Approaching 10 weeks

Had a good cry last night. Emotionally not stable i guess. Feeling week and down lately. Lucky me my husband reminded me to my roots. Allah tak menduga hambaNya kalau dia rasa kita tak mampu tanggung.

Percayalah ada hikmah di sebalik dugaan dan kesakitan yang diberikan ni. Percayalah juga dan terus berdoa anak yang dikandung ini menjadi khalifah yang hebat. Dugaan ibu yang mengandung yang sangat dasyat dugaanya.

Istigfar sayang..istigfar..banyak2. I cannot do anything all I can do is pray that Allah give me some of your pain for me to tanggung instead of you. He look at me sadly trying to comfort me. Air mata semahu2 nya keluar mengalir je..teresak2..macam budak2 je rasa.

You nak apa i will try to accomodate. U need to fight..muntah makan muntah makan…like mom told me. Last night we had a little drama infront of my parent house. I was soo upset to leave my parent house. I was hugging my mom’s leg saying mama mama…after a bad vomit b4 naik kereta. I was just like a little girl who wants her mommy.:'(

You must understand how that felt kan? yes very sad. But i know I am no longer a baby and my family needs me. I have to go home..until my hubby agree for me to let me rest at my mom’s for a while this week. Yeay.

Now i am just writing…to channel out my sadness. Hoping it will help to ease my sadness a bit. Letting it out. I might delete this entry or might not. It depends. But this is definitely how i felt lately.

Bedresting je today.
Pray for my health ya..and my baby too.
Tomorrow we both reach 10th week of pregnancy.


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