School Holidays Activity : Skating with Sarah!

This entry is way overdue!

During the mid-term school break (end of May to early June 2012), both of us took a leave to treat my daughter Wawa for an outing in KL…since Mr husband didn’t agree for an outstation trip 😦

So mama planned for a skating trip at Sunway Pyramid! The last time I skated, was during my university years!!


On our way to Sunway Pyramid!

Wawa was all excited….mama was a bit nervous coz I myself not a superb skater. heheh…so papa had to hold on to Aqib and both of us went in….

oh yes before that papa bought our entry tickets, our gloves (we brought our own socks) and of course to rent the skates.



We queued and they measured our feet sizes, Wawa’s 13 mine 39…heee

I hate wearing them coz it’s painful…after that we had to walk all the way to the skating rings….sangat mencabar!


Wawa, complete with her skates and gloves! Mine…I left it in my handbag outside la…the staff warned me – not supposed to skate without the gloves…dangerous!


She started crying uwaa as we start skating,,,,fuh I was all stressed up b’coz we were already half way around the rink…and there was no way to reverse back..all the way holding the side je…orang block pun kami pegang depa haha..jenuhhhhh!

Whatever it is, we still couldn’t resist to capture this moment on camera! hikhik..kena warned by the staff again no pictures! BORINGGGG


Meanwhile, Aqib cried from outside,poor adik coz he saw us in there without him! Nanti besar sikit mama bawak Aqib gan kakak roller blading dulu before coming here again kay…Image



Once we completed the big circle….we head for the exit terus heheh…mama pun sakit kaki sangat!

The nice picture were taken by a boy who sat near us…thanks!

As papa and Aqib – still outside the area.

Fuhh…Wawa said…”I don’t like skating!” erk..kesian mama…maybe tunggu besar sikt lagi lah!

We were there from 12pm to 3pm….then straight to our next activity ! We hope Wawa & Aqib will love this one.

Stay tuned for the next entry :))



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2 thoughts on “School Holidays Activity : Skating with Sarah!

  1. Let me guess…Sunway Lagoon kah?

  2. Nope…Theme parks semua ingat nak tunggu Aqib besar sket then baru fun! Saving for at least he is 3 or 4. Keep guessing heheheheh….u dah gi gan IY *hint*

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