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A Colorful Party!

A colorful pool party indeed! ūüôā

Click here for more picas.



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Johor Premium Outlet

When my bos requested for us (me and my colleague)¬†to pick our outstation¬†job venue¬†either Penang or Johor Bharu, me and mr.husband decided to opt for JB. Ermm¬†why involved mr husband ni kan? Well we sort of serik¬†&¬†kesian¬†with Aqib¬†crying at¬†night searching for mama¬†on my first outstation¬†trip to Kuantan¬†& Terengganu¬†in Oct 2011. You see, Aqib¬†is currently¬†a full breast feed baby and night is a crucial moment for¬†him to be¬†by my side. So yes, from now onwards they will follow me to any of my outstation¬†trips jika¬†budget dan masa mengizinkan. (hopefully tak banyak¬†sangat la….uwaa!)

To make it interesting, we’ll add one day extra for the family to jalan-jalan¬†around the local city. Next trip shall be Kota Kinabalu or Kuching in April! Haiyoooh! Masalah¬†nak¬†naik¬†kapal¬†terbang¬†dengan¬†semua ni!

Anyway back to my JB¬†story….yes mr.husband highlighted that this is our chance to check out the famous Johor Premium Outlets near Kulaijaya¬†(JPO). It’s a must drop by venue if you go to Johor state.

Believed it or not, we went twice! Mr husband heheh went triple time! (My dad, him, bibik and the 2 kids went first racky jalan while me and my mom both work!) We supposed to go on Friday morning (cuti officially) but instead my dad and mr.husband managed to persuade us to singgah kejab on our back to JB from UTM Skudai. So, we went with our work attire lah ke situ.

My first impression when I first caught a glimpse of the venue from far¬†were “eh¬†sebijik¬†macam factory outlet in Victoria”

Impressive! Pic above taken on 2nd day, while the 2nd one below on 1st day (after 6.30pm)

We had our dinner and lunch at JPO foodcourt, the food options were good and yummeh! Try their fresh tau fu fa from the Soya Kiosk, Ayam Penyet and Cantonese Kuewteau. Price range macam food court KLCC.

Hired their “Car trolley” for wawa¬†becuase¬†JPO¬†ni boring for the kids (before we discovered the playground on 1st floor near Guess and Adidas boutique the next day), so why not keep her entertain with the car kan? So I went and¬†ask about the rental and errkk¬†a bit¬†shock to know that I need to pay RM130¬†upon rental! RM100¬†for deposit and RM30¬†is the actual rental cost. Terdiam¬†kejab….but after fikir-fikir¬†tempat¬†macam¬†ni memang¬†la mcm¬†tu costkan? Nasib¬†baik¬†Aqib¬†kecik¬†lagi…kalau 2? Aduh¬†hehe!

After solat¬†then we start checking out the boutique there.¬†First day was for us to survey only (malam¬†pendek¬†8pm to 10pm) memang¬†tak cukup¬†masa! Managed to cover only half of the outlet….oh yes we did check-¬†out¬†Coach…but hmph agak¬†menghampakan¬†the price is still quite high compared to when you buy direct from US, plus the stock are mostly¬†yang dah outdated…yang design CC….so cancel hasrat¬†nak¬†beli¬†COACH handbag.¬†Oh yes my mom introduced¬†OROTON¬†to me, it’s an¬†Aussie brand….yang¬†ni I like. The designs tak luput¬†ditelan¬†perubahan¬†masa/fashion. My mom told me her hantaran¬†handbag were OROTON¬†and sampai la ni still in excellent conditions.

Anyway there were more than 30 outlets, I purposely candid the directory stand for future references.¬†Additional building/ wing will be build¬†to add more branded boutique there. Yeay? Soon it’ll be in Sepang¬†too! Bahaya¬†nih! Most of the items are¬†from 30%,50% and 70% less. Among the shops that we went it were DKNY, Burbbery, OROTON, Micheal Kors, Cotton On, Poney, Flow, Guess, Adidas, Baskin Robin, Starbucks, Vincci, Pedro, GAP, Nike, Fossil, Braun Buffel, Feregamo, La Senza, G2000 and a few more.

Directory JPO

The sad part is that, there are no pumpkin-patch shop la…we went crazy at Perth FO last time! There were Guess kids, GAP kids, DKNY¬†kids and Poney. But the sizes were limited! Aqib¬†got himself 3 pieces of shirt while for wawa¬†we bought her new jeans (semua¬†dah kecik!!). For me, I was feeling little down that it’s not a kids’ clothes heaven!

The next day after checking out from our hotel, we were at JPO¬†from 3pm to 7pm tuh! Pergh…puas hati tu! ūüôā

Well what we bought no need to tell it here la, let it be just between the family. ūüôā

So you guys should definitely come here one day and kalau datang tak beli tak best la kan.

Enjoy the pics taken on our 2 days visit at JPO!

We left wawa and bibik at the playground while we checkout the shops.

