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A Blessing Gift on Ramadhan

Allhamdulillah,sujud syukur…my boy is healthy like a normal 1year old boy. We did a followup ultrasound yesterday and look at the results we got!


Both kidneys is normal,no more,swollen!

Thank you Ya Allah for answering our duaa and  prayers all this while. What a great blessing for you,a precious gift to us this Ramadhan! ALLAHUAKHBAR!


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Sarah’s 5th Barbie Party

Finally,after 4 months I managed to blog about wawa’s 5th birthday party.


I’m planning to upload more personal pics here but gotta wait when I have the time to sit infront of my proper laptop.

Meanwhile,you can access here for the party story!

Birthday banner is also available for rent!

until the pictures upload here! tata


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Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadhan Al Mubarak!

Ramadhan Kareem…Allahu Akram…this is what my ustazah friend taught me to answer whenever someone wishes you Happy Ramadhan.

Alhamdulillah, the holy month for muslims is finally here where we are to fast from fajr to magrib (sunset). I am blessed that this 1st Ramadhan 1433 Hijrah am still alive to be able to fast and try my best to gain all the bonus points that we are all entitled to earn from our own effort either in terms of reading more Al-Quran, solat terawih and of course all those sadakah and zikir we practise all throughout.

Well as for my normal duniawi life, my employer decided that we can opt for 2 option either we begin our work at 8.30am and finishes at 4.45pm with only 1/2 hour break for lunch time OR begin at 8.45am and finishes at 5.00pm. Honestly, we were all very happy that its the first time in 8 years we are allowed to go home as early as 4.45pm. Tak pernah mimpi ok! I guess that one of the cons effect yang jadi pros! You see we moved to our new building (tanah wakaf) at Jalan Perak near Pavillion somewhere last June and the is like…..wheeeeww your car can be stuck in a horrible jam for 20 minutes, not moving a bit!!   So maybe terkena aura Petronas dan sekitarnya yang memang balik around 4.30pm during Ramadhan month ni.

My aim for this Ramadhan:-

1. To perform my terawih of 8 rakaat without fail, as usual if tak dapat ke masjid, will do it at home…unless red flag la kan!

2. To try and read Quran daily….hahah boleh ke ni?

3. To be more sabar..

4. To start train my daughter to fast…dia minta dah Baby Alive doll if can puasa half day! Ayaih!

5. To try and come to work early and be back to break fast with the family.

6. To reduce buying cake/ kuih

7….hmmmph mcm banyakla pulak!

So I personally would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all a very Happy Ramadhan!

Moga segala amal ibadah kita dikira oleh Allah!



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My Kids Paediatrician : Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Shanaliza


Hi, while waiting for mr hubby to pick us up I decided why not I blog our kids paed. Our favourite kids specialist when come to checkup our two kiddos. Why we loved her clinic so much? Bcoz of the doc herself,Datin Dr. Shanaliza. She is sooo good with the kids and we favour her compared to other paed for her caring,motherly nature. She explains well and never fail to comfort us as a parent to our sick children. Her 2 wonderful staff Yes…the very first time I stepped in to this clinic somewhere 2nd quarter of the year 2007 after the tragic death of Doc Haliza,Sarah’s paed at Ampang Puteri Specialist…this aunty greeted us “mama…knp mama?” wah…comfort feeling terus! Her other staff is also very friendly!

Consulation Hours

The only down side is her opening hours,you gotta go just during her limited consultation hours. But I guess that is what all about opening her own child clinickan? hehe So I decided to share with other mommies out there her opening hours so senang for u to plan when to go. Ramadhan Consultation Hours dah ada kat sini I ask achik ni, and she informed opening hours will be as usual but they are closed at 3pm. Meaning no night consultation during ramadhan.

Contact no

It is best for u to call first before coming! I got her no in my hp. Best tips if emergency If my child is badly ill during the odd hours, I always bring them to poliklinik kotaraya first,the next day baru to paed.


Besides that, Doc Nasir is also our 2nd child pead. He is also very good and the best part he warned us about rotavirus being non- halal for muslims patient.

Sharing is caring! owh by the way wawa naik all red whole body bcoz of her high temp fever last few days. got her special soap n cream.



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Breastfeeding : Getting Ready for Ramadhan

I have been very busy lately with my work and my personal agendas that I had the shock of my life yesterday…someone posted on FB Ramadhan the holy month will be here soon….so soon like in 17 days from today! Yikes…first thing that POPS out in my mind is I still have three days to replace from my last Ramadhan (I finished my confinement in the mid of Ramadhan and only managed to fast for 18 days out of 30 days).

BUT the main thing that worries me now is my EBM milk supplies, dahla tinggal sikit – quater of the deep freezer I’m guessing around 30 bottles pun tak sampai kut? (suruh bibik kira kejab while I type this entry muhahah)

Next week I’ll be leaving Aqib for 2 days – meaning that will consume around 10 – 12  of full 5 ounce bottles. Urgh…ok let’s take a deep breath and start today!

Yes, I managed to breastfeed Wawa for 2 years consecutively during Ramadhan, I remember those difficult time. My milk supplies drop especially during afternoon pumping can only get around 1 or 2 oz last time. In the morning after sahur I can express full 8oz Avent bottle. But the food intake and the drinks that I had to forced myself to drink is…fuhhh A LOT okay! For the sake of our child kan…you’ll do anything!

Anyway…here is what I’ve done before and decided to share with other fully ebm mommies out there.

