28 days to go

Phewww….am one busy lady this year. Just hosted the annual party last week (I have yet to blog) and now busy preparing for the last itinerary for our school holiday break this year! Wehooo super excited but I feel as if there is sooooo much to do! Busy with datelines busy with work,busy with our social weekend activities. I wish I can pause the time for 1 month to settle whatever I need to settle.

I am yet to write my request for unpaid letter…..from my big boss. My oh my, I am such a procrastinator. Have been busy with others and now I must type the letter fearing he won’t approved. Please Ya Allah make it easy for me.

Anyway, enough with the ramblings.

What I wanted to share here today is on my relieve feeling part 1.

I had accidentally keyed in the wrong  data while applying for tourist visa.

Everyone was ok, until when i try to double check fro my youngest Aqib. Keyed in all the requested data but the result was ” not in record/not in record. The experience was horrifying. I was worried sick but was a bit relieved when a new friend that I befriended at blogger world ni had the same experience. Hers was worst!! The error was spotted when they were trying to check in for their flight to X. But luckily the  Emirates staff took care of it and managed to sort off before they depart. Kalau tak mmg semua tak pegila nampakanya!!

I was lucky to decide to recheck all the reference no against the official government site. Was lucky that I have an ample of time to sort this out, so  on the same day I sent an email in early april to the official site linking to X Malaysian Embassy, and we waited and waited. I had given a dateline for us to go and see the embassy in KL.  It took almost 2 weeks, finally Kate replied. I jumped of happiness. Phew…was so   happy to finally hear from Kate. It took 3 correspondence and today I keyed in and the reference number and when I hit next….it appear confirming my son’s visa matching with his passport number. Alhamdulillah.


If not, we need to re-register again and pay another RM60 for my son’s visa. Allah is great,syukur sangat!



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