep it in your car boot.( temperature is really high!!)

4. For best result,always take it out with you when you stopped more than 15 to 20 minutes.

5. I did kept my ebm at the restaurant’s fridge or hotel’s main fridge when I had no other choices left – just to ensure the freshness of my ebm stocks.

Q: If my storage bag is not big enough to store all ebm stocks + ice packs?

1. Buy yourself a coleman box (sizes according to your preferences), fill it in with cube ices that you can buy from any convenience shop.

2. When it melts, you can always pour it out and fill it in with freshly bought ice cubes from any shop/restaurant that you found on your stop (i.e.R&R, kedai mamak..etc)

3. Please do make sure all ebm bottles and plastics are sealed tightly when you opt for this method to avoid from water mixing with your ebm.

Flying with your EBM

1. All local flights do allow liquid to be hand carry into their flights…eh in my case i’ve travelled with MAS airlines.

2.Only on international flights that you are prohibited from bringing more than xmls of liquid on air.

3. One of the mommies had to checked in her ebm but alhamdulillah the stock was in good condition (no spilling due to air pressure)

Hmph what else? Well that is that…anybody experienced bad time with ebm-ing when travelling? I had my fair share of the experience!

Do share your tips and stories here!

Hope this entry is helpful for those travelling working mum out there!

You can do it no matter where you are! Just need a little pinch of determination and a spoonful of patient!



Note: excuse my entry via android wordpress hp maa! 😉

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My Breastfeeding Stories : Freestyling in Train!



Hehe i did it again,this time with my poncho shawl as the main cover to pump in public!

My outstation trip to Ipoh via KTM train!

Raise your ounces at anytime at anywhere!

I can do it,so can u.



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My Breastfeeding Stories;Freestyling while Driving



I tried it for the first time! From Bangi to UK i got my normal full two bottles.Of course after stopping by to assemble it on and covered myself well!

Taking it off is a bit tricky,coz of my fear of spilling the milk all over the car…but Alhamdulillah everything was ok..just make sure you stop by the road to set on and off the freestyle pump. 🙂

If i drive to work daily,I would add 1 extra pumping session for surelah hehe!

I love my “i-tek” ;p



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I Wanna Fully Breastfeed My 2nd Baby Too!!!

I had successfully exclusively breastfed my daughter (using only Avent manual breastpump) until she is 2 years old and 7 months. (March 2007 to end 2009)

I am still amazed that i managed to go through that challenging + joyful moments of breastfeeding! Tell you what, it was not easy! You’ll need all the positiveness,determination and motivational support that you can get.

Well, that’s 1st child experience. I am pretty sure for 2nd child it would be a whole new journey again!!

The Pump

Mandela Pump

This time i had ordered Mandela Freestyle Hands Free Pump (at a good price) from a friend in US. It is an investment for baby Naquib and my other 2 future children (insyallah). After comparing and evaluating between Philips Avent Isis IQ Duo Electric Pump & Mandela Freestyle, it is wiser to opt for Mandela Freestyle. Why?

1.  Because of the battery function that you can have the freedom to pump anywhere! Not need to search for power source each time to pump. I even had seperately ordered a car charger for my Mandela pump just incase i ran out of battery power! (LOL).

2. Freestyle – you can use it hands free!

When Naquib was born on 30th June 2011, he was admitted for his illness and was not allowed to be breastfed directly due to his conditions (in incubator). So i only managed to pump on my 2nd day after the c-sect delivery.

Avent Manual Pump

Somehow, i am still attached to my old manual Avent pump lah! It was easy to bring with me and i know i am very comfortable and confident  with its function. (Mandela was very foreign to me at the beginning!)

My first few drops of colostrums on 3rd day after delivery

1 day EBM Stock

Ready to be sent to APSH Nursery every morning during his 8 days there

So here i am, using both pump and loving each pump for its own unique functionality!

When i feel a bit lazy and the stock macam tak banyak i’ll just express using Avent pump, when i am in hurry or too engorged i’ll use my Mandela pump! During my confinement days, i used it alternately.

Personally, i still think manual pump can give you the extra few ounces/drops of milk when you need it the most (especially when you are running out of ebm stock!) hehehe…

The current EBM story…

Few days after N was discharged, i got Mastisis during my early days of confinement! Gosh it was painful, all my body parts ache (sakit habis sendi-sendi) and i had the high fever! huurrrr…had to rushed to the clinic to take some antibiotics, pain ressistance pills and panadol! I had it twice during the 44 days of confinement tau! Ouch, i even used cabbage to reduce the engorgement!

These few days, i am experiencing a new type of soreness pulak dah! Still puting on my Mandela purelan cream on the nips and hopefully it’ll just fade away…

Stocking Up

It is true that the saying of “Knowledge Makes You Smarter, Experience Make You Wiser”  Because, I’ve definitely learnt from my past experience during my EBM time with Sarah! Stocking up is not easy, especially towards reaching the age of 2 yrs old. Your supplies seems to reduced due to your time limitations to frequently express every 3 hours. I was either getting too busy with my work, working out of comfort zone to ebm or just because of my lazziness!

I could still remember, feeling all stressed up with the next day stock. Every drops was precious to ensure i express enough ounces for each feeding. Waaa…i hope i can reduce that kinda moment this time!

I’ve started my EBM stocking up since the day i left the hospital. We all know that the milk supplies is at its peak during confinement periods. I took full advantage of this knowledge and experience too EBM every last drop i could managed. My mom’s 2 fridge freezer was full that i had to purchased the cheapest chest freezer.

Alhamdulillah, as at today i have more than 200 ebm stocks available. It was a bit messy when you try organize the ebm in a chest freezer. This is how i stockup my ebm.

1. After expressing, leave your milk to cool down a bit before putting it in the fridge/freezer.

2. Use masking tape & permanent ink pen to mark your milk supplies date and time.

3. Use sandwich bag or any see thru bag to categorize your stock according to its date.

4. Use FIFO concept, first in first out. Arrange the most latest ebm to be at the bottom and the old stock at the top of the deep freezer. (yupe kindda messy but it’ll be easier for my maid to take out according to FIFO concept!)

The cheapest chest freezer we could get @ TESCO

The Cheapest Chest Freezer that we found!

My Important EBM Utensil

Masking tape,permanent ink pen, storage bags/bottles/ sandwich bags/pumpMy EBM utensil

Organized storage Organized EBM

All ready stocked up just for you Naquib!Stocking for my working days!

Praying hard that this time it’ll be a much much much smoother experience. More supportive environments and people to encourage breastfeeding for our future children the next generation!

I wanna fully breastfeed my 2nd baby too!! Don’t you?



Note: Ohhww before SIL, Pu3 shared with me this link ” Cara Pengurusan EBM” from SARAKids..Kindda similar to mine but it’s another way of storage strategy. Good link for knowledge sharing kan?? 🙂 Happy EBM stocking everyone!

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