Mr husband was very happy when we were at JPO,I can see his eyes bersinar-sinar! Hehe!


Oh yes tips if you’re planning to visit JPO soon;

1. Avoid coming on weekends (staff told us the crowd is crazy, you even have to queue to enter the boutique)

2. Masa weekend, sizes banyak habis, barang banyak takda stock.

3. So do plan your trip on weekdays.

4. Drop by on your way to JB or on the way back to KL.

5. Solat, Baby room and toilets are all clean.

I did tumpang¬†my ebm¬†in their fridge at the foodcourt! hehe¬†alhamdulillah my stock survived the trip ūüôā



Date 23 & 24 Feb 2012

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Alhamdulillah (sujud syukur), our prayers to Allah has been answered.

My little boy is Insyallah a healthy boy! 

His blood test result came out negative of thalassemia.

His red blood cell count has been increasing from 7.6 to 9.1.

Sikit lagi nak 10/10.

Everything started when he was admitted in Nov. The original sample blood taken at 5th month old were to test on his allergies but they discovered that his red blood cell count were lower than normal. 

My heart almost dropped when the doc asked whether we have any thalassemia in the family ,as it can only be passed through family members (genetic hereditary factor).

I am pretty sure that I am clear of it and so does mr.hubby. But when the Doc told us that there are some rare cases that the “carrier” might not know they have it, as they can live like normal people.

After discharged, we were asked to do a follow-up blood test.

The first¬†result was still low, but increased a bit and the latest one was on early Feb when the nurses need 9ml¬†of his blood sample. A lot for a little baby, it was such a sad moment where the first attempt failed…Aqib cried at top of his lungs, but I know we must get this done for the sake of finding the right dignosis and then the right¬†cure.

 The nurses at the 1st floor lab had given up on poking Aqib when their first attempt managed only to collect less than 1ml! They discussed and advice us to go to the emergency to get their expert when handling with babies!

There, it took us almost an hour just to get 9ml¬†of blood. Her first attempt were to poke Aqib’s¬†arm but failed and after a few series of brainstorming, she decided to use the finger prick! Each tube can fit 0.5ml sooo cuba bayangkanlah,berapa¬†kali¬†kena¬†buat. The first thumb managed to get around 7 bottles of 0.5ml, the 2nd thumb (this time I told the nurse let me breastfeed Aqib¬†while she pressed his thumb to get the blood. Alhamdulillah, he cried a little and fall asleep…penat dah nangis¬†kesian baby mama).

The Doc told us¬†that for thalassemia test they need a lot of the blood sample and it’ll take 2 weeks to get the results.

That day we went home, hugging my little boy tightly. Praying hard.

So on 18th Feb, a day full of emotions…suspense, fear, hopeful and full of anticipation!

The doc told us, the result came out negative! Clear normal…just¬†a bit¬†on a¬†low side.

Alhamdulillah, thank you so much Allah for answering our prayers.Nothing more that we’d like to¬†seek, but for a healthy pair of kids. Nothing can beat this gift from you Ya Allah!



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Product Review : Steam, Flip & Blend Philips Avent Blender & Baby Cubes

Remember my entry on introducing solids to Aqib in December 2012? Well finally got the time to update my blog on this blender.

When¬†I first decided to buy this blender,I’ve been reading a lot of product review via Google. So today I’ve decided to do my one product review…

Why I loved it so much?

1. VERY user-friendly

2. Easy to handle

3. Less food contamination ( you don’t need to move from steamer then to blender)

4. Time saver!!

I say it’s worth the money¬†I’ve invested!


1. No travel bag to carry the blender when you are travelling (my previous 3 in 1 blender was all in 1 travel bag)

2. A bit big, wished they got a mini version for travelling! (yes I am the one who liked to bring all the gadgets when travelling! ahahah)

3. I hate 2 pin plug! (well I know I can just go to any electrical shop and change to 3 pin plug)

3. Wished the wire is a bit longer. Hmmm if ada yg boleh battery operated best jugak kan untuk travel?

Anyways….I do know we can use the manual food masher when we travel!

Hmm apa¬†lagi¬†ya? I’ll add in if tetiba¬†teringat¬†kay….

Some pictures taken (step by step) on how we (me and¬†yes,¬†my bibik¬†of course) prepare Aqib’s daily meals.

Baby Cubes Reviews

Why I loved it?

1. Organized containers where I can portions the puree according to his small intake.

2. Complete with lid to avoid contamination.

3. Light and easy to handle.


1. It’s not air tight sealed so it leaks! (kena¬†tegak¬†je)

2. errr nothing….just one!

At 7 months and 11 days old, we swapped size¬†from¬†small¬†to large. (small tu dah sikit¬†sangat¬†for him, yang large tu pulak¬†too big la pulak at the moment…nak cari yang medium aaa!) :p

Well, do share you like and dislikes if you are using the same blender & baby cubes!



