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Sarah’s 1st Sport Day

somewhere in March, we found a RED letter from Wawa’s school communication folder, a big alert to the parents on their sport day that will be held on 28th April at Sports Planet Ampang.

 (hmm a good method, coz I was alert! hahah kekadang tu tak tengok info kat depan, just the homework column kat belakang folder) Oh before that let me tell you on the method Azzarif communicate with the parents – A communication folder. Every Friday, Wawa will bring her pink bag with a folder in it (boys = blue bag). The folder is divided into 4 sections – front the info from the schools (on cuti, on events and etc), then there is the syllabus section -what the kids did at school, performance levels , the school schedules and the 3rd part is the school fees schedule – receipts are all compiled there…and the final part is the school homework that Wawa supposed to do over the weekend. Every Monday they will return the pink bag to the teacher. Good kan? Dulu school dia tak macam ni, selalu tak tau cerita…coz budak2 ni tak ingat nak tunjuk surat.

Anyway back to our cercerita today. It’s actually Wawa’s 1 st Sport Day (minus the Shamsudin’s family day) with her schoolmates. I’ve observed that she was all excited, every time balik sekolah she will tell us what she did that day. Sometimes she show us her moves!? Masa ni tak faham apa la dia dok joget2 ni hahaha…but statement paling tak tahan was

Wawa : “Mama,mama….Wawa tak suka la sport day…”

Me : “huh?! kenapa

Wawa :  ” pasal Wawa tak suka la peluh-peluh!!

Me :” &&&8*#$% ” Wawa kena la peluh, nanti tak kurus…(dalam hati ayooo bahaya betul ni, peluh sikit tak suka!)

When the day is finally here, she wake up as early as 7am and we managed to be there at Sports Planet Ampang by 8.15am.

We were impressed with the Sport Theme for this year lebih kurang like this (kertas dia hilang mana dah) – ” People and the Things They Do” ala-ala macam  Kidzania. Each activity is based on a job function. We can see that Wawa is happy that day, all smiling and laughing with her kindie mates. Her best friend is Sofia. Regardless of that, her eyes will always search for us…bila nampak dia senyum..sort of proud that her papa mama is there that day 🙂

Lining up in their color house. Wawa is in blue house macam mama dia dulu!

As you can see there are 4 jobs, a chef, ustaz, teacher and a soldier representing each house.

Wawa getting ready to march to the main area.

Her group

The Sport Banner


Line up as the emcee introduce them to the public

Oh I loved this into dance by all girls. I’ve capture a video…cuba perhatikan wawa yang over joget!

Rest inbetween

This is during a game : The Designer

The kids line up and each were given a part to dress up a girl. Wawa teacher dia pandai taruk dia pakai stocking which she loved the most and sangatla slow hari-hari pakai bila game ni dia belajar nak speed up to win! Yeay…cepatla lepas ni dia pakai socks sendiri!

The Chef : Kids kena uli playdoh and put it in a cupcake container

Ruang legar parents

Chef Wawa

The Marketer : Kids must find the correct fruit puzzle part (at a market) before combining it at the end line

Blue House is 1st Runner Up!

With Tokmi, thanks for coming!

The three of us , Aqib tido

Thanks Ilhan for coming! Wawa and her cousin!

The kids with their aunties. Too bad they arrived late ahah but thanks for dropping by!

There are two other jobs that I did not mentioned earlier which is the construction builder and the fisherman (Wawa x participate). Cool kan concept sport day Azarif ni? Can’t wait for the concert day!

Thank you to the teachers for all the hard work though!



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Pampering Diriku : Spa Review 3

We had accidentally discover this Spa during our stop by to shop at Fabulous mom @ Ukay Boulevard last week. Located on 2nd floor from Ratu store.

My dear friend saw the promotional bunting advertised and told me “Kak Iera if one day nak singgah sini. nak gi sekali” So there and then, I thought why not we just drop a visit to inquire on the packages and see the ambiance ourselves that day.

A week later, we decided to give it a try with my 2 close colleague from office.

The ambiance is okay, we feel very comfortable for a spa at a shop lot. There are 4 rooms – 1 is the office we can perform our solat there, 1 big room for facial & massage (fit 3), 1 room for saloon and 1 room for sauna + massage. As it is a private muslimah’s spa we were comfortable to make ourselves at home boleh bukak tudung and everything…haha!

