The 2nd move


Its been a successful 2 days transition period.

My boy who just turned 2 yo 6mths is more than happy to join her sister.

His sister is soo happy to have a co-sleeping partner.

MasyaAllah Aqib has been such a darling..the transition was like no big deal to him – sleep all throughout the night! mama yang rindu dia kan hehe.

I just have to share it here…on the first night right after I modified the room and move in his baby cot and add some fun factor to his bedsheet and rug. He quickly climbed on the bed..baring-baring..and when wawa wanted to join him..he said “no wawa aqib!” Hahaha…he was all climb the step and lie on his own bed.

Today wawa cried when I told her we are sleeping at her nana’s hse..she said “ala I want to sleep on my bed..I love my room sooo much!”

Oh..mana hati mak tak berbunga anak-anak seronok ada bilik sendiri.

Praying it to be a smooth transition all throughout the year for all of us! Mama can’t help it but feels she wants to join the fun too…in that little yellow room 😉

Till next update!


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One thought on “The 2nd move

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