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Happy 1st Birthday Son!

My dearest one and only son turned ONE year old on 30th June 2012.

I can’t describe my feelings…for this entry,maybe I am not good in portraying it…cuma rasa overwhelmed and sebak penuh kesyukuran.

After all the dugaan that we’ve been tested to go through,I’m not even sure I can sigh happily thinking my boy is 100% healthy normal boy. BUT I am happy and syukur that so far things are getting of his kidney had shrunken back to normal and,the other one is getting smaller.

As for his lungs, we have to act fast whenever he start to cough,besides that Aqib is a happy,cheeky shy baby.

Senang jaga dia…totally a different whole experience.

Lets walk thru his growth progress.
1. Alhamdulillah currently still a fully breast feed baby. Aqib drink three full bottle of 5 ounce ebm daily,hmph around 18ounce lah.
2. Aqib eat 3 main meals daily and,in between we feed him bb rusks or rice biscuits.
3. He loves to drink cooled boiled water and of course without fail his Heinz bb apple or prune juice after his main meals.
4. He loves to mamam my cheeks and nganga aaaa bila gurau..
5. He smiles sooo often that warms my heart whenever I see him smiling.
6. He looooovveeess to play with our house phone,errkk maybe bcoz it looks  like remote kottt?
7. Whenever we put him in his stroller ke…car seat ke he will cryyyyy!! after a few distraction baru diam..kena bg pegang biscuit baru diam!
8. He loves it so much bila time mandi in his bath tub.Angkat sure cry lah meh!
9. Whenever he is shy,with somebody he will tunduk his head or even sometimes baring cium lantai terus!
10. OH…lets not forget his fav song by Tok Mi is “one little two little aqib” with little indian melody. Siap stop nangis and sing or smile,tangan both goyang!
11. He is a very light sleeper,so fahm2lah.
12. He had his first tooth out in mid June this year,sedar2 dah timbul!
13. He can now walk! Just within last week he walk a few wobbly steps. Today makin jauhla jln,get ready papa he will start running soon.
14.  Whatelse eh…so banyaklah,but those are the main things that I’d like to be recorded here so later in the future senang nak compare growth development.

well Muhammad Naquib Nazhan mama,papa,kak wawa and the rest of our family members LOVE you so much,and we pray and duaa Aqib will grow into a healthy soleh handsome gentlement.

Cayang dia! muahss!


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Alhamdulillah,after 6months of search for ustazah,she found me last week! Yes- she was the 2nd ustazah who responded to my ad that i posted 3 months back.

The first one was a young gurl studying at uia but she didn’t keep her words and keep delaying when I tried to arrange to meet 1 to 1. So I blacklisted her straight away. How can u expect her to keep her words kan mcm ni!! pfttt!

I was getting a bit worried as I targeted to hire one ustazah by 2nd quarter of e year.

So when Hjh Jora pm me,I was so realived.Her bonus points for me to finally agree to employ her is her gifted talent dealing with kids.

I invited my next door neighbour kids to join wawa and surprising they were more than happy to join us. So now wawa and lily can practise Iqra from 6 to 7 ,twice a week.Rotating turns with my neighbour for the kids to have some changes in their everyday learning environment.

Alhamdulillah,lets see how the kids go as far as Dec this year. I have always believed that if our intention is good, HE will show us the way. INSYALLAH.


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Welcome Miss Honeybee!

My dearest BFF just gave birth to their 3rd baby on 6th June 2012, around 11.30pm via normal vaginal labour. She told me a day after and we were happy everything went on well. This time she tried a different Gyne a chinese doctor after her bad experience with doctor S at Prince Court hospital.

Last time, I did blog about her miscarriage.

Anyway ALHAMDULILLAH her 4th pregnancy is now a cute munchkin pie girl


CONGRATULATIONS to both Fazz and Chemist on the birth of your 3rd bundle of joy. No name yet so we shall wait as I pun belum ada kesempatan to visit both of them.


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Half-Term School Break – KidZania

Yupe! We went again to Kidzania and yesssss this time its Tok Mi’s treat!! BUTTT…..during peak time..the school holidays!

I tried to book the ticket online one night before,but at that time only one day after tickets were available. Meaning Friday.

So the next morning, my heavily pregnant SIL, my mom and I with the three kids gambled and walk-in to buy the tickets. As expected the morning session were all sold out,so I diverted everyone to IKEA while I queued to purchase the evening session tickets.

The queue was not long, only around 15 minutes and I got it! Yeay!

