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Influenza A & B

Last Friday my husband came back from his work informing two of his colleagues were confirmed with H1N1. I was babbling to mr husband and why didn’t his office enforced quarantine measures to all staff working on the same floor. He mentioned something like that his colleagues were away on a long MC before the verdict came out.

Well, on Saturday he complained that he was not feeling well…well I thought it was his normal cycle. You see his work demanded long working hours, when he has date lines he’ll return home around 3-ish in the morning  :(. When your body work overstretched, your immune system will be down…and he’ll be having his normal fever, sore throats and head ache. So I thought it was that la…relax jela kan..haha.

On Sunday morning, he complained again…saying he is having all the H1 N1 sympthoms…but later on he was fine only with head-ache.

On Monday morning he went to Klinik Izham to check whether he got the H1N1…he was later referred to Damai Specialist and they did the nose swab. (mr hubby told me it was painful…keluar la jugak air mata tahan sakit)…and was confirmed with Influenza A & B. Whaattt both?

My first question was… What is influenza A & B.

So here are the definitions that I GOOGLED…from Wikipedia

“Flu” redirects here. For other uses, see Flu (disambiguation).
This article is about the disease influenza. For the family of viruses that cause the disease, see Orthomyxoviridae.
Page semi-protected
Classification and external resources

TEM of negatively stained influenza virions, magnified approximately 100,000 times
ICD10 J10, J11
ICD9 487
DiseasesDB 6791
MedlinePlus 000080
eMedicine med/1170 ped/3006
MeSH D007251

Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is an infectious disease caused by RNA viruses of the family Orthomyxoviridae (the influenza viruses), that affects birds and mammals. The most common symptoms of the disease are chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness/fatigue and general discomfort.[1] Although it is often confused with other influenza-like illnesses, especially the common cold, influenza is a more severe disease than the common cold and is caused by a different type of virus.[2] Influenza may produce nausea and vomiting, particularly in children,[1] but these symptoms are more common in the unrelated gastroenteritis, which is sometimes, inaccurately, referred to as “stomach flu.”[3] Approximately 33% of persons with influenza are asymptomatic.[4]

On the other side of the spectrum, flu can occasionally lead to pneumonia, either direct viral pneumonia or secondary bacterial pneumonia, even for persons who are usually very healthy.[5][6][7] In particular it is a warning sign if a child (or presumably an adult) seems to be getting better and then relapses with a high fever as this relapse may be bacterial pneumonia.[8] Another warning sign is if the person starts to have trouble breathing.[7] A 2009 New England Journal of Medicine article stated that it is difficult to tell bacterial from viral pneumonia and recommended that patients with influenza who show signs of pneumonia be treated with both antivirals and antibiotics.[6]

Typically, influenza is transmitted through the air by coughs or sneezes, creating aerosols containing the virus. Influenza can also be transmitted by direct contact with bird droppings or nasal secretions, or through contact with contaminated surfaces. Airborne aerosols have been thought to cause most infections, although which means of transmission is most important is not absolutely clear.[9] Influenza viruses can be inactivated by sunlight, disinfectants and detergents.[10][11] As the virus can be inactivated by soap, frequent hand washing reduces the risk of infection.[12]

Influenza spreads around the world in seasonal epidemics, resulting in the deaths of between &10000000000250000000000250,000 and &10000000000500000000000500,000 people every year,[13] up to millions in some pandemic years. On average 41,400 people died each year in the United States between 1979 and 2001 from influenza.[14] In 2010 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States changed the way it reports the 30 year estimates for deaths. Now they are reported as a range from a low of about 3,300 deaths to a high of 49,000 per year.[15]