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My Boy is 7 Months Old

Happy 7 months Aqib Boy!

He turned 7 months last 30th January 2012.

His latest progress : sitting on his own, turning all over, sucking his two left hand fingers.

Eating like a champ, 3 times daily!

Stock EBM is still using Oct 2011’s milk supplies.

He hates banana, but love everthing else!

His weight drop from 8.6 to 7.6kg.

Such a happy baby!

Muahssss love you Sayang!



Note on EBM : when pumping, i can only get around 2 oz in the morning, 8 oz lunch time and 5 oz in the evening. No more full bottles masa pumping!


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Favourite Hat is back on the rack!

Yupe,it’s official!
I’m sharing my hobby on wordpress too!

Come and follow http://a2ppl.wordpress.comA2PPL.


Addictions 2 Party Planning is BACK in town.


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Baba’s 65th Birthday

Mr husband’s dad turned 65 years old on 3rd Feb 2012, Friday.

We celebrated his birthday on Sunday the 5th Feb, he requested for nasi minyak¬†so mami¬†cooked his special request..for lunch…the original plan was¬†to treat for Nasi Arab, tak jadi¬†coz adik-adik¬†nak¬†tukar¬†selera….then mr husband suggested Ben’s at Pavillion.

Ohhh¬†i¬†didn’t know they got Ben jugak¬†kat situ, so we went and¬†checked it out coz Ben’s KLCC¬†tak sesuai¬†bawak¬†anak2¬†kecik¬†dengan¬†stroller semua…plus lampu malap-malap¬†ni (dimmed light concept) ni sungguh¬†merimaskan¬†for me when you are with the kiddos.

Surprisingly, banyak-banyak¬†Ben’s Kitchen we went, this was a¬†brighter version. I¬†am aware that they don’t take reservations but alhamdulillah¬†berkat¬†bawak¬†Aqib¬†kot¬†dia kasi¬†la nak¬†block table for 12. Siap¬†sms¬†me bagitau¬†meja¬†dah siap¬†tuh! Good staff!

Anyway enough about Ben’s back to the birthday story heheh!

We just had dinner there¬†and on the next day celebrated with a home-made¬†cake by Adek¬†Yam (my SIL). It was really sedap! Well done dear! Mami’s¬†birthday next week hopefully dia bake lagi! Jimat¬†gitu kan? Mr husband la yang suka¬†lebih¬†bab tu!

Happy 65th year old Baba! May Allah bless you with good health and rezeki!

An gan Wawa enjoying their cake.



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Layang-Layang = Kites!

When my SIL invited us to join them to Taman Layang-Layang or¬†Kite’s Park (Taman Metropolitan Kepong) I was all ready for it, even though we had my Pet Sis 6th baby aqeqah in Kajang!

Too bad, his client called and we had to rushed to his office instead, timing dah cun dah actually for us to join them at the park ūüė¶

Anyway…we did check-out the park¬†the day after!

I had to rush everyone (pheww penat oo kerah semua siap) to join us to the park coz, the more the merrier kan if just four of us tak beshh la! So after asar, 7 of us finally depart the house, to the park we go! siap bawak basikal tuh!

It was one day before Thaipusam (6th Feb 2012- Monday), so we were stuck in a little traffic jam near Batu Caves. It was not that bad actually, but we took DUKE on our way back to UK.

It was like reading a book, the weather was a bit cloudy but alhamdulillah it didn’t rain when we arrived at the park.

Sejuk mata memandang, lagi sejuk rasa di hati! Allahuakbar! What a beautiful sight!

My favourite! Snap by me…me…me ūüôā

Stalls selling food & drinks are available at the park.

No need to worry, you can buy goreng pisang,cempedak goreng, keropok and drinks at any of the stalls here. Instant picnic!

Colorful Kites

Colorful¬†kites waiting for their new owner ūüôā

 Price ranges from RM12 (large) to RM8. Wawa got hers at RM10 after bargaining (small dah habis). Bubble gun yang wawa dok sibuk nak datang sini was sold at RM10.

Picnic under the tree

My parents enjoying their picnic under the tree ūüôā

Someone is smiling!

“Ready uncle Aiq, 1…2…3… let go!!!!”

Both uncle Aiq and Mr Husband managed to fly the kite…tinggi jugak boleh tahan! Try cari ours yg mana satu!

Wawa seronok flying her own kite!

Aqib loved watching the kites scattered all over the blue sky!

Ada jugak sekeping gambar uncle Aiq amik wawa with mama :))

Anyway, she¬†didn’t even bothered to ride her bicycle. Totally engrossed with flying her princess kite. Penat je bawak bicycle tu kan!! They only passed the flying kite to wawa when it was high in the sky. But once pegang je..jatuh la kan!

Mr husband seemed to enjoyed it too, siap minta 10 mins before heading home for him to fly the kite without wawa.LOL!

Looking forward to come here again with Luqman, Elli and Ilhan pulak!

It was a great day! ūüôā



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