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Sonotron – the alternative treatment



Sonotron 19.4.2014 – Saturday

Hi we decided to try another alternative treatment beside going for the normal gas neb. My collegue son was suffering the same health problem and she recommended me to try for an alternative treatment. If you want to know about it you can visit a few bloggers write up on this…but mine is what did the doc said…

Aqib was scared with the sound. The machine produces such pitching tone and the nurse will put the sonotron gun all over the chest in a pattern. I can feel the heat coming out. It was not painful but being aqib my dramaking boy..he cried and kept saying “ouchyyy ouchyy mama” had to gave him hp haaa baru dia diam. 😤

Among tips shared by doctor:
Eat only White meat fish
Ikan merah,jenahak, tenggiri bunga, kerisi
Ikan selar, bawal emas
Ayam kampung avoid commercial chicken
No ice and cold drinks
Don’t bath in cold water/cold swimming pool – find warm swimming pool
No cats
Avoid ice cream if not only cream based. Lollies is a big NO
Avoid frozen meat..try buy fresh slaughtered meat.

What is Sonotron?
Sono = sound wave
Tron = electron
Hit free radicals (o2 and h2O)
This treatment will break up the free radicals and water will be absorb with blood and it will clear the lungs.

Each treatment will take 15 to 20 minutes.
Rm40 per session. 3 days trearment.

My doc is Dr Khadazali at Taman Permata. Queing for your turn could be long coz each session is 20 mins max.

We just finished 3 day session last monday. We were adviced to do as frequent as possible before our may holiday.

Luckily the opening hours is from 10am to 10pm.

We pray for his development will outgrow from this sickness.


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