Day 1- Oz Trip 2014 – The Departure KUL to MELB

29th June 2014 – Thursday
Its been almost a week since our bibik left for her 1 mth cuti balik kampung. Meaning almost 1 week of doing 100% house chores for me 😅. Knackered to the bone but Alhamdulillah this trip gave me some sort of motivation to just keep calm and do it. Redah jek hehe.

I’ve finally started packing on 28th night..baru nak tengok baju betul2.

By 11am the next day baru managed to finish packing the bags. Originally planned for 1 big bag and 1 small bag but ended up with 2 big bags and 1 small bag (handcarry) and 1 backpack. Heee 😅😆 si wawa nak bawak bag jugak dia pack her frozen bag pack and she packed Aqib with spiderman bag pack. Uish talk about travelling light lah kan! Told her promise to carry her own bag pack if she bring it with us..ish ish.

The 1st bag was mostly the kids stuff and ours. Split the clothing into 2 bags just incase 1 bag went missing by the airlines. (As adviced by my sil hehe she lost theirs once when travelling with MAS). The 2nd big bag was mostly diapers and medications the rest kosong and the small bag was all full of instant packed labelled food. I type labelled bcoz it is crucial upon entering Australia. Kalau tak labelled tak lepasla.

By 1.30pm we reached my parent’s house. Which is 10 mins away lah haha.

The so called “limousine taxi” picked us up at 3.30pm and it was quite challenging to fit 8 of us in with all the bags and 2 strollers in! Yikes! Almost gave up but we managed to squeeze in. Aiq my brother had to sit with the bags though! Sorry bro! 😥

We arrived at KLIA for our MAS flight around 5.00pm. Checked in at a special counter and alhamdulillah everything was ok.



While we wait for our departure time which is at 8.15pm, we enjoyed our last halal Mc Donald meal at KLIA. Sort of early dinnerlah hehe with the ayam and the burgers. Kasi the kids makan puas-puas. After solat asar kat bawah departure area, went through all the immigration and custom process. Magrib was a bit challenging because we need to enter the plane…but managed to solat slightly before entering the gate. Timing was soo close..

And then…. Aqib refused to go through the immigration scanner!!😨😤yang dekat gate nak masuk tu… dia takut kut? so it was like a small drama where everyone was looking at Aqib crying “taknak taknak” running the opposite way of the gate with mr hubby chasing him! Had to step out and carry him inside..with all concerned questions by the immigration officers “kenapa dia..mengantuk kut ya”…hehe😁


Wawa excited naik aerotrain…


My head was thinking gosh this is just the beginning of the journey! Moga Allah bagi kesabaran for the rest of our holiday.

Alhamdulillah Aqib was excited on the plane. Distracted him with the cartoons and the gadgets. I was happy to see the kids enjoying their plane moments. Wawa surely was happy that we are finally on our way to Australia! Haha. 😁 Can see her beaming from ear to ear!!







I wanted to take some pictures in the plane but was too busy during the meal holding the food tray yang keep sliding down 😥 and feeding aqib. So no more pictures of the food or whatsoeverlah ya. This time got my both hands tied!

The kids fell asleep around 11pm and then Aqib was suddenly coughing..I guess the air pressure is effecting him until at one point he vomitted out all of his food. Sabar mama..managed to change him at the cramp toilet and he was then fast asleep again.

I just couldn’t sleep. Not after the MH370 missing case…my anxiety level is higher than normal. Praying we reach Melb. safely. 😥

8 hours of flight is way to long for me!


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2 thoughts on “Day 1- Oz Trip 2014 – The Departure KUL to MELB

  1. We took 2 taxis dulu masa my family holiday last year sebab packed dengan barang! Awww..kesian Aiq!

    Hohh tang cuci mencuci dalam tiny toilet tu saya sangat paham tau!! Stresst nak depa tangan pun berlaga dinding.

    Sila sambung cepat. Tak sabar dah ni.

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