For us the price is really affordable for those who loves to spend your time, pampering yourself for full body massage,lulur/scrub and etc, its worth a try 🙂 For us we try the 2 different package that day. Mine was full body massage plus facial, while my other friend took full body massage plus sauna plus hair wash and blow. Each set only costs us RM80! (This is member’s price, non-member is RM90, normal price is RM110)

From all the services we took, I am definitely coming back to get body massage. While my other friend loves the facial treatment. For normal facial they are using mustika ratu product (only RM40) or for upgrade facial (RM80) they will use Mililea product.

Saloon area

                                                             Sauna box
                                                              The lobby
                                              One of the treatment room
                                                      The reception area

I seems to react to mustika ratu products so it’s a no-no facial for me next time. I’ll stick with my SKII facial. heeeee…….

Tapikan….urut dia….is the best! I got this girl name Mira. It only costs you RM50 for a full body massage tau. Memang ok dekat spa tu. Maybe because it is new…but its clean.

If keen to give it a try, just call the owner – Miss Iris/Lin she is very friendly only 36 years old and the best part is she is my newly discovered neighbor! Her daughter too is in the same school as my Wawa!

So our review results for this Spa is:-

Ambiance : 5/10

Service : Urut 9/10 , Facial 7/10, Sauna 7/10

Price : 10/10

I totally agree with Iris, the concept is an affordable beauty center for all.

Estree Beauty Centre, Level 1 (Above Fabulous Mom), Ukay Boulevard, UK.

Iris 01115752820



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Family Time @ Kidzania : Part 2

Continued from Part 1 entry

From Painting School, we then had to persuade Wawa to try the “dentist” job.

Gosh it was soooo difficult to convince her to do this as she refused again and again due to this mannequin yang jadi mock patient! Yes!! our daughter hates any form of mannequin since she was big enough to differentiate that thing.

She can play with it but she refused to have it in the same room with her at night! Why we want Wawa try this job ? Because she’ll learn how to brush this big teeth replica. Missy yang jaga turn ni dua tiga kali tanya I, “Anak akak ni ok tak nanti, takut dia buat hal kat dalam dentist” I know my daughter very well of course everything will be ok. 🙂 ” Takpa dik, kat dalam dia akan follow apa staff instruct”

True enough when her turn finally arrived, she was smiling ear to ear, excited with the white doctor overall that she got to wear. The kid brush the teeth and were given some briefing (due the loud fire fighter sirens it was opposite the fire station! kita tak dengar apa pun kat luar) and finally got the chance to actually try fixing the teeth! (masa ni we realised Wawa is the smallest kid in there! tak sampai nak tengok mulut patung tu!)

                                        That’s my girl, berani dah check gigi 🙂

Sadly by this time, my X10 ran out battery and we had no choice but to use Wawa’s camera to take some photos…haiyah!

Her 2nd final job is of course among her favourite – as a beautician. She wore this pink overall and do makeup for a customer! She was smiling and giggling with the girl customer. Siap berblusher,lipstick and the girl came out with a very pink cheek! LOL

Masa ni time dah 7.10pm, so we decided to try one last job…coz Wawa pun dah start penat sangat and ngantuk…and I targeted this Ayam Brand School of Cook, next to the Sushi (age limit tak cukup).

Pictures tak transfer lagi from wawa’s kamera…nanti ya.

I like this one very much CHEF costume complete with the hat!, she learn how to cook/prepare a heart shape sandwich. Lepas habis masak, they all can eat the sandwich!! Wuhooo Sarah seronok sangat. I noticed her interaction skills has improved a lot, she actually chatted with the other kids! Alhamdulillah, slowly.

Oh yes,,,for those photography lover…SONY send out their photographer all over the Kidzania taking shots of kids in their uniforms. Once they capture ur kids pictures, they will scan your child’s wrist band and when you go to SONY store, just swipe your kid’s wrist band and you can see all the shots taken. BUT….it’s expensive, 1 picture cost RM30 or you can buy 3 pictures @ RM70. I had to choose between 6 shots! Once they printed the pictures, there is a code on the pic where you can download the pictures from their site. (ahhh baru teringat nak download the soft copy)

It was really fun, I wanted Wawa to spend all her Kidzos shopping but Mr Husband said keep lah…as we shall come back to try other jobs! Yeabbadobado…hopefully next time gan her cousins pulak! 🙂

Perhaps November nanti ya! During the long school break!

That’s it…wrapping up. That’s our story! We Heart Kidzania very much! We know you’ll love emm too! Have fun!



Notes: One of the staff saw me breast feeding Aqib at one corner, and suggested me to go to a special baby room, dia kata siap boleh baby baring??? Kat atas…but I x sempat nak check it out…so luang2kan masa check it out for me ya?

Some other pictures captured.

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Happy Birthday!