Three influenza pandemics occurred in the 20th century and killed tens of millions of people, with each of these pandemics being caused by the appearance of a new strain of the virus in humans. Often, these new strains appear when an existing flu virus spreads to humans from other animal species, or when an existing human strain picks up new genes from a virus that usually infects birds or pigs. An avian strain named H5N1 raised the concern of a new influenza pandemic, after it emerged in Asia in the 1990s, but it has not evolved to a form that spreads easily between people.[16] In April 2009 a novel flu strain evolved that combined genes from human, pig, and bird flu, initially dubbed “swine flu” and also known as influenza A/H1N1, emerged in Mexico, the United States, and several other nations. The World Health Organization officially declared the outbreak to be a pandemic on 11 June 2009 (see 2009 flu pandemic). The WHO’s declaration of a pandemic level 6 was an indication of spread, not severity, the strain actually having a lower mortality rate than common flu outbreaks.[17]

Vaccinations against influenza are usually made available to people in developed countries.[18] Farmed poultry is often vaccinated to avoid decimation of the flocks.[19] The most common human vaccine is the trivalent influenza vaccine (TIV) that contains purified and inactivated antigens against three viral strains. Typically, this vaccine includes material from two influenza A virus subtypes and one influenza B virus strain.[20] The TIV carries no risk of transmitting the disease, and it has very low reactivity. A vaccine formulated for one year may be ineffective in the following year, since the influenza virus evolves rapidly, and new strains quickly replace the older ones. Antiviral drugs such as the neuraminidase inhibitor oseltamivir (Tamiflu) have been used to treat influenza;[21] however, their effectiveness is difficult to determine due to much of the data remaining unpublished.[22]

Well, that is on Influenza, how about the difference between A, B and C? U click HERE

When I told my team at my office, I think I’ve scared all of them. Insisting for me to informed my HR and I did la,coz to prove that if it is serious for surely I’d be quarantine as well. True enough my HR informed Risk Management department and they told me that there is no need to be quarantined due to the latest medicine discovery to heal this. They only required me and those sitting near my department at level 9 (about 20) to be screened every morning by taking each of their temperature. Harhar….habiskan menyusahkan semua hehe!!

Well, I was trying to handle this news calmly but as I returned home from work that day, Mr hubby did look weak and was wearing his mask. He was ordered by the doctor to sleep and eat separately from the family. Me takutlah kalau-kalau betul H1N1, he was playing games and watching TV like normal aaa..hmmmph. I forced him to call for his best buddies who are doctors…and one even advice him to just play it cool. It could just be a normal FLU! Patutla doc kat Damai tu pun mcm selamba je according to mr Hubby, no urgency at all! He was given 5 days MC to rest at home and currently on OMIFLU. Not TAMIFLU…tamiflu is to treat H1N1 ok people.

Kesian though, he stayed put in our 1st class ward – master bedroom. Luckily he had just installed our 2nd Astro decoder in our room. Macam tau-tau je nak kena quarantined kan?? :p

Luckily I had recently cook and freeze 4 type of gulai that Sunday, so he can just reheat all home-cooked food with rice. His glass, plates and utensils were all wash separately (my friend yg kena H1N1 advised on this precaution measures). Our Wawa’s IKEA bed tray is really useful..everyday when I’m home I’ll serve him his lunch , tea and dinner. Ayooo break the rules…no eating in the bedroom!

Me, and the kids sleep at Wawa’s room, nasib baik ada aircond kalau tak mau bebudak ni nangis tak lena tidur malam 🙂 Bercampinglah kami semua…wawa keep going into our room. “kenapa tak boleh tidur dengan papa?” “papa pakai masak”..fuhh dahla dia tengah selsema. Every morning I had sent the kids to my inlaws house nearby. Just to separate them from their father during his quarantine time. I’ll pick them up after work and we stayed downstairs or play in Wawa’s room.

I took the kids to the see the normal MD and Shanaliza Paeditrician. She advised us to monitor the kids temperature. If it hits 38 celsius in 2 days consecutively, I have to bring them straight to the hospital…with the basis of my husband was confirmed with Influenza A & B. Mintak jauh though…oh yes the first thing that crossed my mind masa mr husband told me he was confirmed with IT, my heart goes out to Aqib then Wawa. Risau yang amat….but alhamdulillah..we are much more calm now. Maybe it is just a normal FLU…if you look at him now infront of me in his mask watching TV. He said he feels fine today.


