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Al Kisah Sehelai Seluar Color

From BV2 to GE Mall to KLCC, I cant even find myself a decent red pants! All seams to be tight fitted ‘skinny jeans’ or the price is way overboard to me yang nak pakai sempena this friday videoshoot!

I loved this turqouise skinny pants at M&S limited edition by them but it cost RM289 errrkk, this red capri pun comfy but capri pants hanging above the buku lali la pulak!

British India at GE Mall also have this colorful range of pants,my heart almost jumped of happiness when I saw this rack of blue,gree,red,pink pants but duhh the price is again RM389! Btw,BI is having their merdeka sale till 2nd Sept,so there were dark blue,green,maroon pants on 50% discounts BUT no size 14! duhhhh and no red color!

ZARA is the only one offers coloured pants at RM119,tried my size but me with skinny pants? ahaks sungguh x menepati syarak..if I want to buy I must wear it with extra long blouse!

So,ditto went home empty handed! I guess I’ll just stick to my blue or black M&S jeans je la this friday!

Color blocks just have to waitlah,I guess I’ll play around with my shirt and tudung je!!

I’ll snap some picas la nanti ya what i will finally decide!

Dont ask me what videoshoot,I’ll reveal it once everything is done!


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My Breastfeeding Stories : Ramadhan Survival 1433 Hijrah

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan came and passed by…..and I’d like to update my entry on my breastfeeding journey this year. Phew….it was not easy,  as expected my supply dropped somewhere in the middle of Ramadhan. I guess, because of the reduction in liquid and food intake.

The first week of Ramadhan my supplies were quite okay, producing 4oz to 5oz per pumping session. Later on I can only pump once a day due to the short working hours from 8.30am to 4.45pm. Most of the time rushing to finish up work and by the time to pump it’s already time to rush back home. My  fault I guess, balik tu kekadang sibuk memasak for buka puasa that I didn’t managed to pump. After break fast, Aqib will feed directly and by the time he fell asleep, I managed to pump another 2oz…hahaha…letih babe!

Basically I only pump twice a day, if larat 4 times a day…huhuhu…BUT I also noticed every time period susu drop jugak! so this Ramadhan 2 kali…memanglah sangat2 drop. 😦

One fine day 1 week before raya….my bibik(my maid) ask me a question..

” Cik, kalau susu sudah habis, susu tepung jenis apa nak kasi?” (miss, if the ebm milk stock all ran out, which powder milk brand shall we buy?)

“apa ni….saya besarkan Sarah dulu susu badan hingga 2 tahun, mana ada nak beli/beri susu tepung!” grrrr masa tu hangin la jugak kan sesuka hati dia tanya mcm tu!!! ( I was totally pissed off with her! )

At that time, there was only 4 full bottles of ebm in my deep freezer! Fuhh I was a bit panicky but slowly calmed down. I know exactly what to do….BUT I also know it requires a LOT of effort and determination!! uwaaaa…..

My action plan was to:-

1. Increase Aqib’s food intake from small bowl to big bowl. In between increase rice porridge and more frequent fruit intake.

2. Increase snacks (fruits, baby biscuits) and juice intake in between his milk feed plus a lot of plain water

3. Told my maid, to help me and support me to ensure Aqib get his rights to drink ebm milk till 2 years old. (slow talk to her)

4. To do power pumping and

5. To eat and eat and drink and drink…

6. Reduce outing without Aqib of course! (sangatlah tak suka bila di ajak keluar tanpa anak2- actually I love to have them around even though pening and hassle kan!) hihiihihi

7. Keep pumping,,,,

8. Stay positive….this is not easy kay!

So we both survived throughout end of Ramadhan…and now going through Syawal…

Alhamdulillah, with my full Faith and prayers to Allah…managed to collect 13 full bottles (sikit….but at least something kan?) and today I noticed drastic  increase in my pumping session! 8.0 oz 1 session!! Coz I ate a lot?? and of course 1 week of cuti helps a lot, macam rooming in with baby…feeds when my boy demands!

Tak boleh relax, but I will keep trying my best. That is my promise to my son. Moga Allah izikan rancangan kami. Amin.



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Mommy’s Matters – International Baby Expo (IBEX)

Hi there…guessed what I managed to drop by at this IBEX yesterday during friday prayers break BUT only for 20 minutes! We were from a meeting in Shah Alam and supposed to be back in the office by 12.30pm but due to the horrible traffic only managed to be there at 1.45pm!

Plan punya plan….for ages…20 minutes je! arghhh sabar je la hehe!

Anyway my mommy’s group were already planning to go here since June…we constantly update each other on the sales and expo organize nearby. Since our new HQ is located next to the convention center it was perfect!

Incase you are planning to go here….totally recommended! Loved the participating brands! For more info click here!

My review

1. Registration

Yes you need to register before entering the expo (we were late therefore for us it was such a hassle!) Once you fill in your registation form you’ll need to submit the form at the counter and they will give you a sticker that you need to wear.

2. The pathway

It’s very wide and lapang….very convenience to push your strollers around! Loved it!

3. The participating brands

AVENT, PUREEN, MAM, CELLSAFE, WHOPEE DIAPER, MANDELA,MAM, GRACO, Fisher Price, a lot of international brand…I didn’t have the time to cover the whole hall but those are among that I passed through. Oh yes…DYNAS’s Mom’s Wear was there too! Saw her thought of dropping by nak snap picas…but time was tooo short! Next time!

4. Shopping

Managed to shop for the necessary items (claimable to en suami) -hahahah..MAM’s teats and accessories.stock up my pureen wet tissues (18 packets), breast pad and pampers. The unneccessary item :p (non claimable)- bought this beautiful mommy and daughter korean made ruffle blouse…waa so cute!! AND this baby cum shopping trolley!!

5. Urge

I really feel like going again today…coz tak puas. But let’s just see.. haha I have a facial appointment today at klcc. Nak cari piigeon breast pad lah!…maybe some baby gifts for the twins!

6. Pictures – do excuse my picas in here I was totally rushing! Dapat la jugak snap gambar though! heheh!

Trolley tu cool giler…kalau nak gi dekat2, weight 2.5kg only, foldable. My colleague pun beli,it can hold up to 20kg!image

Marilah kita beli beramai2 trolley tu! so easy to maneuver


So let’s plan early…be the early birds today!

Happy shopping!



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