April is here again, time to wish my 2 beloved nephew and niece, my 2 brothers.

11th april 2007 – Happy 5th birthday dearie Elli!

25th april 2005 – Happy 7th birthday Luqman!

26th april 1978 – Happy 34th Birthday Abang!

29th april 1987 – Happy 25th birthday Aiq!

My duua, goes out to all of you..may Allah blessed you with great health,rezeki and happiness. May our family all be well and close forever!

Cant wait for the makan-makan!

lotsa love


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Pureen Warehouse Sale 2012

*I almost gave up,I thought my arms can cabut at any time…seriously I wanted to cry….cry for help!!

Had purposely split up with mr hubby at one point (of course we didn’t want to) but the crowd was too congested and we got stuck in the middle of human traffic! Between those who wanted to shop with those queuing to pay. Very bad,I can only smile when I heard the fathers group scolding the mother “taubat dah nak datang sini,jangan harapla lain kali abg nak setuju menda macam ni!” errkk lucky my hubby was ok.

The story
It all started when my sil Kak Nina told me of such sale! My sil Pu3 did went to check it out last year and that is when I forwarded the map to mr hubby.

My SIL advised us not to bring the kids to but due to the massive crowd. Tu pun,kesian I tengok to those parent who has no choice but to bring their baby and toddler in.. yang tak bley tahan tu yang bawa stroller!! ayooo commonla memang tak boleh tolak masuknya.

But due to a birthday lunch that afternoon we had to bring the kids and bibik sit near the entrance area with Aqib,while wawa followed us in.

Oh yes I had to leave my hp with bibik,so no pictures la for this entry but I guess you can blog hop to this entry.

Anyway mr.hubby had to scream from inside when the guard wanted to close the entrance gate (tengah nak beli air kat luar) coz the place was really congested that the queue didn’t moved at all. Pak guard tak kasi masuk but luckily they let me in finally when I told them mr husband is already in the area. fuhhh….lega! but I abandon je kedai air tu bila dah order hehe,kecemasan la kononnya!!


The entrance pun dah havoc.
First they distributed this IKEA blue bag for us at the queue entrance area, then after 15 mins queueing baru bergerak sikit,body to body!!

Heinz baby food area greeted us first,mr husband plak yang excited.”grab terus,nanti takda chance nak patah balik” which is true,tak kuasa nak patah-patah balik ni!

Baby food in jar costed only,RM 12 for 3 bottles, mini juice 4 bottles and baby biscuits 2 big box for RM10, big juice apple RM8 each buy 1 free 1, biscotti RM7. We borong up to RM130 here! (pictures shall be upload later as it is still in the car!image )


After paying at only Heinz counter,then we moved to Pureen area…but aduh with the food jars berat dah! NO,we can’t exit to park the items with bibik.

Next area is the toothpaste..then kids bath shampoo,I grabbed 8 bottles and berat hokey…masa ni mr husband with me lagi…we search for breast pad,detergent,bottle cleaner everything was not within our eyesight. This is where the human traffic gone horrible*

I was determined to just redah and grab those stuff then head straight to join mr husband. BUT uwaaaa…it was horrible,nobody moved and I had to push my way in and people were pushing each other from all angel. I found what I planned to grab,the best part is that at the baby wipes area I can’t reach the wipes,had to sneak my hand below and over those blocking but luckily some people are kind enough to pass me the wipes. We even joked around with each other dalam sesak-sesak….to reduce anger and negative vibes I guess! 🙂

The best thing,I witnessed was the spirit of 1 Malaysia. Chinese,Indian and Malay helping each other..passing the unreachable items,giving ways to those poor parent with babies/toddler and of course pregnant mommies. There is 1 elderly chinese woman (rasanya shopping untuk anak dia coz I saw maternity pad 2-3 bundle..wipes and etc…)following me very closely from behind as I rempuh – opening the pathway heading to the opposite flow.So kira I bantulaaa dia hahah…but at one point I was stuck..and all of us were suffering with the weight…aduh serious sampai la ni sakit bahu kanan ni…muscle pain! Then she said “hurry up please…(nada kesian) my stuff are falling…I don’t have enough hands” At our right side were the paying crowd, they helped her rearranged her stuff and the suddenly from no where someone handover a blue IKEA bag to that lady…fuhhh good work everybody! That’s the spirit, everybody gets what they want! 🙂

Panjang bebenor citer I kan…sorryla bersemangat sikit bab-bab ni 🙂

View from our parking side. This is facing the back of the warehouse, nampak less crowd coz it’s baju-baju nya section.

