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The Wedding Affairs : Solemnization Ceremony

The most important part of a Muslim and Malay wedding is of coz non-other than the solemnization ceremony between the groom and the bride.

The family all gathered in Shah Alam as early as 3pm, as the RELA guys will block the main road entrance and later on during the ceremony , a shuttle van will cater the crowd from walking all the way to their house. You see, that night total invited guests is around 500 people. A mass wedding reception under the beautiful grand royal yellow concept!

The preparation was so grand, that I even feel the tense moment, as if I am the wedding planner pulak! :p LOL!

Oh yes the wedding planner is non-other than our dearest kak Nani-the wedding planner for my eldest brother’s wedding reception. My mom discovered her somewhere in her small shop at Ampang park ke Ampang point back in 2004. Later on, she assisted for my engagement and wedding reception at home in 2005…and then my younger brother’s wedding too in 2010….the others seemed to fall in loved with her creativity…and since then majority of the Shamsudin’s side hired as the wedding planner! PM me if interested to know her blog and her labels :p

Eh back to the story…

I took some of the pictures, late afternoon before the full wedding set up is ready.

Before the event


Before the nikah- Aqib enjoying his time outside the garden

I and mr hubby that night were given the honor to become the VIP usherette, and was supposed to assist distributing the bunga telur but Aqib was sleepy so I managed to focus with VIP job je. Sorry gurls, my kid was cranky nak susu! I forgot to ask my maid to bring my stock! Aiyah!

Ok now let’s see the actual event photos…

Ni masa tengahri, belum siap fully….tapi dah rasa aura dia…..ngeee

The view at night

Noticed the 2 quality picture? Yang clear is from my own camera, the blurry one are from my cousins fb. I lost my hp….so byk picas gone.

The Nikah Ceremony

My MIL and family came to this reception, glad that we can share this together as a big extended-family event.

By the time we finished is about 11.30pm….mengantuks…rushed back home…tomorrow shall be the peak of the wedding affairs.

Till next entry!



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His birthday treat


Jeng jeng jeng…

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The Wedding Affairs : Qatam Al-Quran & Majlis Berinai

The most awaited wedding of the year is officially kicking off today with Qatam Al-Quran n the morning  and later on Majlis Berinai in the evening.

Qatam Al-Quran

The pelamin were cunss (they used the same person we use for my eldest brother , mine and hijaz’s pelamin :)) Ni belum Nikah ni…hmmm..looking fwd to see the solemnization’s pelamin esok!

I had already planned my leave, so as early as 9am me and my mom together with the kids straight to Shah Alam. The Qatam Quran was from 10.00am to 11.00 am and by noon guest were served with Nasi Padang. It was just a small crowd of women together with anak-anak sekolah tahfiz.

                 With my cousins


Later we rushed back to UK (but not before stopping to Hajra and SugarScarf boutique in Shah Alam) and when finally reached home it was already 4.00pm! Haiyah…penatnya. I was just about to rest when my dad call to get ready as we are leaving again for Shah Alam at 4.45pm. Tak sempat nak rest! We changed our attire and suddenly we are already in Shah Alam by 5.45rpm. The traffic at that time at NKVE was bad, I cannot imagine if we left the house after 5.00pm!!


This is more to casual relax concept where my couz change into three costume…and they are

An was such a sport, she posed and posed infront of all her family and friends….we were all cheering like mad macam tengok fashion show hahahah! Wawa enjoyed it very much…Aqib cried though when people were all cheering…takut!

Next costume is….

And the last one, tha family all teased her….kena sangat dengan dia hehehe

Matched her chinese look meh 😛

Can you see Aqib? He was yawning!!

 This was my last pic for tonight coz I rushed to breastfeed him and he finally sleep after a day long of excitement…till now. 🙂

Where were all the men? Eating lah! Our dinner tonight – Kambing Bakar, hawker style kew tieuw,satay, ice kacang, nasi lemak and the rest if of course desserts! The best part it was totally just us the family tau…so we all were very comfortable enjoying the life band with our cousins the beautifully decorated gazebos..(no pictures coz by this time my batt dah kiok…talk about that culprit! grrr asyik habis batt!)