Tomorrow is his checkup, hopefully he can be declared as free of the Influenza. Fuhh 5 hari duduk dalam rumah, macam mana tuh!

Well, let’s pray that my husband will recover soon…and our life be back like normal. AMIN.

Till the results…



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Mother & Baby Kids Expo 2012

Yeay it’s finally here, we were planning to go to this Mother and Baby Kids Expo since March 2012 lagi! But this time the organizer is not by Motherhood Expo…this expo will be held from tomorrow to Sunday 1st June to 3rd June 2012 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.

I’m going tomorrow…just to avoid the massive weekend crowd.

Here are the details, just in case you plan to drop by this weekend!

EG Mother & Baby Expo 2012
Date : 1st – 3rd June 2012
Venue : Tun Razak Hall 1
Organiser : EG Groups Holding
Contact Person : Ms Eileen
Tel : 012 6700 773
Website : www.eggroups.comImageThe Official Poster

I’ll update you what and who are participating this time eh? My mission to find a good reasonable car seat, play mat and pumping bag! Hope budget tak tersasar jauh coz my budget is quite limited this time! :))

Okeh a…till my next review entry on this! Chowww !




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My Shopping Cards!


Haha I am bored while waiting for Mr hubby to wake up from his after noon nap at my inlaws,so while tidying my hand bag…hmm y not snap all the shopping cards I’ve got?? So next time I’ll remember how particular card looks like!

Top used cards are:

1.Aeon card – weekly shopping for groceries if not Giant.
2. Mothercare – loved it for pressie and of course the Early Learning Center toys n paints for wawa.
3. Toys R Us – oh this is of course for my party planning and for pressies. Loved the points
4.Sushi King – worth having this card for once a month dining at sushikina au2 keramat Aeon Mall. 10% off each dining.
5. ISetan – I loved the blouses and jackets sold here since I was a girl.So wajib ok.
6. Ariani – fav tudung shop as I can enjoy 30% off at anytime and additional 15% off during sales.

My favourite cards

Hehe nanti cercerita lagila!


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Loved her dress!


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School Holidays Activity: AquaRia

After Skating, we went straight to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) to visit the famous Aquaria. It was already 5.30pm, less crowd and we loved it! Sarah was soo excited but so does mama! heheh….come and layan the picas

the entrance

Found this entry halfway…I guess I’ll just post this one firstlah. Nanti sambung.


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6th May 2012

 I was feeling ill on 6th May…just got back from Kuantan around 11pm after attending a brainstorming day trip on the 5th May…

Here I am on the early morning of 6th May, Sunday…sujud syukur to Allah SWT keatas limpah kurniaNya keatas segala-galanya yang diberi padaku sepanjang 31 tahun di bumi yang sementara ini. Terdiam sekejab emo pepagi tu kan..sekejab je dah 31 tahun…at that age I am already a wife to mr hubby for 6 years (24 June 2006) and a mother to a pair of great kids- Wawa (March 2007) & Aqib (June 2011) and of course still the only daughter in my family and the only sister for my 3 brothers.

When I look back at the past 31 years timeline, I am very blessed to be brought up in a very close knitted family who loved to travel and shop! 🙂 I loved to recalled what I’ve done in the past as a motivator, a facilitator, a student council,a factory worker, an optician, a dancer, a narrator, a sales girl, a shop keeper, an editor, a master ceremony, a runner, a school rep for netball, an organ player, a graduation gala planner,a party planner,a baker, a cook, a futsal player, a jungle tracker,a cave tracker, a decorator,a crafters, a volunteer,a daughter (program anak angkat) to the poorest families in Msia, a writer, a counselor, a speaker, a climber, a sailor, a aaaaaa…..banyak aaa….which makes me an all rounder person.