While the kids played at the Smaaland IKEA,

my mom shop and my SIL rest at the coffee area….I wanted to shop as well but decided why not we bring the kids to watch Madagascar 3 at Cineleisure, The Curve. Rush by myself to there and secured 11.45am 3D show. Fuhh berbaloi…coz it was the first day launch of this movie,and the 3D really help to enhance the dimensions during the circus peak moment…well I enjoyed it…hahah and the kids did too!


By the time we finished the movie, it’s almost 2pm and we went straight to Marche’ for lunch.



Saya kurang gemar makan kat sini coz TASTE dia kureng for me…but yes seronok tengok all the food kan? By the way, once finished my SIL drop us off at KidZania before she proceeded with her HypnoBirthing classes. Yes, she is expecting her twin son anytime now…and her doctor prohibit from taking epidural…so hypnobirthing je la the only choice left!

Well back to KidZania story, we reached there around 2.50pm and thought we can straight naik atas, but to our horror we discover a loooooong queue, waiting to enter the Kidzania world. Our ticket start from 3pm onwards…so the morning session tengah took almost 45 mins….poor my mom sakit kaki…they really should do something to cater for senior citizen la. I did bring my portable stool for her…but somehow dalam the other car and malas nak patah balik amik…(yupe I kindda expected this would happen, planned in advance…well kita hanya merancang!) hehehe…

My mom complained and the staff directed us to a lift and walla we are at the top floor….and alhamdulillah by that time they allowed us to go in. We were among the first of the evening session that day! Since I have already some Kidzos from previous visit I guided the 3 kids straight to the fire station. Takda orang pun! Huyeay!

We were the first fire fighter and I can see Wawa, Elli and Luqman all excited…and for me Wawa senang je nak masuk this time!

Let’s layan some piacs ok?

While my mom lepak at the Premium  lounge upstairs, I teman the 3 kiddos….ponat aa beratur…today we tried all the TOP Rated jobs…so next time papa ibu Elli Luqman can bring them to try other jobs. We tried pilot, nursery and chef. Thought of trying the school of act…but my mom dah tak larat soooo….till next year la pulak kan!

Oh btw I found the baby lounge area…nanti I upload kay…


7th June 2012



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The Result

Guess what, mr hubby whatssapp me this morning informing his H1N1 results are out…..

drum roll please!!!

His results came out NEGATIVE H1N1!!

Alhamdulillah,Influenza A and B dia pun dah almost sembuh but the kiddos both are not well!



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Review on Mother and Baby Kids Expo June 2012 @ PWTC

I noticed my blog search statistic queries were mostly on baby fair that I went on Friday. So I think it’s time to share my review today. so you guys can decide whether to go or not kan;-)

Well to our dissapointment the participating brands were sooooo less compared to the other mommy baby expo that I’ve been to before.

They claimed to be “the largest baby fair in Malaysia” but hmpp in what sense eh? What we noticed were the huge spacious pathway,which I acknowledged and cheered for as parents can easily push their strollers in both direction freely! Maybe the hall is to big that the number of booth opened looked sikit?!:-/

Well maybe because it was Friday afternoon,less crowd,less hassel for us to park and we took our own sweet time. I noticed some booth are still not open that day,hopefully there are some additional booth and brands open for today and tomorrow.

One of my friend even called me to complained on her dissapointment on the participating brands.

venue: Dewan Tun Razak 1

the banner that greeted us

the entrance

the expo map

studying the brands- nampak mcm byk,tapi booth sikit 😦


the huge pathway


among the favourite booth,ramai betul serbu yang ni


one baby world ada! yeay mujur


me as always will stock up my ebm plastic


bebe brand – good promo on breast pad and baby wipes. kira okla gantikan pureen booth yg missing


The rest are selling the baby matt mcm carpet which I dunno why tak prefer,design tak best kut?! haha
There were chicco,whoopee pampers booth, nursing and maternity clothing like mums dreamz,aussino, baby kids books and etc..haha for me tak menarik. oh but credit to the organizer for me it was very organized with the baby room,stroller rental area,stroller parking area.  Slagged in terms of participants je. Oh yes most of the empty space were filled in with jumping castle (there were 2 huge air filled castle tau!!)

I guess baby fair are getting quite frequent nowadays…my theory is that when it is too often less participation kan?

Anyway we did loose a few rm! I got my spongy blocks there! yeay.

so totally up to u guys nak gi ke tak,but if u are free y not kan? Masa ni la barang discounts!



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