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My little charmer!

My little happy baby is always, I really mean ALWAYS checking out for me whenever his dad is holding/dukung him.

I just couldn’t resist to capture this melting moments of him looking at his mama.


“Mama!!!! Look at me not the tv!”


Hehe comel kan?

You are such a little charmer my boy,my heart melts each time I catch you looking at me :))


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Mama’s 57th Birthday Lunch @ Ben’s Kitchen Publica.

Previous entry on this was just us, this time all of my siblings and in-laws gathered to celebrate my mom’s 57th birthday! Knowing my mom who loved fine dining, we finally settled for Ben’s at Publica. Yes last time we brought her to try Ben’s at KLCC and both my parent seemed to like the food served there!

So on 24th Jan, all of us and yes including our little new niece Hannah joined in! (Anne just finished her 44 days confinement). The set up was nice as it offers open air seats, but of course we opted for covered air conditioned seats! LOL!

Among the food that we loved is the Steak, fish and chip and mushroom burger!

So here are the pictures of the big day! enjoy!

our big family!

Black and white!

My mom with her two girl cucu!

My loving parent yang selalu saje matching baju!

The new parent – Hijaz,Anne & Hannah ūüôā


Later moved on to KLCC to buy her an Aigner watch! haha ada chan nak pinjam ni! muhahah…well we all had a great day but the main thing is of course to pray for mama for her good health for years ahead, murah rezeki and a great life!

Last but not least, Happy 57th Birthday Mama! Please remember where ever we are, we will always love you. Muahhs!



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16 Jan 2012

A very historical day for my kiddos.




Cercerita? Later la update,dah nak sampai office!


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Happy Birthday Mama!


My dearest mother turned 57th years old on 17th January.
May Allah bless her always with good health and life hapiness.
Happy birthday mama, we love you!

Pre birthday dinner at Ben’s KLCC with my family of four

Looking forward for the all get together this Monday with the rest of my siblings.

Mama nak jam ke hp?! Hehe



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Pampering Diriku : Spa Review 2

Yes, believe it or not we had a “couple-spa” session today at the 5 star Spa Village Kuala Lumpur.¬†Located at the 4th floor of¬†Ritz Carlton Hotel, near jalan¬†Imbi, KL.¬†¬†

¬†We were late for our 2pm appointment just now due to some delay with Aqib’s¬†monthly jab and his ultrasound at APSH. I’ll blog¬†about¬†it in another entry later. Had to actually “Rush to Relax” heheheheh!!

As we stepped into the entrance of the SV, 2 of their admin staff greeted us, such a welcoming atmosphere. “Welcome Mr.husband!” (masa ni nak¬†ambil¬†gambar¬†segan¬†pasal¬†nanti¬†obvious sangat¬†nampak¬†kan! ahahah¬†orang nak¬†blogging biasalah!)

¬†We were then ushered into the “relaxing lounge” which was totally dark, only lighted by the candles on our table¬†(kitaorg¬†yang¬†baru¬†bergesa¬†daripada¬†Pavi¬†yang terang¬†bederang¬†tu bila¬†masuk¬†bilik¬†tu terus rasa black out!! had to pause for a few minutes for our eyes to¬†adjust to the darkness)

The bird chirping in the darkness was such a lovely background to tone down and relax.

While waiting, we refresh ourself with the cooled fresh towel and drink plain water.

Two staff approached us in the darkness, introducing themself as our masseuse for today.¬†Yes¬†supposed to be¬†a couple spa¬†session with mr husband but following our muslim ways we decided to opt for separate session so that he can have the male masseuse and I with the female masseuse.(been planning for ages but we never had the¬†umphh¬†and time to go for such thing! so terjadilah¬†pengalaman¬†mr.husband ke spa buat¬†pertama¬†kali¬†ehehehe….)

Mr husband¬†was shown¬†to his room near the “relaxing lounge” and mine was deep inside near the end corner. (mine was couple room and his was single room).

Our couple’s spa experience took 3 hours to complete the full package which included Nusantara¬†Treatment (traditional southeast asia). This package was chosen¬†by mr.husband la caused he was the one who arranged for this “Luxury Urban Retreat” experience for¬†us! (terkejut tak?!)

