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Sarah’s Ifthidal Day 2012

Last 2 weeks, on the 10th November our dearest princess had her first Ifthidal day, organized by her kinddie at the IIUM Experimental Hall. She was really excited with her concert day. After her so-called final exam she’s been singing and dancing at home in front of our maid. YES our maid (do I need to explain?? takyahla we both a Banker paham-pahamla…)hahaha….sometimes in front of us. BUT she was singing this Faizal Tahir song..over and over so we knew it’ll be the grand performance song!

Anyway..slightly before the day arrive, she requested one nice jubah (robe)…for her concert she said. I honestly thought the teachers were planning to use that as a sample measurement for their concert costumes. Then she came back the other day complaining her jubah (robe) was too tight around her tummy area (buncit!) arghh…masa tu tersenyum je la…anak-anak semua cepat sangat membesar!

Had to rush out one night, searching for nice kids robe around carrefour wangsa maju. Fuhhh susah jugak,,and finally settled for this pink jubah at RM70! (yes kat area situ price range semua macam tu, had no choice!). Then I wanted to buy her a matching tudung….my 5 years old daughter ni insist nak tudung labuh! (i was like…huh? tak cantikla jubah tak nampak design kat dada tu…afterall kids lagi la kan! unless dah baligh aight?) She insisted sampai nak bertekak la mama gan wawa ni haa..hahahahah…oklah I decided to follow her and bought this one polka dot pink tudung (it was adult size).

We tried it on at home, I pinned her tudung nicely below her chest…and oklah..labuh sikit. Haiyah gotta stay up and sew….I am really bad in sewing! uwaaaa tangan bangku! ada ke istilah tangan batu eh?? So senget bengek la jahitan mama dia…jahit sampai kul 2 pagi…uwaa…jahit bukak jahit bukak…last last belasahla! Hodoh! *hash tag horror hash tag malu* kihkih…

Anyway…back to her ifthidal day. We were punctual on that day. Mr hubby had to rush to Ampang Puteri for his allergy check up…left me bibik and aqib behind. All kids were asked to wear they Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu to the hall. They performed in that kurung and 2nd performance baru tukar jubah tu.

Guess what? Wawa recite Asma Al Husna in a group and she was a model for Azzarif Muslimah Fashion Show. Hahah…she was presenting ayu,sopan & menjaga aurat fashion. The emcee highlighted on that point and then it sunk in…patutla dia insist nak tudung labuh kuikui…good girl. My prayers that she will cover her aurah on time!

I invited both grandparents to attend her first ifthidal. I would like to keep this way…I was brought up with my grandparents around me. I remembered my arwah baba and che (my dad’s parent) came all the way from Kelantan and watch me peform at St.Mary Kindergarten (Good Shepard) concert…still got the picture till today! 🙂 My atuk (my mom’s mom) pun ada! Cherish those moments!

Her Tokmi and Tokwan was away in the UK at that time, luckily TokMa and Tokba managed to joined in and witness the final grand show. Lagu Faizal Tahir tu…it was nice to see them there. Hopefully next year both tok2 will be present for her graduation kinddie day! Inn Shaa Allah.

Mr hubby pun only managed to see the last show…so mama ni la kenal struggle between her camera and hp to capture her girl historical moments. Sorry tak banyak gambar bcoz I cannot handle both breastfeeding and taking photos! Some of the video tu yes I took during breastfeeding kat belakang…Aqib was crankly at the end.

So let’s layan the picas and video!

Sarah mama papa is very proud of you! You’ve bloomed out of your shyness!

My heartiest thanks to all the teachers, I’ve witnessed my girl from zero knowledge reading to now so rajin reading girl! Loving the technique that you use to teach her to solve maths equation.

She is in advance class currently,cuma teacher said she’s quite!! Haaa wawa quiet? ayoo..

Till next year!



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Salam Maal Hijrah

Alhamdulillah we are now in the new hijrah year. If last year my new reso is to covered up when with non-muhrim which required a lot of hot day in the house when my male cousin datang rumah and not to salam with non muhrim male during my appointments with male non muslim and even my uncles cousins yang jatuh hukum haram untuk bersalaman.

This year new reso is to try covered up my feet well from open toes shoes…sandals. mcm susah but I’ve been avoiding open toe shoes since last 2 years…wearing my casual crocs or my black clarks shoes. I rarely wear slippers…but I do wear them 30% ..weddings pun normally pakai sexy heels…this year try k. *talking to myself* haha

The rest is to read quran…to guide sarah to hafaz yassin and bacaan solat.

Dhuha pon x terbuat…time to try!

Wish me luck

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Hobbies that create additional income

I’ve chatted with few of my online wahm friends and working mommies who has hobbies that helps them to generate extra side income. There is a plus point here…doing what you loved most and u get paid for it!!

I adore all women out there who are gifted with such talents to cook…bake..hand craft and sew..etclah! I wish I have the courage to launch myself to do what I Loved most -party planning ..designing…baking and crafting!

BUT…there is always a reason why I hold back. I  am too…in love with my current employer…my team and my job. I have been following the fate where Allah has lead me too…knowing there is always a reason why I am here at my current level. Maybe not too glamourous successful compared to others but I know I am preeching to the mass on the importance of Islamic Banking.

Ya Allah please guide me to the right path and options…show me the way if I can excel in both line…

5 years already…time to buckle up and launch a2ppl to mass in 2013!

Extra semangat mode after talking with all of them. Heheheeeee!!



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Missing them already…

Wah they’ve only been away for 2 weeks and we missed them very much already!

Cepatla balik!





Currently they are in Germany heading to Prague tomorrow. Oh yeah Mardi won double gold award in the UK for their medication created..according to my dad yet to get the full details later. I think by today should get their german results.

Wahhh their hotel is located next to Long Champ shop..and this is among the shopping sms from me mom.

Dunnola dapat ke tak..but I was asking for

a pop cake machine actually gan

cupcake stand by laura ashley which is too heavy la for them to carry back! At least yg pop cake tu nak!




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