All About FairyYaya

When i was a small girl, i loved to make belief of what i read. Being a fairytale lover , i’ve decided to use “FairyYaya” as my blogging pen name to portray that even adults are allowed to love the Fairies Fantasy which is shared with my dearest daughter.

In reality, i am a full time Banker at one of the Pioneer Malaysian Islamic Financial Institution.

When I am free, i’d love to venture myself in the event organizing path, a keen tourist (traveller), a lover of photography world and a book collector. I can be a part time party consultants as my friends and families loved to talk to me on their events.

My dream is…perhaps one day to become a serious party planner/event organizer/boutique owner with my own labels,Insyallah! 5 years to go? Can i make it?!

As to compliment to my hobbies, i have created two website to kick off my small dream! Do feel free to drop by and visit these two sites:-                                                            My Addiction 2 Party Planner & My Addiction 2 Books

Besides that, I can be very creative when i want too..i love making people happy and i love thinking and generating ideas for the events or any projects that i aimed for. Most of my friends described me to be a good advisors/caunsellor, a very optimistic cheerful person and a fiercly loyal friend when it comes to friendship. My intuition is very accurate most of the time and i do think it’s a gift from the Almighty. I can be shy when i am, i can be bold when i need to be but most of the time i prefer to remain low profile and enjoy my laid back lifestyle!

Right now, i am totally content to just be a wife to my workaholic hubby and a mother to a pair of our amazing kiddos.

What else do you want to know? I guess by reading/following my page here on wordpress you’ll get to know me more!

Well that’s me, Banjour! J me’appelle FairyYaya!!

Note: My writings may not be perfecto’ each time, my grammar might not be excellente’, but this is where i can have my freedom to write whatever I like,so if you like it just read it, if you don’t just beat it :p No offence though!

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