The suffering of a pregnant mother

I am at 8 weeks of my 3rd pregnancy. Honestly I cannot wait for me to reach 2nd trimester. The bad vomitting is back and I have been on a very long mc since i reached 6th weeks.

YaAllah. Only you know the suffer that I have to go through. Thought it would be different this time but I guess nope it’ll be just like my 2 earlier pregnancy with Aqib and Wawa

The torture of not being able to retain any food is very upsetting. Ended up crying with husband asking him to help take the vomitting away…I know by previous experience it will subdue by 4th or 5th month of pregnancy. But i still have a very many weeks to go.

Dear Baby. Please stay healthy in there while mama sort her messy unorganized self during her difficult moments. Please Ya Allah make this pregnancy easier and smooth for me and future baby. AMIN.


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