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My Boy : Presolid Preparation Part 1


Dah start bukak buku lama dan baru 🙂


It’s December! I never thought it would be sooooo soon!

Feeling a bit 😦 + 🙂 that my boy will be introduced to solid this 30th Dec (6 months)!

I have return his bumbo seat after a week of trying,to opt for more necessary Avent Steamer + Blender!


Aqib on his ex- bumbo seat. (tak guna sangat coz dia asyik tunduk ke depan, not good for his posture. I’ll let the nature do its work la..tapi kalau ada preloved nak juga beli for later-later time dia bley duduk makan)



Steam, Flip & Blend Philips Avent Blender

Glad that i’ve made the right decision, eventhough i missed sarah’s 3 in 1 blender, steamer and warmer.I’m sure this blender shall give the same level of satisfaction…maybe better? Till we start using it, baru boleh kasi review on it.

Oh yes then i’ve started to collect his food containers yang boleh freeze in the freezer. Love em, time Sarah dulu i had to use nails containers with lids to freeze hers. Lucky now, more innovative and practical gadget is available. 🙂


Got 2 sizes, but i plan to restock my fresh stock every 2 days.

Talking about gadget, i love this Munchkins Fresh food Feeder.

So weekend ni nak shop for it and some spoons,bekas makan yang comel and etc.

I am…

😦 sad that he’ll be no more 100% reliable on my bm.

🙂 that he is progressing well, the next stage of his life : MAKAN!! heheh


Among research and aim this time:-

1. Buy organic vege and fruits (today i bought his 1st organic carrot!)

2. Only feed cooled boiled water (no RO, filter2 water hokeyy)

3. Start off with very cair first gradually increase the thickness of the food.

Done this before with Sarah, how come i feel like A New Feeding Project untuk mama! pulak??!! huhuh

Till my next entry on his first feeding experience, toodles!



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My Boy : Presolid Ragam



My boy ni mcm dah nak makan sangat dah ni,just love the pics taken this morning!


” hmmphh what’s dis?”


“mama, i wanna eat this limau can aa?”

“uuaa how ermm?!!” masam reaction!

Sabar ya sayang,eventhough your paed said,we can already start feeding you solids dah (can start at 4 mths old)…mama tgh bertungkus lumus preparing your presolid recipes,utensils and all!

Kejabnya,dah nak 6mths baby mama! muahss!


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My Breasfeeding Stories : Facing EBM Worst Enemy

I’ve reached the 5th month of fully expressing bf milk for my dear Aqib. Glad and relieved to update that he had started to drink 4ounce per feeding since he turned 5 mths old last 30th nov.

Everything was going on smoothly until Dec 2011. My dept were bombared with all kind urgent datelines,all demanded our full time commitment. Hardly have the time to sneak out and go for my normal 20mins pumping session.

YES,saya tengah menghadapi ujian ketahanan diri, hanya determination menjadi pendorong saya untuk terus turun dan pump.

YA. like my fb status today-“Life is like a marathon,keep running and running wonder when will i  reach the winning ribbon?” My life is like a non stop body feels tired but i don’t think i can even take a short nap during lunch breaks. Like today for example i had to pump while working and to catch up to join the jemaah for zohor. fuhhh…i refuse to skip my pumping session.

Promised myself,busy macam mana pun i will never ever skip,but try to reschedule instead. yes that’s sounds better ganti hehe!!

*on hardcore ebm mommy mode!*

of course….dengan izinNYA. AMIN!



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My Boy: Allergy Reaction + Warded

21st Nov – On Saturday morning  i thought i saw red marks at Aqib’s arms and legs. Thinking it was just another seasonal bites by the pepijat that all of us suffered.


This picture was taken on the day he was admitted

Later on,we noticed that the marks were spreading all over his body. Aqib was really cranky! He also started to developed chesty cough and fever! Too many flam that i insisted to go straight to see gp instead of waiting for the next day to see his peadiatrician.

Doc diagnosed him with allergy and told us we were lucky to seek medication immediately. Doc put him on nebulizer for 7mins and adviced us to come again the next day for another round of gas.

He was better for the night,the next morning his condition was still not improving that we went straight to see Doc Shanaliza@Klinik Pakar Kanak-kanak Shanaliza near wangsa maju. By that time Aqib’s allergy was getting worst. At one look she decided that we need to go straight to ER.

Rasa mcm nak gugur jantung masa tu! Aqib was admitted and most dreaded part was to watch him being poked by the needles to get his blood sample and to insert iv. Kesian baby mama 😦


Aqib can still smiling at ER

Doc Nasir is Aqib’s paed since birth at APSH.Alhamdulillah he is a good doctor.He checked Aqib upon admission and confirm his lungs and flam were affected by the unknown allergy.


In a very bad state, he dozed off once the IV was put on with the medication. Within 24 hours his red marks all gone.


Kak Sarah visiting adik Aqib


Cranky Aqib


Bonding with Papa


We were discussing on the cause of the allergy,it must be either from breastmilk (salah makan probably,doc shana told me to avoid eating diary products) or it could be from materials sourced like new detergent.

Anyway to my horror,we had to watch my little boy kena pyhsio. At first i thought it was just tepuk-tepuk belakang badan for the flam to turun,but shocked and sad to discover a special thin tube inserted through Aqib’s nose and mouth to sucked out his flam.

Masa 1st session pysio tu memang emooo sikit, but to my surprise there were more than 15 babies and toddlers in the same room with us. bayangkanlah..berapa banyak baby yang nangis serentak! It seems to be season, maybe our air is sooo polluted nowadays?!


Gas for 1 minute, 2 to 4 times daily.

I cried on the first day of physio,sad to watch my 5mths old boy had to suffer through this ordeal. How i wish we can just gantikan his place at that time.

By the 2nd day tu dah tak sedih sangat,cause this is the best solution to cure him.


Tepuk-tepuk belakang dulu for 15 minutes


Tube inserted through nose and mouth to suck out the flam (most sedih part tengok anak nangis kesakitan)


Flams are all collected into this special container.


Baru bole lena


His hospital id tag.

We were there from 21st to 24th Nov 2011, alhamdulillah by 4th day he was getting better. Cuma flam still ada (i was worried jugaklaa bila doc bagi green light boleh balik). No inhaler was given but we continue to give Aqib his allergy medication up to 7 days, and 14 days of his flam medication.

Glad to report he has fully recovered and regained his weight from 6.7kg (he was @ 7,1kg before admitted) to 7.6kg by the time we went for his follow up and 5th month jab on 12th Dec 2011.

I have to watch out with seafood,diary products!

I hope we won’t have to go through this again! Amin!



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Busy Mode

It’s the end of the year again, and my dept is busy again. Hardly have the time to update my blog eventhough via hp!

Among my pending entry to be blogged:

1. Party venues sugesstions

2. Aqib hospitalized

3. School break-Pusat Sains Negara,Happy Feet,Bowling and art class!

4. Aqib 5mths old!

5. Telekom bowling

6. Imam muda hassan @ TM

7. Wan Hannah our latest niece

soooo byk to blog about,but no pc no time meh! until i find the curi2 free time and the right mood kayyy..hehe

tungguuuuuuu tau!!



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Welcome Little Girl – A new Wan In The Wan’s Family

A very warm welcome to our 2nd niece in the Wan’s family.

Born on 2nd Dec 2011, 5.28pm at Gleaneagles Hospital,Ampang.

Normal delivery,after being induced from morning.


Welcome Wan Hannah binti Wan Shazrun Hijaz.

Congratulations to both Jazz and Anne!



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