Yes my girl has been sleeping in her own bedroom since 1st Jan 2013 and that makes it almost 4 months of a training.

My girl is a type who would always wakes up in the middle of the night, once or sometimes 2 to 3 times in a night! YES mommy has never had a full 6 or 4 hrs of sleep since 6 years ago haha!

I’m not complaining but a little bit worried when looking at her sleeping patterns. No 1 she will always wakes up around 3am in the morning sometimes crying sometimes not.

Another round would be at 4 ish or 5 ish…daily..

I try looking at a few factors that may be causing all of this:
1. Food – cara pemakanan, what was her last meal drink
2. Lifestyle – maybe not enough pyhsical activities that may lead to non deep sleep pattern?
3. Benda ghaib – terasa mcm nak check gan ustaz gak coz 3 am kan waktu syaitan kemuncak kacau. But I hope its not la coz she also wakes up at 4 n 5 am kan?
4. Habit – or it is just her.

Mommy is beating around the bush, was thinking to go and see a specialist on this. This might cause her to be too moody at day time.

Talked to my hubby about this and did consult their pead. but I guess I have to start looking for a solutions coz kesian my girl and second i too need my sleep!

YES i tgh teman my girl tido….she woke up today at 3.30am again….

almost an hour takut esok by noon i’ll be lemau already.

Nite! Eh morning people!


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