Day 10 – Oz Trip 2014 – Melbourne CBD ( Last Day)

The day that we have been dragging to arrive is finally here :'(…no choice its the last day of our OZ trip 2014!

After breakfast we took the tram and went straight to Victoria Market. This is to wrap up our 9 wonderful days in Victoria.





Brought my mom to the tea pot shop where I used to buy her the strawberry teapot back in 2005. We just walk around taking pictures and of course bought a few last minutes sourveniers at the market. (We have already surveyed this on our 1st day)

                           ~1424287966~IMAG0693 ~1427124836~20140607_132648  ~1424287921~IMAG0691

~1427124563~20140607_143321               ~1427124590~20140607_142552

Then we took a ride on a real horse carriage and ride around the Victoria Market. It was drizzling to match our sad feelings…hehe drama plak kan!




Once we were satisfied, we shoot off to the Melbourne City. Here we went saperate ways to accomodate our last few hours. Finally had the opportunity to shop at Target. After yesterday’s inccident we were on extra caution mode. Just grab what we think we can afford lol! 😅😂..some for the kids and myself. No party stuff this time. Grabbed what you can afford mode. Just a few shirts..err..just that. 😣

  ~1424286111~IMAG0685 ~1427125187~20140607_114552~1427125397~20140607_120226~1424288464~IMAG0719 ~1427125321~20140607_120220~1424285851~20140607_102629~1424285914~20140607_102651~1424285700~20140607_102553~1427125132~20140607_114342

We walk to our apartment and took that opportunity to enjoy the CBD views. Collect our luggages and head straight to the airport…but on the way Mr Hubby wanted to stop by at DFO Essendon to buy a few more of his Brooke Brother’s work shirt. Apa lagi..we all jump to this chances to grab a few last minute stuff. I bought this cute hot waterbag from Bed & Bath! Something for the next berpantang moment hehe..tuam perut lepas bersalin nya stock! 😅 We were there for only 15 minutes tau! Sempat!! 😅😂😂

We reached the airport around 5pm and it was dark already. My dad dropped us there while they went and send the rented van back to the rental centre.

By the time we finish check-in it was already around 9pm. Bought the kids some McD fries and we walk slowly to the waiting area. It was quite a distance and we reached the waiting area around 10pm. Not much of waiting…as our flight was scheduled for 12am. So just nice. Had a good nap on our journey back home…well not me lah! Takut!!

~1427123813~DSC_1110 ~1427124231~20140608_075654 ~1427124260~20140607_190109 ~1427124360~20140607_155417 ~1424285700~20140607_102553

And alhamdulillah reached home safely on Sunday 6am Malaysian time. Home sweet home. We really enjoyed Melbourne and Victoria very much! Love love.

Thank you Allah for this opportunity.

I know we cannot afford to travel like others. Deep down in my heart I wanted this trip very much and I am redha that I may need to stay put for few more years before the next trip. Mr hubby was planning for another trip with his parent for 2015 but I wasn’t hoping so much lah…true enough tak jadi.

So byebye Aussie. Hope we can travel again if Allah permits! Like now…jomlah kita duduk diam2 k kat Malaysia and extend family members … 😂😂😂😂

I can still remember me praying hard Ya Allah bagilah rezeki nak berjalan ke Aussie dgn keluargaku ni menjadi.. Just nak puaskan hati bawak mama papa adik2 enjoy what we really love about Melbourne Australia. Hehe..Alhamdulillah. Syukur. Mission accomplished.

Luas pandangan Luas pengalaman!



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