 Joanne who is my masseuse told me that we can actually choose between Trade Winds (east meets west), Traditional Royal Malay Treatment (malay), Nusantara Treatment, Gandapura (Gentlemen), Rose Therapy (Ladies) or Chinese Peranakan Treatment (no massage oil involved, pointy kindda massage).

Nusantara treatment was excellent for me, for mr.husband was ok katanya ahahah bagi orang yang pertama kali pergi spa kan! His masseuse was an Indonesian while mine was local.

Mine, start off¬†with rose oil body massage, I requested for bali¬†massage¬†(dia tanya¬†nak¬†medium ke kuat¬†tekan, i¬†boleh¬†pulak¬†cakap¬†nak¬†bali¬†style kan..tapi dia layan¬†je…ok la tuh! malay¬†style ni kan sakit¬†sikit!), hair treatment with rose oil,¬† body scrub a mixture of soya, rice, lemon grass and etc, steam and last was the rose milk bath. Ahhhh such a bliss!!

Masa dalam steam room tu, Joanne hulur cooled mineral water & face towel, fuhhh sedapnya duduk dalam panas-panas tu minum air! memang superb layanan dia! Thank you Allah, for the pleasure you provided to us today!

Lastly is the Rose Milk Bath, this time we got our “couple bath”! soooo romantic! Mr.husband joined me for our finale part.(just the two of us, in our private bath!)

Our private outdoor bath tub and shower, sambil berendam sambil minum teh & air mineral.

 After bath, finally we are ready to end this 3 hours blissful relaxation & recovery moment! Rasa macam nak lagi diurut & dibelai oleh SV!!

Our rating for this Spa Village is of course 5 star, worth every Ringgit Malaysia you spend for this rejuvenating experience. It is a truly a wonderful luxury urban retreat! Totally recommended!

For those who are interested to try the couple-spa treatment, it’s awesome. There are 6 couple room and 2 single spa room.

Of course¬†our heaps¬†of¬†thanks to mr husband’s client¬†who treated us for this¬†experience! (korang¬†ingat¬†kitaorg¬†sesaja¬†nak¬†gi spa ni! huhuh…package yang ditaja¬†ini¬†bernilai¬†RM600++ seorang¬†hokey…) Returning customer? Definitely! Mr husband kata if I¬†ada¬†rezeki¬†you gi la sorang¬†next time, i¬†gi buat¬†kerja¬†kat office while waiting for you! Haiyaahh¬†workholic¬†sungguh, i¬†guess he will not be¬†a returning customer hehe! He said it’s not my kindda thing!

Well sayang, at least you’ve experienced it!

Meanwhile, I’ll have to continue in my search to find the affordable + excellent spa experience. Bare with me! ūüôā

What a great day!! Thank you sayang!

Note: Actually mr.husband received this new year gift (cert for two) on Jan 2011, i was pregnant with Aqib so we decided to peram and alhamdulillah managed to redeemed this gift just a few days before the expiry date of 18th Jan 2012.




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Sarah’s New Pre-School

We’ve been through this moment last year, but that time was at her previous school @¬†ICDC.

  • This year, due to some transportation matter, we’ve decided to transfer Sarah at a new preschool near very near our home which is Azzarif.
  • Before deciding on this kindie, we surveyed UK Perdana¬†Little Caliphs…but decided that it would be¬†an issue on her transportation again so why not settled for the next door kindie. Honestly, i was a bit worried of¬†Little Caliph¬†location at the end¬†of the hillside!!
  • Trying to tune her bedtime¬†to her normal¬†school day routine was not easy after 1.5 month of school break!!
  • She’s been loving her new all pink uniform since we registered her early December 2011.¬†

Sarah’s all pink uniform.

