Car Boot Sale continued. expected just now the most feared thing is happening!  Now officially have to rebut for slots.

Lebih ramai menjual drp yg membeli 😦

And the wheather was too hot sampai rasa nak pitam. My face is soo red!

But alhamdulillah. Sale tetap berjalan mcm biasa walaupun price war and competing with more penjual. Slow sikit today. My books tak terjual.

We noticed we have some frequent customer ..yang paling lucu there is a guy who asked for my daughter’s clarks shoes dtg lagi dgn harapan dapat rm15. Erkk minta maap banyak2.

Total sales bolelah beli tix jakarta kot hahah air asia pegi balik masa zero fare promo. Kihkih..Tapi bila split kena la berusaha gigih lagi. Demi anak2..nak kan jalan2 bercuti kan. Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit.

I am sun burned. My hubby is already sleeping. PENATnya MasyaAllah with the heat especially.But Bersyukur sangat2 dapat slot last today! Yeay!

Come and visit us k!





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