The wedding

My lil’ bro is getting married tomorrow! Its been a very busy beginning of year 2015 that I didn’t have the chance to blog about it.

Well sedar-sedar esok is the nikah day! Being the only sister, I’ve tried my best to acommodate my mom and brother. The preparations hit full swing in Feb 2015 after CNY.

My aunties too getting older and infact just now another aunty of ours was admitted due to lungs infections. Last week our dearest Mak Nyah was admitted due to denggi. Gosh my kids too tetiba demam last Wednesday!.Dugaan…moga Allah sembuhkan auntie2 and anak2 ku. Please pray for our solemnization to be smooth as planned

Its been a sad year 2014 with my future sil mom’s death due to uncle too. So i think tomorrow maybe ada banyak airmata yang akan gugur including mine.

Well besides that..lets look at the bright side. Setiap perkara yang berlaku adalah ketentuan Illahi. He knows the best.


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