Day 8 – Oz Trip 2014 – Bye2 Rosebud Hello Melbourne!

Its finally the day to say byebye to Rosebud. We were soo sad to leave this little mat salleh kampung. Well mr hubby and I were actually looking forward for Melb town shopping and of course food! Halal food can be found easily there. Packing was a bit though as we did shop a lot of handbags. Nicely arranging it to fit into our luggage. :0)

Before leaving the Nepean Spa & Resort, we had a walk around  the area enjoying our last few moments there and of course taking a lot of picas!!

Enjoying Nepean Resort view for the last time b4 we head to Melb.

Enjoying Nepean Resort view for the last time b4 we head to Melb.

~1424017934~20140605_113819  ~1424017984~20140605_113858



There is actually another apartment in Melb city by the Golden Holidays but it was full! so that was the main reason why we are here at Nepean.

Tak kenal maka tak cinta..alhamdulillah it was a great opportunity to explore the other side of Victoria. We left Nepean around 11.30 am and arrived at Melb around 2pm at our Melb city accommodation.~1424018065~20140605_120746


Somerset at Elizabeth’s street. Everyone was happy to finally see the busy city pace again (oh except for my mom). Driving in Melb wasn’t we were still confuse with the rules. 😅😅 corner must wait for the pedestrian to cross selagi tak abis walaupun lampu hijau u cannot gerak and etc. My suggestions is for you is to study and understand the driving road rules siap2. Glad to found out that our apartment is actually very strategically located! Next to the main shopping street. On our left side was the Melbourne Strand where the new Uniqlo was located and on our right was the main shopping street! Aaaaa bestnya!


~1424018844~20140605_134156 ~1424019145~IMAG0603 ~1424019174~IMAG0607

Parking was not easy, had to park at the designated parking area which is quite far. Dropped us at the lobby and we checked-in into or 2 bedroom apartment. It was not spacious as the one in Rosebud but it was comfortable enough with 2 toilets, a washing machine with drier function and of course a dining area and kitchen! Once we settled down, we roam around the city.

First pit stop was of course the Essendon DFO , this is actually located 20 minutes from the airport. We were there from about 3 hours until the outlets were closed. Alhamdulillah we managed to have our lunch here at HAVA Kebab – Halal. After feeding our tummy we split and try…TRY to shop hahah…I didn’t bought anything on the first day only Mr Hubby bought himself Brooke’s Brother work shirts. My mind was more focusing with buying souvenirs for the rest of the family in Malaysia and of course was adoring Bed & Bath line of bed sheets. There is something about Australia and bed sheets for our family lah! Since our 1st trip to Sydney in 1986! I guess its definitely value for money to buy it here. Especially Sheridan brand!! LOL!

Parking at Essendon DFO

Parking at Essendon DFO

Hava Kebab Halal at Essendon DFO, Melbournekids were attarcted to this fizzy drink



I don’t exactly remember whether I bought anything there…LOL! (this entry is 8 mths after the trip!!)

Oh btw the bilik persalinan bayi dia cun , gambar robot! The kids love em! Mak2 Bapak2 ni mcm biasa bentang carpet solat sana, jenuh jugak mat salleh ketuk pintu hehe..last2 buat dek je. Tapi dugaan ni sekali bo layan. Janji yang wajib ditunaikan.

Wawa & Aqib


penat dah kat dfo

Last-last, dah penat dah the kids DFO pun dah tutup. We then went straight back to our apartment.

Park our car and walk to left side of the apartment and had our dinner there at Chilli Padi. Halal food by Msian chinese. Yummeh. For those travelling to Melb you might be amazed with the cost of their mineral water and canned drink. A bit pricey so you can just settled with tab water. Its FOC, they’ll put in a nice bottle and serve to you like evian ahahha. Don’t worry you can drink their Tab water its safe.


The Restaurant. Pic from Net. Honestly I x snap pasal lapar sgt hahah

The view dalam Melb Central

Nampak tak bottle tu? Ha tula Tap water kami. heheh

Nampak tak bottle tu? Ha tula Tap water kami. heheh


~1424277859~20140605_203838 ~1424278416~IMAG0615

After dinner we wonder around, pi Coles and shop some chocs and cornflakes for us to bring home (Malaysia) and then went back to rest.

~1424278304~20140605_210955 ~1424278334~20140605_210942 ~1424278352~20140605_211716 ~1424278439~IMAG0619 coles Melb Central

A relaxing transition day. Padat tapi tak stress.

Alhamdulillah what a great day!



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