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The 2nd move


Its been a successful 2 days transition period.

My boy who just turned 2 yo 6mths is more than happy to join her sister.

His sister is soo happy to have a co-sleeping partner.

MasyaAllah Aqib has been such a darling..the transition was like no big deal to him – sleep all throughout the night! mama yang rindu dia kan hehe.

I just have to share it here…on the first night right after I modified the room and move in his baby cot and add some fun factor to his bedsheet and rug. He quickly climbed on the bed..baring-baring..and when wawa wanted to join him..he said “no wawa aqib!” Hahaha…he was all climb the step and lie on his own bed.

Today wawa cried when I told her we are sleeping at her nana’s hse..she said “ala I want to sleep on my bed..I love my room sooo much!”

Oh..mana hati mak tak berbunga anak-anak seronok ada bilik sendiri.

Praying it to be a smooth transition all throughout the year for all of us! Mama can’t help it but feels she wants to join the fun too…in that little yellow room 😉

Till next update!


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Sarah & Her Primary School – Orientation 16 Nov 2013

I registered my girl for her primary years in March 2011, I was informed that we as parent must be alert to register our kids to the Government schools when they reached the age of 5 years old.

For first time parent, I would advice you to start googling and keep in touch with the other 5 yo parent so that you wouldn’t miss any news about the registration. By 2011, we got to know the registration was 50% ok, you can enter your kids NRIC no on the Kementerian Pelajaran site – Mine area Gombak KL ya…and walla you can see which school your kid will be assigned too.

By April 2012 ( kurang ingat nanti i check balik the date), we went to the school to submit all the necessary form such as birth cert, bil elektrik (for house address), and got our registration number from the school. In August 2012 also we were given our kid school confirmation. We pay some registration fees and tag nama  for her school uniform. Orientation date were also given…16th Nov 2013. (masa ni mak dah emo…uwaa)

I didn’t managed to blog about it so here are some belated pictures of the orientation.

Wawa queuing for class

Wawa queuing for class

20131116_082347 20131116_082621

She was in Kumpulan 6, the group was according to first come first served policy. Wow I though we were early coz our registartin number in earlier of the year was 85…then when we went for the actual registration dah group 6 pulak!

On orientation day, the kids were put in their group and shown to their classes. For me masa ni crucial to ensure she sits infront of the class. So ta da….duduklah depan anak mama. hehe

As a parent I am impressed with the school. Well organized. We were ask to collect the books and bought our kids sport attire. Text book to be purchased later during school holidays. The best part was collecting her 1st text book neatly packed in this size s ikea blue shopping bag. Best kan!

Saw a few familiar faces on that day, the best part is that 6 of my schoolmates are here with their kids and the rest are colleagues from my employer, mr hubby’s mrsm, a-levels friends. Building a good network is very important here. Mommy is already saving hp numbers hehe.

She told me…she loved the new school. Alhamdulillah.

Till next entry her first day.



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Bye bye 2013…welcome 2014!

Been enjoying those IG’s video of some of my friends shared, the video of their 2013 highlights.

I still cannot figure it out how to do that I guess I’m just going to settled down with blogging my 2013 highlights.

Let’s try make it as simple as I can hehe..

January 2013

1st Jan – we started to train our daughter Sarah to sleep in her own room, we called it “the bed shift”

Awal Muharam – Photoshoot with the kids at Titiwangsa Lake

Mid Jan – we bought our first ever luggage at Johor Premium Outlets. (kira historical la for me :))

– Visited Puteri Habour Indoor Theme Park – Kitty Cat / Thomas and Tank

February 2013

Early Feb – Promoted

March 2013

9th March – Sarah’s 6th Mini Mermaid Party at the 3 Residence Taman Melawati. It’s the beginning of A2PPL’s unique party ideas.

Mid March – Aqib hospitalised due to his chesty cough

End March – We allow our bibik to have a 2 week break.

First experience traveling with Aqib and 2 weeks of full-time housewife hehe

Jakarta trip with my mom and dad.

May 2013

11 May – A2PPL hosted a complete A to Z client party.

Mid May – Singapore day trip to Orchard Road

June 2013

19th June – Staycation at The Royale Bintang The Curve, Meet the Barbie

30th June – Hosted Aqib’s 2nd Football Party at our own house. Loved the concept!

August 2013

Early August – involved with 8 car collision on our way back home from my inlaws kampung.Still am traumatized over the experience

September 2013

Early Sept – Visited KL Bird Park

27th – 29th Sept – Staycation at the Renaissance KL for Hubby’s birthday celebration

October 2013

Early Oct – Start participating with car boot sale at Keramat

November 2013

Early Nov – Watch Anuar Zain perform LIVE at TM Convention Centre.

16th Nov – Sarah’s primary orientation day

24th Nov – Sarah’s Kindy Graduation day at IIUM

December 2013

2nd Dec – Sent by the employer to attend The Asean Summit : The Leadership Conference at Bank Negara Sasana Kijang

18th Dec – Selected by the employer to start on train the trainer certification.

26th Dec – Mommy daughter date at Sunway Lagoon Theater to watch Snow White & the 7 Dwarf

27th – 29th Dec – Staycation at Pullman Putrajaya

31st Dec – for the first time ever its just a new year for me.

From Jan to April 2013 – Did my first MRI Scan for my back pain and the doctor at Columbia Asia diagnosed me with imbalance saraf, Had to go through physiotherapy on weekly basis. Alhamdulillah am doin alright now.

Phew, thank god ada blog ni…took me a while to remember what we did this year. There are a few more entries due. Ntah bila la nak blog. Still have an essay to prepare tonight…dateline menunggu…

Just realized we did travel a lot in the first half of the year! Alhamdulillah. Lessons learn next time organized towards the 2nd half of the year! heheh.

I stop by to look back at my 2013 year reso…wow I almost achieved 80% of it. Not bad huh? hhahaha..I’m gonna add one more reso..Aqib to move in with Wawa soon…!!

Thats a wrap.




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Happy New Year 2014!

Been busy again and I need to log this entry. The annual resolutions.

1. Eat healthy
2. Warm water policy for me and the family
3. To exercise 10 mins daily? (Ahaha)
4. To let go those small matters that always been bugging me. (Oh yes I have a long list of it)
5. To reduce my fb friendlist, or my online presence..bit by bit.
6. To be more sabar with my kids.
7. To expand my part time party business further. Find more business partners and team.
8. To do something extraordinary to my life and career…
9. To potty train my boy by end of 2014
10. To reduce 10kg of my current weight.
11. To become certified trainer.
12. To get my self closer to Allah, my family.
13. To invest more
14. To organize kids class
15. And to declutter.

Ahahha…I hope I can tick everything in this list.

Well today mark exactly one year since we last train our daughter to sleep in her room. Alhamdulillah after going such an up and down moments we are happy she already comfy sleeping there.

Wish me luck!

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