Sarah & Her Primary School – Orientation 16 Nov 2013

I registered my girl for her primary years in March 2011, I was informed that we as parent must be alert to register our kids to the Government schools when they reached the age of 5 years old.

For first time parent, I would advice you to start googling and keep in touch with the other 5 yo parent so that you wouldn’t miss any news about the registration. By 2011, we got to know the registration was 50% ok, you can enter your kids NRIC no on the Kementerian Pelajaran site – Mine area Gombak KL ya…and walla you can see which school your kid will be assigned too.

By April 2012 ( kurang ingat nanti i check balik the date), we went to the school to submit all the necessary form such as birth cert, bil elektrik (for house address), and got our registration number from the school. In August 2012 also we were given our kid school confirmation. We pay some registration fees and tag nama  for her school uniform. Orientation date were also given…16th Nov 2013. (masa ni mak dah emo…uwaa)

I didn’t managed to blog about it so here are some belated pictures of the orientation.

Wawa queuing for class

Wawa queuing for class

20131116_082347 20131116_082621

She was in Kumpulan 6, the group was according to first come first served policy. Wow I though we were early coz our registartin number in earlier of the year was 85…then when we went for the actual registration dah group 6 pulak!

On orientation day, the kids were put in their group and shown to their classes. For me masa ni crucial to ensure she sits infront of the class. So ta da….duduklah depan anak mama. hehe

As a parent I am impressed with the school. Well organized. We were ask to collect the books and bought our kids sport attire. Text book to be purchased later during school holidays. The best part was collecting her 1st text book neatly packed in this size s ikea blue shopping bag. Best kan!

Saw a few familiar faces on that day, the best part is that 6 of my schoolmates are here with their kids and the rest are colleagues from my employer, mr hubby’s mrsm, a-levels friends. Building a good network is very important here. Mommy is already saving hp numbers hehe.

She told me…she loved the new school. Alhamdulillah.

Till next entry her first day.



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