She loves it, because it mimicked Ana Muslim character! (checkout the bag)

A little about Azzarif

  • It¬†is an english islamic medium preschool,managed by Pn. Lynn and Pn. Shima. (they are sisters if tak silap la from the facts¬†I gathered¬†)
  • The teachers are all experienced teachers even some are from Adni!! Total teachers at the moment around 7,with 40 to¬†50 kids.
  • School session start from 8am to 12pm daily.
  • Other parents told me¬†that this kinddie¬†is good especially in their ability to teach the kids to read. It’s better from Smart Reader due to the additional Islamic factor in the teaching.(borak¬†dengan¬†parent yang datang¬†from Setapak¬†semata-mata¬†nak¬†hantar¬†anak¬†sekolah¬†ni selepas¬†dapat¬†testimony adik¬†ipar dia)
  • Yes, our main priority in selecting for Sarah’s education line will be Islamic ways. This is the time to expose her to get to know our creator the Almighty. We loved ICDC¬†very much (a tahfiz¬†kindie) but too bad the location was not strategic for us ūüė¶
  • Anyways, Azzarif¬†offers hafazan¬†too for 6 years old but we know we cannot compare with ICDC.
  • The syllabus is design by teacher Hana, an expert in pre-school topics who used to be¬†attached to UM and currently with IIUM. You can find a lot of her article in the parenting magazines.

Sarah’s 1st Day

  • Had no problem to wake her that morning even though¬†she slept around 10pm. (sangat¬†susah¬†nak¬†tidur¬†malam¬†sebelum tu!)
  • As usual it took a while for her to warm up her mood into getting ready. (must¬†switch on¬†the TV first as the¬†background, then she will drink her breakfast milk and finally mandi!) So around 6.30am one of us kena¬†angkat¬†dia baring kat sofa, switch off the fan mesti¬†bangun¬†punya! ahahaha

Gurau-gurau dengan adik dulu before mandi

I’m all ready mama!

  • Alhamdulillah, this time it was okay (not her, i¬†mean “me”!) No more emotional roller coaster feeling that i¬†felt last time, Hmmpph¬†was it because last time I was at my critical mabuk¬†early stage period?!! I must blog about her “first” time ICDC later lah. What an experience!
  • The school was full of parents and their cameras hehe! Everyone wanted to capture their kids 1st day of school moment I guess?

  • Sarah was ok, she went in, got her name tag “Nur Sarah” (ni bila¬†teacher tanya¬†masa registration nak¬†panggil¬†wawa¬†ke nur sarah, dia pilih¬†nur sarah) and opt to read the books and later on other kids joined in. By that time I went and sat outside with mr.husband.
  • The morning assembly was fun, with the duaa, surah-surah lazim and then singing! I love the banana song! Little muslims!
  • Later they were divided by class, our Sarah’s class will be upstairs (4 and 5 yrs old), 6 yrs old will be having their class downstairs.
  • First 2 days was only from 8.00am to 10.30am. Just to warmed up the kids with the school. Some art session and then break time!
  • I like the fact that one of teacher prepare¬†all of the¬†school food at home. At least we know it is halal and home-made food. ūüôā
  • Most of the parent went home, and mr.husband decided to go and do his work at the internet cafe. I¬†stayed¬†and managed to mingle around with other mommies there.( last time I didn’t managed to mingle around and end up not knowing any parents, plus the send and pick up¬†part was not by us, we ended up nil in term of ukhwah moment!)
  • By 10.30am, she was happy to see me at the gate. “Mama,sekejab¬†je¬†school kan? Wawa¬†dah tak takut!” That’s my girl ūüôā

With Tok Wan & Aqib after school, showing off her art work today.


  • We got to know our UK Best neighbours. I think around 5 house in our row is sending their kids at Azzarif!
  • Get to know Kak¬†Effa, Faridah¬†and a few more parents which I cannot remember their names dah! alamak! (me and names!)
  • Chatted with a few of them and mostly are second time parents satisfied with Azzarif’s syllabus quality.
  • A peace of mind at last that at least I can personally involved with her school, teachers and other kid’s parents!

Well, alhamdulillah she is adapting well to her new routine. Moga Allah mudahkan niat baik kami. Amin.

