Admission 4th day

Surprise! Am still admitted today..its my 4th day here at PCMC and so far it has been a rollercoaster of mixed emotions.

I have been referred to another doctor yesterday due to my glucose test result. The reading was 8.5 and they also confirmed there is protein in my urine.

My BP reading yesterday was at a safe level but today it seems to spike. The reading was mostly at 150/90. Haish.

Yesterday also we did the sugar blood test before and after each meal. Meaning my fingers are frequently poked to test.


My gyne also scan our little baby N and she is currently still at 29 weeks and 5 days.


So today only my pregnancy just turned 30 weeks. Common baby N we can do this. Lets try our best to delay the delivery to at least 36 or 37 weeks.

The doctor has been seriously talking about the possibility of early delivery. Premmie baby and when she shared the news that the Neo Natal care NICU here is currently RM1k per day..we were shocked to the bone! So she started suggesting the possibility to refer us to HUKM which might have a cheaper alternative for neonatal care.

I think by the end of the day there was too much information to digest and I was very upset…:'(:'(

Try read some zikir.. read yasin and praying hard for Allah to ease our challenges.


And finally I was so exhausted…that I just sleep throughout the night for the 1st time since admission. (Exclude toilet trips and lapar tgh mlm 😅)

Today woke up with a terrible headache. Freshen up myself and alhamdulillah so far besides my 152/90 bp reading both my endoncronologist Dr Shamin and Dr Seri been sharing some comforting news. My glucose result might be not be accurate afterall bcoz it was not after 24 hrs after the dexa shot (matangkan paru2 baby) it might increse the sugar level result. So next Monday I am schedule for another glucose test (outpatient). So far the 4 blood finger test tu the result is borderline. Still have some hope here. She told me if I can take care of my diet there are chances I might not even start on the insulin. ALLAHUAKHBAR.

No protein in my urine as well and as long Dr Azlina my heart doc can clear me am good to go home..and delay the delivery.

Just that i overheard the nurse said my bp is still not stable 😑😅😥

Manalah my dietition ni…and doc Azlina ni…still waiting for them.

Pray for us please.

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