Anyway, when I finally reached the other side I couldn’t find mr husband and with no hp, I was desperately looking for a phone….public booth ke…and finally had the courage to approach a RELA staff and she lend her hp…but Mr Hubby x pick up!! Can you imagine how I felt at that time??? I left a message to the RELA staff incase Mr Hubby return the call…and went straight to the end side….and there he is with Wawa talking to his friend. Sabar je la kan!

I didn’t even bothered to look at the clothing even though it was really cheap you an get it at RM1,RM2 and etc…

We joined the others at the side and sort out which items to pay…and I left him to pay and we joined bibik and Aqib at the entrance. Waited in the car. Fuhh lega selesai!

There overall cost spent was ok…takdala melampau. 🙂

Fuhhh rasa macam serik nak harung lagi, tapi it’s totally worth the effort for such bargain lah! Next year nak gi lagi ke?? We’ll see….just wait and see…at the moment rasa macam tak nak dah!!

How was yours??!! Tell us about it, any tips do share…we learnt a few tips where to park, where to pay, how to tackle the crowd,,,is all about strategy and teamwork! Good luck!



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Tiffany Engagement Day!

Today 14th April is my cousin big E-day and yes she is the only girl in the family too! So it was really grand and I looooved the theme color so much! Sempena tema tiffany jewellery ー light turquoise! The bunga telur is a Tiffany jewellery box tied up with white ribbon.

The Shamsudin clan were given the choice to dress up in brown or peach. I and mr hubby were given the honour to be one of  the usherer. Ramai ada baby kecik this year,glad that I  can make myself useful. Thanks to bibik and my ample ebm stock though! So mama can be on duty but with kids at the same venue!

Everything was so pretty,just look at the pictures. Fewer words this time…:)


The baju!


Busy coordinating the desserts!


Ohhh tempting betul kek ni!


Cloudy day!



me and Aqib, Wawa ntah mana main dgn cousins semua.


My beautiful pregnant sister in law (I told her this shall be your twin pregnancy portrait) hehe


Rombongan lelaki in purple! One of Rafik’s cousin is my childhood friend!

the women usherer

It was raining earlier but it stopped just before the function,alhamdulillah.

Everything went well, looking forward for the big W day this 12,13,14,15 and 16 September 2012! Yupe 5 days to be blocked for their reunion day!

Gotta start hunting for the right fashion for the Big Wedding of the year pulak…uhhh baju 5 helai ke? eheheh….hope not la. kopak ooo!

Till September then! Congratulations an dearie! Let the countdown begin!



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Family Time @ Kidzania – Part 1

Our actual plan today is to go to the Aquaria, but then my aunty invited us for a gotong-royong to finish up the bunga telur for this e-day.

So only around 4pm we start heading back to KL from Shah Alam. I was really sleepy when suddenly mr.hubby took a different route and was about to approach a junction between heading to KLCC or Mutiara Damansara he asked “ke nak gi IKEA?” Being me, I perked at any suggestions involving that yellow and blue furniture store!! hahahaahahhaha

Me “huh??…what now? erm oklah” but after he took that junction , me “oh here we go, kesian wawa pulak, today is supposed to be her day”

“eh sini ada Kidzania, should we try or not?” was a bit skeptical on this impromptu idea of mine. ” mahal tak?” mr hubby tanya he/heh..”of course la mahal, tapi should be around the cost budgeted for Aquaria rasanya? So how, do you wanna try check it out?”

I was still in shock until now that my mr hubby agreed to that last-minute idea and turned our car from the traffic light heading to IKEA and went straight into the Kidzania’s parking lot (uhhh sangat la sempit turning tempat nak turun parking dia, advisable bring your small car not big car takut scratch langgar tepi)

Right….now is the real part :p

As we stepped into the building,  this “air asia check-in counter” greeted us. I was a bit confused at first, but not for long! It was actually Kidzania’s ticket booth la! Haiyaa…jakun ma :p

We were again confused with the term “with my Kid”, where the price are lower compared to “without my Kid”. I thought “alamak…we didn’t bring the kids’s My Kid la pulak hari ni” But after talking with the staff it seems that everybody misinterpret that those terms are just to differentiate between locals and foreigners la! Fuhh selamat, we were with bibik luckily she was also charged under local! hehe…

The entrance fees (local) for adult is RM35 each and for kids aged 5 is RM55 (without mykid RM75 (foreigners)), babies under 2 yrs old is FOC! For Kidzania’s official website just click here.

They asked Wawa to stand on the luggage weight area and put on a scan bracelet on her wrist. Then applied the rest of the family too hokey termasuk stroller Aqib!

