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Planning for Sarah school holidays!

We are currently in the midst of planning for my daughter school break and mr hubby can only take a break in Dec…then we have to wait for her sister’s finals on 13 Dec plak…so now looking seriously at 17th to 20th Dec.

Mr hubby wanted his family to join in as to make it a fair exchange to my family trip to Aussie next year. At least takda rasa ralat sangat asyik gan my family je katanya! Haha..okla tolerable.

So now tgh pening kepala to decide either we just stay in JB or stay 1 night in Singapore. My SIL is excited too…but we still looking at the total cost. Singapore to Msian rate is sd2.40 = rm1.00

If any of you in the public is reading this please be kind enough to share or give us some suggestions.

Plan A
Take travel package 3 days 2 nights to USS
1 day -check in, free n easy (JPO)
2 day – trip to USS  Singapore with transport n tickets, return trip to JB
3 day – check out . (Legoland, JPO
Since my inlaws are coming…on 2nd day tu both of them can drive around jb or relax at the hotel.

Plan B
Day 1 – check in @ jb hotel, jpo
Day 2 – check in @ swisshotel stamford hotel singapore, round orchard road
Day 3 – free shuttle to USS from hotel to sentosa island. Spend one day @USS
Day 4 – check out, round marina bay and head back KL

While the young ones are at USS, my inlaws can round sentosa island or shop at Marina Sand Bay.

Plan C
Day 1 – check in singapore hotel.orchard road
Day 2 – uss. Late check out .check in jb
Day 3 – check out .jpo.

Hmmmph…i kinda like the 2nd option! Mujahaha..must now do the budget presentation!

Wish me luck!

Pu3 i know you’ll be reading guys can join in too! Hehe..

Till then!


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Guess what just arrived in our post box?

2nd wedding in our shamsudin’s clan! My cousin and his perth uni sweetheart!





Nikah will be on the 17th Nov..girl reception on 18th…(tbc)

Our side formal reception on 25th Nov -this one only my parent and the eldest of every family are invited.

Final one is on the 1st Dec at their mansion @ Shah Alam – this one we are all invited.

2nd Dec pun my aunty’s wedding and theme is emerald green!

Should I just settled in with my raya baju? Maybe I should kan! Hhehe…

Till the wedding!


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And there they go!

My mom was summoned to escort her scientist to take part in this innovation competition in the UK and then in German.

My dad and little bro tagged along…huarghh jelesnya! Rasa YaAllah nak ikut sangat sangat! BUT of course without my hubby’s consent I can’t joint them….blurghhh what an awful feeling..missed UK very much and plus going there with my parents would be very adventurous! Nothing can beat them!

Anyway I managed to only change 90 pound = rm400 ++. As last night exchange rate is 4.90.

When my mom asked me what I want…no idea la pulak. But today I’m having ideas to order a pair of clarks working shoes..thomas and tank baby bag for Sqib and probably a nice bag for wawa.

The rest I leave it to them to shop I loved my mom and little bro’s taste! Same!

Well mama if you are reading this over there…have a safe journey n have fun shopping and dining! Send my regards to our beloved Whistable, Kent!!

Ok jom layan their pics this morning before departing to KLIA. 6am in the morning.







Bye bye tokmi!


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We have a laptop….it was supposed to be a present to me. BUT I can’t even have a decent time to sit and blog lah! Either mr hubby watch his series all midnight or my daughter playing games and watching youtube! 

At night I hardly have the time…lucky I have this hp to do short blogging like this! If not…ntah bila la. Everytime after the kids finally asleep I’ll be to sleepy already to blog!

Seriously how do you guys find time to blog huh? Day time? No way to occupied with my work..I have a maid but still dunno why la no time! Sigh! My hubby just laugh when I told him this…I know it is not important..just like a diary to write down…for them. BUT I love the satisfaction feeling when a blog is being publish!

Share with me ur tips!