One down, next to find her a good in house¬†ustazah¬†to teach her mengaji¬†and hafazan. Sayang¬†pulak¬†dia dah hafal¬†almost 70% ayat-ayat¬†lazim¬†from ICDC¬†at 4 yrs old..just to terapkan¬†dlm¬†amalan¬†harian dia. Here we go again!! ūüôā



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A New Year Getaway Trip – Malacca

It was totally impromtu! Nobody expected that we would be joining the end-of-year holiday craze. The initial last minute plans were to go to Port Dickson, but all the hotels were full and instead we went to Melaka from 31st Dec 2011 to 2nd Jan 2012.

The Hotel –¬†So we end up¬†booking for Avillion Legacy¬†Hotel Melaka.¬†From the internet it looked nice but internal¬†interior¬†was a bit old. Something wrong with the lobby section aircond! It was kindda warm while we wait to check-in. If you booked your rooms via online booking please do remember to print it out, or the hotel won’t able to check ¬†you in! (we end up printing at the hotel’s admin room¬†where we meet other mat salleh¬†yang tengah¬†busy printing their booking details!)

This hotel is quite strategic located at central melaka, its quite nearby to take the River Cruise at Jalan Laksamana, around 7 minutes drive from our hotel. Breakfast and dinner provided by the hotel is fine.

The journey took only around 2 hours, we arrived Melaka around 3pm from KL (we stopped for lunch at Gerai Ayam Kampung near masjid after exit Ayer Keroh). 

Aqib,steady je on the way to Melaka.

Wawa and her sunglass!

It was Aqib’s first meal, in the car pulak tu otw to Melaka¬†– carrot puree! A new beginning to his feeding world at 6 months old!

Below: Aqib upon arriving at our hotel room.

After resting, we decided to try the famous Melaka River Cruise since it was nearby. Costed only RM10 per adult and RM5 per child below 12 yrs old. I think for Aqib it was FOC.

Pics taken before naik boat.

Wawa was sooo excited that she got to be on a boat. Tak habis-habis excited “mama kita atas airkan?”

me and my beloved kiddos!

cantikkan all along the river, the building were full of wall pantings.

Official photo taken by the photographer, nak charged rm28 tuh! Bising2 dapat RM20 each.

The moving sofa at the lobby, the kids loved emm!

Next day, we went to check out the Taman Buaya

Wawa and buaya!

us masa tgk buaya show

can you see the crocodile?


Later that day after lunch, we went to jalan-jalan around the river side to visit the famous a’famosa and Jonker’s street. Lovely evening walk, we enjoyed it very much!

Aqib was such a sport during the trip! Alhamdulillah senang mama yang kaki jalan ni! Good boy!


We met this guy with his colorful ice kacang infront of A famosa.

Ice Kacang tapau!

Sarah was introduced to BECA for the first time in her life! Tak sempat nak naik, next trip we’ll definitely let her try naik beca,kereta lembu!

The famous  Jonker Street

Noi wanted to stop by here at Hard Rock Cafe Melaka, fuh nasib baik tak terbeli hehe!

After walking along Jonker Street,we then were joined by the others for steamboat dinner at Casa De Rio, by the riverside. It was beautiful sight with the lights along the river cuma steamboat tak berapa sedap! huhu…

The trip was fun, at least puas hati sampai A Famosa, Jonker Street, managed to try the river cruise (it was really impressived!), eventhough the traffic is bad it was worth it. Next trip would definitely pick a normal weekdays to come here. Taubat dah nak gi time cuti am ni!

For you guys who are interested to visit Melaka, totally recommended! But mind the horrible traffic tau!



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6 Months Old!

Someone turned 6 months old on 30th Dec 2011.


Weight at 6 months is 8.7 kg

Feeding well with apple puree, pumpkin puree, banana puree, rusks biscuits.

Physical activity : turn over, jump, smile, sucking his 2 jari and anything he hold will go right into his mouth.

Progressing well with the adjustable baby walker.

Fully breastfeeding + 3 times daily meals.

but when he tried banana menangis sakan sakit peruta!

Current ebm usage : still using September 2011 stock

His first meal time was in the CRV on our way to Melaka.

Kak Sarah travelled to Jakarta @ 6 months old

Aqib travelled to Melaka @ 6 months old

Kidney report : right side fully normal, left kidney mild dilation. ( at 12 months to do another round of ultrasound)

What else? Loving this part so much….such a happy baby!¬†

Sayang Aqib!




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