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My Breastfeeding Stories : My EBM Supplements

Currently I’m taking 3 supplements daily to boost my ebm supplies in term of quality then of course quantity!




Habbatus Saudah Kaasyifa is one of product used in Islamic medication system by An Nissa Islamic Treatment. Well known for its effectiveness in increasing women well-being and of course my main intention to increase my ebm supplies.

2 of my ebm mommies group take habbatus saudah with honey, and their stock increased tremendously!

Proven too, my morning pumping session increased from 2oz to 4oz balik,my noon session increased from 7oz to 10oz. bolela…but the taste is urghhh sangat x sedap…but i found out ustaz2 kat bawah surau bank ni banyak jual supplement based on sunnah nabi.  I am aiming to purchase the royal jelly with habbatus saudah.. Yang ni sedap dia jual rm180,  mine only RM52  je. Mine I try my best to take it together with honey.

Besides that they even sell honey + cider + habbatus saudah….emmm sedap tau ni!! but herga erkk…slow2 la I collect 🙂

So for those mommies yang nak do pm me,who knows it will work for your supplies too?

Besides that I also take dates extract and Spirulina just to enhance the quality of my milk.

Love the dates extract very much!

Of course all won’t be giving such a positive results without our Almighty’s consent (dengan IzinNya). Kita ikhtiar.


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Happy 8th Month Old Aqib!

It’s still March and I hope it’s not too late for my monthly update on Aqib’s growth progress.

Yupe, my boy is 8 months old already!

 Too bad, my attempt to snap his pic in crawling positions remain unsuccessful again and again. He first start on his crawling position on 22nd Feb, when we were at Johor The Zone Hotel! Sayang tak dapat that shot.

Anyway this is his 8 months’ progress:

Crawling position, soldier like position, nak diri je -yes very fast !

Sit on his own steadily

Love to clap his hands, bounce two balls together and waving with his two hands.

He bounced to music! Cute sangat masa birthday sarah he bounce to the party music!

He laugh and smile all the time!

He talks a lot, germanish language i guess!! hehe

He can actually do run,run and slide with his legs on his walker!

Favourite spot is the kitchen.

Favourite toy, is the M&S bunny that my mom bought for Sarah in 2007.

Favourite food – Rice with brocoli, pear and apple.

His paed asked us to stop feeding him with all orangey coloured food such as pumpkin, carrot and papaya. As Aqib is yellowish la…

I’m still searching for his Iron supplement…Ampang Pu3 ran out of stock,

His weight is still last checked at 8.6 kg,

EBM stock supplies is still using Dec 2011 stock.

Alhamdulillah…looking forward to introduced him to protein, white meat at 9 months old.

Fuhh one thing for sure, it’s getting quite a challenge for me to take his pictures with the alphacubes! sibuk nak masuk mulut dia! well I really hope I can get at least 12 months of his alphacubes photo shoot by me! 🙂



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Someone taught me this!

Haha, you can laugh if you want too…but it had to be over a breakfast meeting with one of Petronas GM for me to discover this technique on how to eat cupcakes. Well it was in January though but finally managed to take this pictures.

Ohhh mcm ni rupanya, that’s what those sections on the cuppies wrapper are meant for. LOL!

 Tell me you don’t know this either! heehee




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A Farewell to Our Uncle

It was 11.11.11 when he fell at his house toilet in Pajam after complaining of a head ache. They thought it was a stroke, the whole left side of his body paralysed since the fall.

They went to Hukm to investigate further his illness and shocked to discover that my uncle was diagnosed with brain cancer stage four.

It took “it” only four months to kill.

4 weeks ago we went to visit him at the ICU HUKM and on that day the doc told the family that the chemotherapy is not working. The whatever cell in his body were too active and now had already conquered the rest of his body.

When I last saw him,he still can recognized us but speechless and thin, such a sad sight.

They took him home, as there are no cure for such illness. Biarlah pergi dengan aman dirumah sendiri.

12th March, my parent went to visit my uncle again without us as we have other agendas.

13th March, 12.30pm I received a call from my mother saying that my uncle had passed away.

My uncle left 6 children, 2 daughter in-laws and his wife.

Al-fatihah to our dearest uncle Nes, moga roh arwah dicucuri rahmatNya.

He was only 56 years old.

KepadaNya kita semua kan kembali, tidak akan ada satu pun kekal abadi.



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Our little Cutie Pie is 5 today!

5 years ago,I went through a c-section to deliver our dearest daughter,
5 years ago we shed some tears of happiness for the gift from the Almighty,
5 years ago a little pink girl came out from me,
5 years?? Yes MasyaAllah FIVE!


Mama,papa and Aqib pray for your happiness, health, safety and duaa for a solehah khalifah,daughter and cucu. InsyaAllah.

Mama 🙂

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Flexibath is finally in the house!

Yeay! I cannot described how ecstatic I am today when the most targeted item is finally here at our home. Flexibath is ours!

In my last few entry I did highlighted of our 2 in 1 inflatable bath tub. Well Mr husband & bibik did something with it during our last trip at JB and now we gotta keep blowing the tub before using it…adeh…

So lucky that ISetan is having its grand prix sales from 2 to 15 March!

Why I want it..?

1, The inflatable bath tub by mothercare dah bocor! (uwa mr husband and bibik handled it when I was out working when we were moving from The Zone JB to Sari Pan )

2. Dah lama usha flexibath ni heheh

3. It’s very practical to bring with us when travelling and as our 3rd bath tub at our own home.

4. It’s foldable and easy to handle (no more kes bocor bila nak kempiskan)

5. It was on sale!

6. Hubby sponsored it as it falls under “need” category (no bath tub at our home)

7. Oh yesss,space saver!


1. Very easy to keep and handle by any of us.

2. But must handle according to its instruction, avoid contact with detergent and must use the plug to flush out the water.

3. There is a handle clip to keep it in folded position.

4. No more bouncy benefits for Aqib though! 😦

Ours is this white color.

This is how easy for you to fold it.

The kids were all excited too when we first try the tub, wawa and aqib in the tub giggling!Again no picas due to my dead hp! Too bad! Maybe next time I’ll just add in the picture.

All pictures are from Google Image. TQ!




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A BBQ Party – 3rd Mysha Pool Party

Our dearest Mysha turned 3 years old last 2 weeks, and her mommy hosted a pool bbq party at their home pool in Ampang.

Mommy Mysha ni very creative tau, just look at the home-made birthday cake and deco.

Picas of parties as usual can be viewed here \\





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