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The Wedding Affairs – The Grand Reception @ JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur

Finally, the peak of the wedding affairs has finally arrived. All of Mak Nyah’s siblings were given a room to check-in at JW Marriot, and the rest booked themselves in. Imagine almost up to 20 rooms were all dominated by our clan hehe, thank you so much! It was such a great experience staying in a 5 star hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur itself!

The Meeting & Task

We were at the hotel since 1.30pm, one final meeting with the wedding committee. Again I and hubby were given the honor to take care of the VIP guests that night. This time, it’ll be more protocol. We had to memorize each name and matched them with their faces and their seats arrangements. Luckily, we are used to this task and my couz give us the freedom to manage. BUT the 4 of the VIPs are quite fragile and we split the usherette job with my other cousin. Kena papah naik tangga ni…we cannot slag in any way or both the guest and us will fall down from the steepy staircase.

I’m not so sure what was the exact figure but there was around 60 tables..meaning 600 guests jugak eyyhh? Wow that’s a lot for a wedding @ JWM?! Kan? *kagum kejab*

The Theme  & My Baju

Tonight’s theme is tiffany blue and silver. At first we thought the theme was tiffany blue and pink so majority of us custom made our baju Raya that color…but then our family tailor managed to finish my impromptu silver & tiffany blue baju within 5 days only! I avoided plain empty textile so I bought myself a simple beaded French lace instead…dah macam baju nak tunang la pulak rasanya…loved it so much!!

The Event                   

All the wedding committee is told to be down at the reception floor by 6pm for our early dinner…as we’ll be on duty during the reception. It was the exact menu of the reception, only served buffet in a private dining room. Cool! Very comfortable! I was only managed to go down after magrib due to our appointments with BB*, siap terus and focus with the task.

The flow of the reception was very nice; I admired my uncle and aunty’s for their vision to have a laid back Jazzy Classy wedding concept. You see my uncle is a big fan of Jazz music. His family will never miss the Jazz annual performance in Jakarta. Live Jazz music all throughout the wedding. Even before the bride and groom entourage “parade” in, a drum roll followed by a sazzy jazzy music intro were played when the emcee introduced the parent of the bride. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you XXX and XXX!” and they walked casually with the spotlight focusing on them nearing the pelamin. Cool lah weh! I like!

 Instead of giving the speech at the end of the reception, they did theirs right at the beginning and the father sang a jazz song in his speech followed by live Jazz music. Seriously I felt like a Jazz Musical Showcase lah! Guest were all cheering and clapping with delight!

Right after the speech by the father and mother of the bride, our task begin….fuhh it was not easy I tell you lah! The ladies really grabbed us/hold on to us tightly. I myself rasa macam nak jatuh huhuh…but to focus with the balancing between the steep staircase and their weight. So tak pasal-pasal we had to climb up to the stage…hahah!!

The flow was for the VIP couples to give their blessings (salam) and then paused for an official photo to be taken. Then we escort them to the Meja Berhidang (dining table). During the reception, we return to distribute their ready complete photo in a silver frame. They were like…”uhhh…ahhh” loving the surprise token by the host!

Well…that’s all…finnito our task for that night is finally done! Baru boleh bernafas lega….phewww!

I think I missed the overall flow of the event, had to find empty spaces for us to sit (family were supposed to give priority to host’s guests, then baru kitaorg duduk if ada kosong! I mean all the young generation la…all aunties and uncle were given special front rows. Alhamdulillah we managed to squeezed in to bride’s friends table (ada 2 tak turned up). I saw most of us all were seated. Alhamdulillah.

A short drama was played as their wedding clip. The best part is that they did the show bit by bit…”to be continued” so from the beginning till the end guest were all excited to know the ending. Candid syndrome did it well…U know Saiful Nang aight? It was under his team. I’ll share with you the link but I shall put some password to respect the host’s investment cost for this wedding video to be recorded.