You can read as many theories as you want  to from the books, the blogs or any googled facts BUT NOTHING can beat REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. I learnt life through this way I guess…well maybe not so hard compared to those being brought up in poverty.

Here I am thinking that I have such a little time to achieved those life goals that I’ve managed to gather since I was a kindegarten kid. At the back of my mind, death is always a heavy topic popping out quite frequently in my daily busy routine. What if I suddenly die…I know I AM NOT READY, I’M SCARED. I want desperately to be a faithful hamba to the Almighty…but at the same time I know I’m not perfect.

Lately I’ve been focusing on the method to purify my hati. A good person have a good heart (hati in malay), some people may look good outside but can have ugly dirty heart inside. I want a holistic pureness. I want to be the IT. I want to learn to pujuk my heart when I am sad, unsatisfied or uneasy. I want to learn and control my anger when I am angry. I want to learn to tame my heart. I am not the one to judge whether I have a good heart, I might think I have but only Allah knowskan….that is what I’m scared off and I know I must always try to didik my heart. Zikir-zikir to Allah is the cure…

Anyway….terpesong pulak entry ni jadi quite heavy isinya. sowee….hehehe!

Syukur alhamdulillah, I am what I am at 31 years old. I love my family and friends so much for making my birthday a memorable event in my life.

Mr hubby and my parents supposely to organized this surprise brunch but it didn’t turn up menjadi coz of miscommunication…so  sad aaa…but regardless of that I am HAPPY to be surrounded by my loved ones on my BIRTHDAY!

Our favourite breakfast restaurant – MARMALADE @ Bangsar Village 2

The New Signboard (the previous one is as per Sarah’s 4th Party)

My Mr Hubby & Aqib Boy…My brothers and my SIL Anne. (My eldest bro was not able to join in)

The breakkie menu is till 3pm daily la!

Mr hubby’s brunch menu – salmon,spinach and scaramble eggs

Mine..Oatmeal pancakes served with cinnamon apple, strawberry with fresh fruits and honey..perghh sedap!

My Wawa@Sarah can finish the whole plate…no more sharing kalau tak me kebulur! hehe

Nice one except for mr hubby! Four of Us *heart*

No one is looking at the right camera…argg

Bolelaa 2 out 4 tgk camera!

With my parent & youngest bro

My 31st Cake but with 3 candles hehe!

Me & Pavlova

 My Kids

Macam gambar dedulu lak style pic ni kan 🙂

 My birthday wish this year is to get myself a good stainless steel set of kitchen sink and reno my dirty-kitchen la! Dragging my family to survey the items one day. Mr hubby already gave my present in advance…:)) And I bought my me-self birthday present jugak tau..waterproof, anti-shockcamera…meaning I can now freely snap pictures underwater!! yeay!!

Well, tu semua duniawi kan…takut jugak seronok-seronok sakan ni…hehe..but Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah and my beloved family and friends for the wonderful 31 years of life…looking forward to grow old in a good way together with all of you! Muahsss! Happy Birthday to ME!

Self reminder

6 years left!!




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It’s Someone’s Birthday!


It’s my nephew (hubby side) 4th birthday on 2nd May 2012!

Wishing Mr Charming Ilhan Yusuf a very Happy birthday and our duua goes out to him…may you become a good loving son to your parent, soleh and a happy successful man in the future.

Mama and Ayah dia arranged for a lovely birthday treat for him…kidzania trip!

Looking forward for the big belated birthday bash this July! Hadiah hutang aaa kasi masa birthday party nanti ya 🙂

Happy Bornday Boboi!



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Melaka Again!

This is another impromptu trip to Melaka, hmmp why-lah always Melaka bila saat-saat terakhir ni??! Maybe because it is an acceptable distance to travel? Yes maybe only 2 to 3 hours of drive! I myself pernah outstation just 2 hours drive to Melaka…huarhuar…my dad? hmm lagilah lajukan!!