Wawa was given some sort of passport looking book (a map of kidzania) and then a CIMB cheque!

They even give us the boarding pass tau! The staff was so cheeky that when we were heading towards counter ticket exit,”bang, you cannot board your plane without your boarding pass” and pass us this!! :)))

The staff escort us to the lif (as we were with Aqib’s stroller that day) and once we reached 5th floor, kononnya we arrived at Kidzania and had to go through this immigration check-up point. It was soo cool ok, with the replica of AirAsia plane by the wall, and the counter had this immigration uniformed staff scanning our tag as we enter to Kidzania. Siap ada kaunter “foreigner,warga asing” tuh! I joked with bibik that she’s supposed to check in there! LOL!

As we stepped into the world of Kidzania, the staff advised us to cash in wawa’s cheque first at CIMB bank. Being Wawa who is always shy and “tak nak” I wanted to accompanied here into the Bank but only kids are allowed. But luckily Wawa is always ok when taking orders from/ dealing with the staff/teacher. So she went in and cash in her cheque and got her 50 kidzo currency to start living in the kidzania world!

Waiting for her turn at CIMB counter.

kidzo notes

The Kidzania Song and Dance (at every hour where the staff semua kena dance!)

Masuk-masuk je, the Theatre greeted us.

How does Kidzania works?! Memula terpinga-pinga juga lepas cash in the cheque. But after talking to the staff we finally know what to do.

Things that you should take note:

 Go around the whole Kidzania to survey what jobs are available before you ask your child which job they want to try (or just sit look at the map, the map is detailed enough indicating where and what and whether your kid can earn salary in kidzo currency or your kid need to pay)

Parents are not allowed to go into the shop/office where the kid to do/try the job by them self. (Wawa was saying no no…because she was shy and afraid (nak mama or papa teman) at first but alhamdullilah later on she gained her confidence) So dear mommies janganlah stress kalau anak tak nak participate!! huhu! rugila sikit kat situ.

It’s better if the whole family can spend the whole day there because each job functions normally last for 10 mins,15 mins and the longest Wawa tried was 20 mins. Mak bapak melangok kat luar observing their kids from outside the glass divider just like an aquarium and yes they were all busy taking photos of their kids!

Queuing for the jobs is a bit challenging if you go on weekends or public holidays. From our observation, the favorite jobs usually got the longest queue. Fuhh panjang and you waste most your time there (if the job duration is 20 mins then you’ll have to wait for 20 mins la…tu tak termasuk time queue).

Among the favorite jobs we noticed :

1. Fire fighter (the kids got to wear full head to toe uniform, got on the firefighter truck and pusing kidzania one big round before spraying water to this hotel which is on fire)

2. Police (kids gotta wear the big blue adult uniforms and round the city-meronda kut)

3. Pilot ( This one is really cool the kids gotta try the simulation plane provided)

4. You can use KIdzo currency in Kidzania to buy some food or merchandise, just look at the map for the shops that you can use RM and which one you can use Kidzo.

5. Food are all expensive, 1 vitagen costed RM2.80!! apa maahall bebenor.

Jobs that Wawa tried were…

1. Poslaju staff ( they had to deliver and collect parcel and packages all around kidzania. 20 kidzo for the work done – gaji la tu) Masa ni rasa Wawa macam tak faham the briefing by the staff, sorang tu 6 yrs old so habis tah mana-mana kami pusing nak hantar parcel…penat wooo kitaorg ikut depa..mcm kecik lagi to try this job)

2. Jewellery Maker ( Wawa makd her own bracelet)

3. Went to study at NZ Painting School ( Wawa’s favorite! they got to try the art school environment and got to bring back her artwork!)

While Wawa is “working”, we took turns to solat, refresh and pusing around the kidzania. Wished, all parent are allowed to queue heheh….so jimat la masa and she got to try semua job! But too bad cannot meh!

Oh yes, before trying the jobs, you need to look at the poster info pasted on each shop/office.

The “information department” revealed the suitable age to participate, the capacity of how many kids can go in at one time, the time (duration) of each activity will take place and of course the “economy” either you are working to earn money or you are using their service and need to invest money kidzo. I.e. Panting school is suitable for kids aged 4 yrs plus, can only fit 6 kids at one session, we have to wait outside for 15 mins hehe Wawa got to enjoy her activity for 15 mins and Wawa need to use her 5 kidzo to join this school. Got it? senang la nak pilih activity apa yang sesuai dengan umur anak kita.

Don’t worry they have activities from toddler aged 1 yrs old and above.

Wawa tried a few more jobs …stay tuned ok….to be continued….banyak sangat ambil gambar!!



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