Car Boot Sale


Just like old time!

I am a fan of bootsale. I love to scout around and hunt for books and vintage home decor …dulu lah haha.

After participating once at AmCorp Mall in PJ it was obviously a lot of effort. Competing with others and the long hours waiting…but alhamdulillah our booth was a hit!

After analysis it was not that convenient for us staying in uk selling at PJ. Very far and leceh. So we rest the idea for a while until…

This oct my bro invited us to join this car boot sale at keramat! Hey!! Dekat sangat tau! The only taxing thing is to wake up super early and be there on time. We were replacing his gf place since she went thru an appendic operation.

The crowd was oklah.But our booth was a hit. My brother claimed that he heard people talking “belah sana byk brg elok” hehhe..but don’t expect to sell your stuff more than rm15. They will bargain like kawkaw! Like last time some actually bargained my daughter’s clarks shoes for rm15! Perggg jgn harap. I didn’t agree to it and am happy to keep it later. Huhu.

We had to stay there till 12pm. With the heat it was quite challenging. Thank god I have drill my brain n body kalau nak senang takyah la participate kan? Haha..this is actually for our holiday tabung. Bukan saja saja. Yes we are trying to get rid some goof stuff and at the same time to make more space for our wardrobe and store room.

I know there have been a lot of queries on this. Byk nak join. Not that I dont want to share but you’ll know how to react when you experienced how hard it was to get a slot at amcorp mall. Kena queue months! Coz dah penuh too many participants.

But of course this is not mine..this is rezeki haq yes you can pm me if you want to join in. The slots are limited. Hehehe..peace no war.

Anyhow come and check it out every sunday morning keah!



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