Anyway…we were supposed to go for Cameron Highland to redeem our annual apartment holiday quota that my parent sign-up since we were at primary school…but it was full and luckily Melaka my mom managed to get 2 units of 2 bedroom apartment. So all of us join in except for my brother Hijaz yang out station at Sarawak and yes Mr Hubby pun ada dateline.

Wawa was sooo excited againlaa…kan..coz she went previously with Tok Ma side and this time with Tok Mi side. Yang best my sporting sis-in-law Kak Nina la…dia join juga even though she is heavily pregnant with a twin! Kuddos!

We depart around 9am from KL and arrive Melaka around 11am. After dropping off our lugage at Ayer Keroh apartment we shoot straight to Melaka town.

We park by the riverside and walk by the river heading to A Famosa. To our surprise there was a passenger boat kat tengah-tengah route. Plus point that we can take the boat tour from there.

Tourist Mat Malay

The kids

The boat instructor,even offered t o drop us off at the most end and we walk to Menara Taming Sari. This is really cool. Siapa yang afraid of height semua tak naik…bibik jaga Aqib kat bawah while he is sleeping. Yang surprise sekali is that my SIL nak naik! hehehe…so cheap only RM10.

Nice view from the top.

Ohhhh the traffic is somehow almost clear…maybe because we went on Monday the 30th April, the eve of Labour Day. It was a breeze!

Managed to find the Asam Pedas shop that last time tak jumpa due to heavy traffic. So near yet so far last time! With my family yang sangat adventurous ni we all menapak to cross the town and finally jumpa the recommended restaurant. opposite the restaurant is a malay market selling Malacca local delicasies…beli ikan masin rangup dekat sini!

The asam pedas takdela best sangat, biasa je…according to Fiske restaurant dekat keramat tu lagi sedap! For me lagi sedap yang kita masak sendiri! hehehe…tapi lauk2 dia yang lain ok…:)

After lunch we took a different route back to our parking…and I wanted Wawa to try the BECA, and alhamdulillah dapat 2 beca. So all the women naik…me with mama and Wawa. Kak Nina with Luqman and Elli…the kids were smiling ear to ear. Oh yes we did purchase this summer hat (saja mengada coz in holiday mood) and it costed only RM11!!!!  Cheap!

During the River Cruise

With Tok Mi & Tok Wan

Menara Taming Sari – The tallest in Melaka Town

Petang,we rest and swim at the pool! 🙂

At night all of us went to Umbai for dinner. Dapatla juga makan ikan bakar…

for me if you go to Melaka you must try their special food. Alhamdulillah takda la menda2 tak elok terjadi coz highway to there pun dah establish and banyak baby dekat umbai tu. I guess for the locals there it is just another tempat makan. Tapi dalam hati tetap baca2 ayat along the way…incase la gangguan pada baby..cuma yang leceh tempat ni jauh la by the time sampai hotel it is midnight!


The next day, we start the day with swimming again then shoot off to check out the new Jusco harhar…family suka malls ni kan…lunch and shoot back home.

Wawa was so happy, just look at her holiday piccas?!

Satu je regret, tak dan nak try kereta lembu! Next time ya Wawa! 🙂



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Sad News from Switzerland

Pictures taken from Barbara’s wedding album – Mrs & Mr Hauser (sitting)

Shocked & sad, this morning all of us sat together remembering this great guy. My Swiss sister (Barbara in wedding dress) loss her beloved father on 30th April 2012.

The only image that kept playing in my head is a picture of him, sitting together on a dining table, laughing and drinking his red wine. We were in Zürich to meet my sis’s family. An architect by profession, a father to 3 wonderful kids and a close family friend to all of us.

Mr Hauser, you shall be greatly missed by your family. My heart goes out to Barbara and family.



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