Sarah’s Kinddie Party

This will be her last party held at her kindie…sob soh my girl is growing up fast!

Wawa requested a mermaid cake with a mermaid doll in the middle (ala mcm previous barbie birthday cake 2012) hahah…but due to time limitation I decided to try to order an edible image cake! Tak pernah mimpi ok hahah…had my own photo shoot with my girl in her mermaid costume.

And walla here are the results…not bad ehhh?


This year 8th March 2013, Friday as early as 8.00 am me and my maid drop off the goodies first together with the cake.

Around 11.30am we were back at school compound to witness and captured some historical moments.

Lets have a look at the picas 🙂 As usual my girl will be smiling shyly. Honestly I saw a lot of improvement in her social interaction and confidence level. Proudly smiling with her friends around her. That’s my girl!

Ok jom layan gambo!!

Setting up for the cake cutting Showing the cake design Shy girl Wawa! Her teachers Cakes Susah nak amik group picture this year! Aqib enjoying school playground, hari-hari main sini hokayy!

Amazed that they can managed 55 kids!

Distribution of goodies

Distribution of goodies

Love this shot!

Love this shot!

Her friends

Her friends


Oh yes behind the scene..a very sick mom...I was badly ill sampai mabuk makan ubat that day!

Oh yes behind the scene..a very sick mom…I was badly ill sampai mabuk makan ubat that day!

Lovely weather don't you think so??

Lovely weather don’t you think so??



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