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Renew permit bibik




15th May 2014 – Thursday

We had a panic attack today. Normally we will renew our maid’s work permit on time but today we had the nervous gabra moment.

Arrived at KDN Jbt Imigresen office ard 8.30am. No parking as usual so this where we as a team had to work together. I went upstairs to 1st floor the normal floor and the place we usual renew the visa.

As expected the crowd was full, quickly rushed to queue to take my number. There was this one lady with sooo many questions delaying about 8 ppl infront of me. I heard “nombor semua dah tutup ya. Kami dah tak keluarkan nombor” I was like whaaat..texted hubby..😤😤

As I reach my turn, she told me for maid is now done on 2nd floor (top floor). Just one esclator up and to the most right. So I rushed up and blur2 entered this glass door…and one person doing his transaction. The officer at counter 3 attended me with a jiff..our maid had overstayed for 17 days 😰😰 without us realising the visa expired on 28 April 2014 instead of 28 May like every other year.

Immi: “Kena denda ni, lebih masa tinggal di Msia”
Me: “Hah! Kena denda ke?”
Immi: “yalah, rm1000!”
Me: “Alamak ,macam mana ni”
Immi: silent
Me: buat dek la nak camne lagikan..haha
Immi: “buat surat rayuan and nanti photostat paspot lama bik, paspot baru bik, visa lama bik dan ic majikan” nanti dtg balik just amik no giliran baru.
Oh yes there was this special form too kena isi.

Sooooo….mr hubby still searching for parking. My mind was working fast processing and finding solutions. I want to settle this today. Next week Friday the maid is going home for holiday. I put my determination hat on.

Saw this cyber cafe signage and followed it till the end corner of the third part of the building. Type myself a malay appeal letter. Hubby turned up and we were fighting who should type haha..dahlah panik and suspen. I let my hubby draft and i touch up, its been quite a while hubby typed a malay letter 😣 and walla in 1 hr 😅 barulah siap. Too shylah to share what is the content of the letter but main thing was too busy with the kids being ill.

So there we were up again at the office at 10.15am. Terus dpt no and attended. Pheww congrats to the Govt.of Msia..service has improved a lot!! He read the letter and now..lets wait for the final result…

Tungguuu suspennnnyaaaa

Anyway docs submitted was:
1. Appeal letter
2. The special form
3. Ic majikan
4. Permit lama
5. Old and new maid pasport

Oh yes the fees pun increased lah this year 😷. Last few years was RM450..the new rate according to the maid’s plc of orgin adalah…see pic.

Alhamdulillah by 11am we got her working visa! But we were charged additional rm100 (1 mth stay pass) since were supposed to we had 17days gap between her previous expiry date with her  new visa date. Total charges for the day rm710.


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28 days to go

Phewww….am one busy lady this year. Just hosted the annual party last week (I have yet to blog) and now busy preparing for the last itinerary for our school holiday break this year! Wehooo super excited but I feel as if there is sooooo much to do! Busy with datelines busy with work,busy with our social weekend activities. I wish I can pause the time for 1 month to settle whatever I need to settle.

I am yet to write my request for unpaid letter…..from my big boss. My oh my, I am such a procrastinator. Have been busy with others and now I must type the letter fearing he won’t approved. Please Ya Allah make it easy for me.

Anyway, enough with the ramblings.

What I wanted to share here today is on my relieve feeling part 1.

I had accidentally keyed in the wrong  data while applying for tourist visa.

Everyone was ok, until when i try to double check fro my youngest Aqib. Keyed in all the requested data but the result was ” not in record/not in record. The experience was horrifying. I was worried sick but was a bit relieved when a new friend that I befriended at blogger world ni had the same experience. Hers was worst!! The error was spotted when they were trying to check in for their flight to X. But luckily the  Emirates staff took care of it and managed to sort off before they depart. Kalau tak mmg semua tak pegila nampakanya!!

I was lucky to decide to recheck all the reference no against the official government site. Was lucky that I have an ample of time to sort this out, so  on the same day I sent an email in early april to the official site linking to X Malaysian Embassy, and we waited and waited. I had given a dateline for us to go and see the embassy in KL.  It took almost 2 weeks, finally Kate replied. I jumped of happiness. Phew…was so   happy to finally hear from Kate. It took 3 correspondence and today I keyed in and the reference number and when I hit next….it appear confirming my son’s visa matching with his passport number. Alhamdulillah.


If not, we need to re-register again and pay another RM60 for my son’s visa. Allah is great,syukur sangat!



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