Day 2 – Oz Trip 2014 – The Arrival, Rosebud (part 2/2)

When we reached the Rosebud mall. We were all smiling..all excited that we are finally here to stock up our food storage throughout our stay in Rosebud.rosebud
The supermarket – Coles was awesome. Like “jakuns” we went all over surveying the abundance food supplies. Honestly this is one of my fav moments whenever we travel overseas. Searching for food that are not available in Msia. Wohoo heaven rasa! Tgh type ni pun boleh tersenyum hehehe.

First thing first. Straight to the meat area to find the halal chicken. I had done some online research and asked my aussie student mates. They recommended to buy halal chicken supplies from here. Lilydale brand to be specific. Try google here if you wanna know more

so we bought one bag of chicken.

Wah banyak option! Wah banyak option![/caption]

Then of course the milk area.
Mr hubby love this section, we spent almost 20 minutes just reading the ingredients thoroughly. Being muslim, we have to be extra alert of those non-halal ingredients la kan! We bought one 1 litre of fresh milk and of course my childhood favourite cereal. (loved it since my 1st trip to Sydney (1 month stay) at the age of 5 yrs old) So me and my eldest would always hunt for this cereal whenever we were in Sydney ke,,Adelaide ke Perth ke and this time in Melbourne! Buy 2 boxes for $10 murah!!! Kalau kat Msia dulu ada kat Cold Storage KLCC for rm24 per box if x silap.



Oh yes of course we didn’t miss shopping for the fruits, vege , bread and chocolates! Yumss

IMAG0131 IMAG0135

After almost 1.5 hours we finally managed to wrap it up, just opposite the store was woolworth and K Mart. I didn’t even go there to check it out.

It was almost 7pm, went back to our house and cook dinner. Zappp in a jiff the dinner is ready! Dah laparkan so laju jelah. We toss in the instant Brahim’s adam pedas gravy with freshly bought fish from the Victoria Market. Fried some brussels and cut some potatoes and meat for the instant curry. Perghh sejuk2 tu makan panas2..Melayu macam mana pun must eat rice kan! Hehe


rosebud 2 1 storey house

I’ll share here some of the Rosebud accommodation pic ya. Manalah tau you guys wanna check it out. Highly recommended!!

IMAG0141 - Copy IMAG0152 IMAG0149 IMAG0148 - Copy IMAG0147 - Copy IMAG0146 - Copy IMAG0145 - Copy IMAG0144 - Copy IMAG0143 - Copy


I still have picas of the front view and the bedrooms picas. But i need to acceds my cloud tapi malam ni ntah apasal x open it.

well that is for day 2. 😅

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