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Frozen craze

I love Frozen. My kids love em too. The cartoon by disney was outstanding. The values reflected in the movie was surprisingly good. Family or shall I say siblings love and bonding are everything in our life. Hope my kids well at least the eldest get that message! 🙂

So here I am planning for Frozen party for my girl (she initially requested for winx club party…then my little pony and the last one was snow white party!! Yikes talk about catching up with kids ever so up to date craze!!)…

March 10 is so nearby.(probably ended up either in April or after raya)..and my thrill is still downhill because I didn’t managed to get the costume here! Whyla kan kan? Saw this so so turquoise dress at GE mall during the cny break..yupe I didn’t buy sampai sekarang la terpikir nyesal kan. That is the nearest liplap dress to elsa original costume. Sabar je la haha.

We’ve started with a checklist for the party and here what is on my head at the mmt:
1. Date
2. Venue search
3. Who should we invite for this medium size party
4. Costume – to tailor made or buy from uk
5. Elsa and Anna doll
6. Music/entertainment
7. Kids activities
8. Food caterer or restaurant
9. Props – checked
10. Printable – checked
11. Cake
12. Color theme
13. BUDGET!!


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Super Excited

Just two adjectives for tonight’s entry.

Its Confirmed!

till next updates




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