Day 7 – Rosebud & Sorrento – The Nepean Peak

On day 7 we decided to have a relax and easy time around our little town. Its our last full day here so we went up to the tip of the Victoria map to Sorrento. Sorrento is where we took our ferry to cross over to Queensland for our GOR trip.

Picture infront of our house at Nepean resort before jalan2.



Nepean peak is located here. We drove up all into the national forest and was fickling with the idea weather to take part with the nature quest or not… but decided against it. So we just had a stroll up at the centre enjoying the beautiful view.






We took a lot of picture here while the kids watched the locals play cricket.




Houses here at Sorrento are huge mansions is where the wealthy side of Victoria people stay. Holiday mansions too if not mistaken. Quite a rare view from the houses at Melbourne town. Ala ala hollywoodlah!

Their town pun a bit up compared to others, you’ll feel as if you are in little Europe here. The only difficult part for us was to find a non-pork fish and chip restaurant! Dah masuk ke dalam kampung mat salleh ni memang sangatlah susah nak cari makanan halal. Last2 we had to drive to Rosebud and buy some frozen fish and chips and masak at our home. Hehehe..

There is one halal restaurant kat Victoria ni…we did singgah but makanan arab. So tak jadi makan situ.


So we spent the rest of the day shopping little bit here and there at their local mall. Mini mall ya haha. Bought myself a blue electric winter jacket here. Murah gilerr!

Balik and rest and start packing!!!!! Sedihnya we love our temporary home at Nepean Resort very very muchhhh!

Well time Melbourne City!
Malam tu keje mengemas bag..pening susun barang weh! Ni belum Melbourne shopping kan! Ahaks!


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