In between the video, life jazz performance and siblings and family entertain the crowd. The coolest part is of course the bride’s 4 brothers all dressed up in tuxedo and sang a few songs macam the Jackson brother la I tell you! Siap lenggok2 kepala! LOL! Just look at the pictures. The only kakak for them!

Right before the cake cutting ceremony, the final part of the video was played and this is our part! The flash mob dance sempena lagu Greese.  (shall share with you the video too later!) “Let’s be together”.

Once the drama reached its “The End” LIVE Grease music of Let’s be Together fill in the background and  bride’s cousins and friends in full baju melayu and kurung attire came out and did the live version at the middle of the ballroom. This time we didn’t join hehe!

After the cake cutting ceremony, both bride and groom sang a song! And then finally the flow ended. Many posed with the beautiful wedding photo booth! Guess what? Outside the ball room, a small malay cocktail are all ready for their departing guests….to mingle and chat. Ada the tarik, kopi, kuih-muih, all those pastries and fruits served with buffet style scattered all throughout the exit! Loved it! Masa before the wedding dahlah they served blue punch for all free flow until the reception begins!

By this time I went up to check on the kiddos. My kids and my sister-in-laws kids were left upstairs in our 2 rooms. You see this is strictly no kids wedding…so we only bring them down after the reception for the family photo.




Our favourite part…kecohness of our clan! Hahha….


ok enough for this entry. Enjoy the picas!

The turqouise deco

The mixture classic plus modern deco.

The photobooth.








It was a great wedding!

Praying both bride and groom shall live happily ever after and blessed with 5 kids soon!

Hahah I’d like this one part from the video that they played it right before the end of the drama. Mommy sitting on a dining table, hold on to her head…and her last caption was “Marriage is not easy, if you have a misunderstandings within each other…whatever it is please always STAY CALM and you can manage the thing around it well when you are calm!”

They depart to UK and Paris for their honeymoon the week after.



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Product Review : sabun muka

We all yang putih kelantan siam mari ni ada tendency naik frackles and menda2 hitam kat muka bila terdedah to sun without the right sunblock.

So this is e product….recommeded by my mom hehe sabun beras wangi.


Let see dlm masa sebulan ok tak kulit ni…start using the natural soap semalam.

Wish me luck!


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Eye wakening

Last Wednesday, I had witnessed a guy passing out infront of us during my courtesy visit at Petronas Research. He was just standing a minute ago and suddenly he collapsed! I heard a big ‘bedebuk” sound and him on the floor..kejang There were 5 guys and all were so shocked…all I wanted to do is to jump over the table top and help him! BUT thinking the guys are all there I try to toned myself down. Ingat diri sikit…but to my frustration they all seemed blank and panic nonody found the door to reach the guy (he was on the other side).

This one lady keep “tolong dia encik…kesian dia..taruk sudu dlm mulut dia” I pun desperate nak assist. At the end, my boss managed to reach him. Ya Allah his eyes both dah tak nampak mata hitam..shivering kejang like mad. They tried to insert the spoon into his mouth but fail to.

Suddenly he stop shivering…STOP! We all trying to call anybody from internal to assist but after 15 mins baru somebody keluar. My boss sprinkle some water on his face…hoping he will regain his concious. I keep asking the guys is he still breathing!? Nampak dada dia berombak…fuhh I was shivering..trauma…Ya Allah if this is a reminder of how powerful of you to take anyone life at anytime..hambamu sujud syukur masih ada nyawa dan peluang untuk ku. Bersyukur sangat dengan nikmat yang diberikan.

There were blood at his head due to the falling impact..some saliva mixed with blood coming out from his mouth. He was rushed to the nearest hospitsl. Everybody was all shaken up with the incident.

My prayers is that I don’t want this to happen to any one of my family members and friends. Ya Allah lindungilah keluarga ku drp musibah dan penyakit sebegini.

I take this as a reminder from god..

Still shock and trauma.


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