Ho Chi Min Vietnam (day 1)

Its a reward trip for the selected staff and when we heard our names been picked, we were all excited lah kan! 1st…bcoz this time we can go as partners (with my dept colleague Dila) and even arranged to be in 1 hotel room, 1 flight and etc…sebelum ni tak excited coz normally you have to sorang2 pandai2lah mingle kan. Hahaha

BUT there was a catch. We have to become the team leader to our group. Group no 2. I think. Hardly can recall. So we have to ensure everyone in our group to arrive on time…passport all with us and of course everything according to itinerary.

So when the day has finally arrived, we managed to depart on time. Our group consists of 4 regional head from 4 states and the rest is the business managers and sales staff all over the country. We do know them b4 from the phone calls..but it was quite actually interesting to finally meet eye to eye with everybody. 😄


Since we were the 2nd batch to fly that morning from KLIA. Me and dila arrived somewhere between 6ish am. We met the tour agency and were given a bag tag and a free tote bag.

We move to departure area quite early as we were warned by the 1st group as they got stuck up at the immigration counter earlier. So terkejar2 la depa.

At the gate seating area finally we officially read some doas and introduce ourselves to each other. We saw some naughty faces already there haha!! We have to handle them..hemm..

Flight with MAS was not so smooth. Trying my best to maintain my coolness 😎😎 but as we were about to land…I can still remember how wobbly the flight was. Just imagine you feel like the plane was trying its best to maintain on a straight landing line..but it shook left and right like nobody business!! Gile cuak. Shaky landing. But alhamdulillah we touched down at the Ho Chi Min airport safely.

First thing first, the toilet trip. Mujur ada botol kosong with us. No air ok dlm cubicle as always.

At the arrival area, we had to ensure everybody maintain in a big group. It was very crowded. Some even left the group to go to toilet and some collecting their bags and some buying the phone line 😅. Fuh mencabar sikit. But we try to maintain cool je…

When the bus driver and our tour agent from there finally meet us..we were brought to a bus area..from there we still had to wait for the rest to ensure everyone is in the bus. 30 of us.

Finally we can enjoy the complimentary cold mineral water and sit back and listen to the tour agent story…we had too…coz we were at the most front 😂 org lain dah belasah tido k! Team leader la katakan. Haih.

Our hotel is located 39-41 Thu Khoa Huan street. Just next door to the Kampung Pandan Halal restaurant.

Luar nampak kicik..so while we waited for our rooms to ready. We had our first lunch at the Kg Pandan restaurant. Nyums sedap jugala. Dah laparkan hahah.


After lunch we finally got our room keys and that ptg the activity was free and easy. We were impressed with the rooms! Cantik but small. Just nice for 2 person.

The location is very near the Ben Then Market. So after solat we decided to join one of the girls yang dah biasa dtg and we took a taxi (berempat) of us. Fuh gamble betul this time. We went to
The China Market. Ben Thai. Lawan arus.






Its quite far from our hotel but they said its supposed to be much2 cheaper here. So I just follow the girls to one of the kedai kain. The famous prada lace…I ni mmg kureng sikit bab2 beli kain..especially when I have no such mission. But alang2 dah sampai i just bought one for myself my sarah and my mom. Mine and sarah terus buat baju raya. Mama’s green still tak buat baju. Hahah if i dont really like it..i rasa mama lagila tak suka. But fine..dah beli so end of story. Cash pulak tukar dalam rm1,500 je konon. Haa 1st day je dah habis rm500. Bought 5 kain ela nak buat jubah konon..siap jahit. They will send to our hotel by Saturday mlm. The market closed at 5pm. So we had only 2 hrs la. Rushing gile babe…took a taxi home back to our hotel.

Tips. Vietnamese can’t read and talk english that well. So please make sure you bring a lot of the hotel cards with you. We just showed the card to the random picked taxi driver and he drove us home. And yes like Jakarta they do have preferred safe taxi. Baik2 oo.

As for the tailoring..pun we pass the hotel card for them to deliver to our hotel.

Done. That night we walk through the street..agak scary sikit coz we were warned by others byk penyagak. We moved in 4..sampai kat pasar malam dia..and then we finally reach the junction of halal food. Fuhh senang nak makan but very pricey.

Mlm tu mkn kat xx.survey2 dulu.





Saw this kopi…but decided not to spoil the tummy on our 1st night ere. Perhaps later.

Balik tido.


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