I’ll update the official picas once it is shared among us. 🙂

It was a looong day for us, BUT we totally enjoyed it and hopefully An did too…as tonight – her last day as a SINGLE 🙂

I’ll try to update on the big solemnization ceremony that will take place at her house in Shah Alam again…this time a bigger crowd, 500!! should see the pelamin preparation for tomorrow. It’ll be a Royal wedding, Yellow Gold theme!



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The wedding of the year



The family got the official invitation last Saturday. We’ve booked ourself a room,the whole Shamsudin’s clan will be conquring JW M that week heeeee! Khatam Quran on Friday morning,Nikah on Saturday nite and our fam side reception on Sunday night,esok tu cutiiii Public Holiday yeay! No kids during the reception,but as usual we will always have them nearby,every fam got a room to get ready after the rehersal and bibik2 semua will be in the hotel room while we all ‘on duty’,later on hujung2 wedding we normally bring the kids down for a family photo. Well this time lets just see how it’ll be kan? Wedding of the year la katakan 🙂 Everybody is sooo excited for An! xoxo FairyYaya

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School Holidays Activity : Skating with Sarah!

This entry is way overdue!

During the mid-term school break (end of May to early June 2012), both of us took a leave to treat my daughter Wawa for an outing in KL…since Mr husband didn’t agree for an outstation trip 😦

So mama planned for a skating trip at Sunway Pyramid! The last time I skated, was during my university years!!


On our way to Sunway Pyramid!

Wawa was all excited….mama was a bit nervous coz I myself not a superb skater. heheh…so papa had to hold on to Aqib and both of us went in….

oh yes before that papa bought our entry tickets, our gloves (we brought our own socks) and of course to rent the skates.



We queued and they measured our feet sizes, Wawa’s 13 mine 39…heee

I hate wearing them coz it’s painful…after that we had to walk all the way to the skating rings….sangat mencabar!


Wawa, complete with her skates and gloves! Mine…I left it in my handbag outside la…the staff warned me – not supposed to skate without the gloves…dangerous!


She started crying uwaa as we start skating,,,,fuh I was all stressed up b’coz we were already half way around the rink…and there was no way to reverse back..all the way holding the side je…orang block pun kami pegang depa haha..jenuhhhhh!

Whatever it is, we still couldn’t resist to capture this moment on camera! hikhik..kena warned by the staff again no pictures! BORINGGGG


Meanwhile, Aqib cried from outside,poor adik coz he saw us in there without him! Nanti besar sikit mama bawak Aqib gan kakak roller blading dulu before coming here again kay…Image



Once we completed the big circle….we head for the exit terus heheh…mama pun sakit kaki sangat!

The nice picture were taken by a boy who sat near us…thanks!

As papa and Aqib – still outside the area.

Fuhh…Wawa said…”I don’t like skating!” erk..kesian mama…maybe tunggu besar sikt lagi lah!

We were there from 12pm to 3pm….then straight to our next activity ! We hope Wawa & Aqib will love this one.

Stay tuned for the next entry :))



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FASHION : The Color Block

Harhar….after trying so many shirt to suit the “Grease The Musical theme”, I’ve decided to dress up as The Pink Lady…tapi ala muslimah lah kan! Honestly I should have done the costume research earlier BUT you knowlah my life is pretty hectic with my work,kids and family!

Luckily I dah borong all the hijab 2 side colors from Al-Humairah Contemporary boutique one week before raya! (soo ralat that I didn’t grab the weird green one….sampai la ni dok geram nak stop by!! hahah)

Pink Lady Original Costume is supposed to be like this :-


and mine turned up jadi Color Block laaa…..


Harhar…jauh la jugak lari! Mr hubby was such a  sport to join this family videoshoot. What videoshoot? Tungguuuuu I will share you the final cut after 17th September InsyaAllah! 🙂

Surprisingly ramai liked my color tshirt! I borong all colors, the material is sooo comfortable free size t-shirt! You can buy it at Ampang Park or Semua House…I have mustard, dark blue, red, black,shocking pink and green! Yet to purchase is purple and orange! RM70 for 2 tshirt! Murah je! 🙂

Ok lah, till then…



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