1. Don’t panic! hahahah (tipulah kalau tak panik…but try to calm down kay)

2. Plan ahead…start increasing your pumping session from now…being me a positive person…it is still not too late, I have 17 days to pump and pump and pump. (meaning makan makan makan….too people!)

3. Plan your sahur and break fast menu.

 My sahur normally consists of – a plate of rice, a bowl of quaker oats, a mug of hot milo, Spirulina + vitamin c, and 3 big IKEA glass of plain water. Selagi tak imsak, i force myself to drink and drink and drink sampai nak muntah …heheh

My break fast – ohw this one I think takde beza I just eat a small portion of rice with kuih-muih and drink a lot of water.

4. Plan your pumping session

I breast feed directly whenever my child demanded.

I loved to pump around 7am before going off to work and this time I’ll get full bottle. (last time la this time we’ll see)

It is crucial for us to stick to our normal pumping session, to stimulate the production as usual. Remember the rules? Empty Breast as often as you can.

Try to pump at night as during this time you’ll have the ability to eat and pump as normal.

5. Eat healthy food – lebihkan kekacang, soya beans, barly, air-mata kucing eat all those advices by our ebm experts la. heheh…

6. POSITIVE MIND SET – yes please please have this concreted at the root of your mind. In order to do this whole thing we must set positive mind set and determination.

7. Duaa…and duaa …pray to Allah may our milk supplies melimpah ruah di bulan ramadhan yang mulia ini. Rezeki anak kita datangnya semua dari Allah SWT.

Eh bibik dah come back with the countdown…fuhh still got 20 bottles and 18 full ebm plastic storage. But this still doesn’t mean I can relax. Oustation for ( 4 days)if ikut plan boss…aduh ! Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusanku, limpah-ruahkanlah susuku…buat Aqib tersayang! Amin.

Good luck you guys…nanti middle Ramadhan I’ll update this year ebm during Ramadhan experience ya!?

Note: If you googled, banyak org tanya can  ebm mommies puasa…dikecualikan drp berpuasa. I hope kita tak guna alasan tu untuk tidak berpuasa. Try your best first, then baru redha if you cannot kay.

Try and read among the tips available online: This my favourite!

Preparing For Ramadan With Your Baby

Tips for breastfeeding while fasting in the Holy Month

By Dr Balkees Abdul Majeed, Paediatrician and Lactation Consultant




Ramadan is the ninth lunar month in the Islamic calendar. Fasting in this month is one of the five pillars of Islam. Performing fast during Ramadan is obligatory for all Muslims.Preparing For Ramadan With Your BabyWomen who are pregnant or breastfeeding may be exempted from fasting if they feel that their health or the baby’s health would be negatively affected by the fasting. The mother, however, will have to compensate for the missed fasting at a later date or pay some expiation for not fasting.

The human body has natural regulatory mechanisms that activate during fasting. There is efficient utilization of body fat and basal metabolism slows down during Ramadan fasting. Studies have shown that there is no significant difference on macronutrient composition of breast milk and consequently has no effect on the growth of infants.

Tips for breastfeeding during Ramadan

The most significant difference in the month of Ramadan is the time to eat. Mothers who usually eat breakfast, lunch and evening meals should instead eat during dawn and after their fast is broken in the evening. We have listed a few practical hints you can follow to supply the maximum amount of balanced nutrition for both you and your child during Ramadan:

  1. Increase fluid intake between fasts.
    When fasting, liquid is reduced to as much as 2-3% in the body. The human body adjusts to reduce perspiration and urine production. Drink sufficient water (not soft-drinks) especially in the morning before resuming your fast. This helps to avoid dehydration.
  2. Go for a balanced diet
    Eating nutritious food at dawn and during iftar (breaking fast) is important. Try to include the following food in your meal plan:

    • Meat and beans are a good source of protein, minerals, and certain vitamins. Beans are a good source of dietary fibre too.
    • Whole wheat bread, oat cereal or cooked rice are a good source of complex carbohydrates, and help nourish your body with energy, protein, minerals and dietary fibre.
    • Fresh fruits, vegetable juices and soups help maintain liquid balance in the body.
    • Milk and dairy products are good sources of protein and calcium, which are essential for body tissue maintenance and several physiological functions.
      Note: The body’s immediate need at the time of iftar is to get instant energy for body functioning. Don’t forget to take dates as they are good sources of sugar. Three to four dates should be sufficient to bring low blood glucose levels to normal levels.
  3. Get enough rest
    The milk production will not be affected as long as the infant continues breastfeeding.

    • Increase nursing sessions during night time.
    • Have regular milk expressing sessions at work place to maintain milk production.
    • Psychologically, the belief that breast milk will remain smooth during fasting should also remain strengthened. This is a big influence on milk production.

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan.



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Introducing our twin nephews!

A big congratulations to my dearest eldest brother Hafiz and my SIL Nina for their latest addition in the family -a pair of identical twin.

Ladies and gentlement,I proudly introduce Wan Irfan Muhammad and Wan Imran Muhammad bin Wan Shazril Hafiz. Abang was born at 7.35pm and adik was born at 7.45pm just 10mins apart via 100% natural birth no gas no epidural nothing kay! wow sure sakit!Abang is born at 2.3 ish kg adik slightly lighter that total weight is 5 kg.


Abg so far senang nak bezakan besar cket from adik. Hmpphh really looking fwd to visit them this weekend kat shah alam!

congrats abg n k.nina!


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