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Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah 1433


Happy new year! Yes it is our muslim new year according to the islamic hijrah calender. Alhamdulillah sempat berdoa akhir and awal tahun.

Seeking for forgiveness,may we embark into the new hijrah with full of new life objectives to become a better caliph.

New year resolution as a muslim

1. More patient

2. More duua

3. More mengaji

4. More sedekah

5. Nak try start solat duhaa

6. Register for hajj with TH

7. Try segerakan solat bila masuk waktu

8. Trying to start bertudung with all non muhrim in the house (ni payah sikit panasss,but kena start! )

9. To achieve all before next hijrah.

Duua for my success ya, i’m trying my best…takut juga sebenarnya.

Happy New Year All (^_^)



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2nd Maternity & Children Expo@ Midvalley











Venue: Midvalley Exhibition Hall

Date : 18th to 20th Nov 2011

Time: 10am to 9pm

Participation by Avent,Pureen,Bebe, Sarakids,Mom’s Little One, Autmnz, Sweet Cheery, Pa & Ma, Partymoomoo,Amaze Handpainted Products,Flykidz Gymnastics,Basilic,Luna Tots, Juaimurah Preloved, kids photobooth, MamiPoko, Snoozaboo,ELC, Discovery House, MAM ( these are among that i noticed)

There are a lot more as per pics

Anyway,when talking about baby or kids fair – we are always aware of it coz there will be a big billboard ads on my way to work at bukit damansara. I’ve seen a few ads since i’ve gotten pregnant but only finally decided to go this timeB-) Oh yes normally my ebm group and magz informed us too.

Coincidentally 18th Nov is our wawah’s last day of school ada report card day. So we both took leavelaa kononnya to go and see the teachers together,but due to heavy workload and traffic I ended up going alone,by the time we picked mr hubby it was already 3pm! We reached Midvalley by 3.45pm rushed for my zohor and settled our asar, had our late lunch and finallyyyyyyy at 5pm barulah masuk this expo!a-:)

We have always avoided Midvalley due to the heavy traffic flow and its crowded mall! But this time Alhamdulillah mr hubby agreed to check out the expo.

Bila masuk tu…

we were greeted by colorful balloons entrance!

My aimed was to find our Aqib a Fisher Price bouncer,thought I saw its signage somewhere but tak jumpa plak ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We had to rempuh the so-ever-crowded path and hall, I totally agree with my SIL’s entry on this topic,yupe..dear organizer bigger pathway phuuullleeezzee!-:)

Besides bouncer, we aimed to stock up our neccessity items such as pampers,bottle and cloth detergent, baby wipes and of course breastfeeding bras. Among the non target item i almost bought were MAM bottles at 20% less (yang ni konon nak beli siap2 but within limited budget we decided to buy only when needed- passed!) At lunatot’s counter i almost bought the red cheetah baby carrier for bibik gendong Aqib( currently she has been using wawa’s kain ngendong that my other SIL gave as present in 2007!)

Wawah was ok at the beginning,but later she was either bored or every stuff she saw, she wants to stay put at one particular booth. We were approached by these ladies asking if we want to test wawah’s IQ level,I refuse to try knowing the sales tricks hehe but tengah sibuk dan rimas masa kat Autumz booth somehow mr hubby agreed to test! Sarah sukala as they open the disney set.

Well that occupied wawa for a while…not until we had to tepis their sales strategy of only RM2,800 per set,around RM86 per month thinghy! Fuhhh next time don’t even dare to “dengar sahaja x belipun takpe”:-/

I got my nursing bras at 15% ke 20% less, bf milk plastic at only RM9! Normally it will cost us RM12.80 hehe.

Since wawa dah tak interested to join us to the other wing,we lepak near the stage where activities by the organizer was held. I stayed put mr hubby went around to survey the other wing. He came back beaming “I saw a few things that I know you would love” waaahhh seronok la plak rasa especially dia highlighted ada bouncer! We left the full stroller in the middle event area,and rushed in only to found it was not that i wanted! kesian jugak but later on we arrived at the other end part ofย  the hall where they have all sort of “extra” stuff for kids such as kids photography corner,gym kids, and others yang memang menjadi kesukaan saya! Pandai cik abgku!:-D

We finally “emerged” from the hall around 7pm,solat magrib and sambung pulak to Toys R Us to buy Aqib’s bouncer.

On the way to parking at the gardens we stop by for dinner at Ireland Potatoes,sedap tuh!ย  Chips with honey mustard! Habis dietku! huhu

Return home satisfied,cuma terbayang MAM bottles and the kain gendong je malam tu! hehe

Well,can’t wait for this May 2012 bb fair pulak,I heard this time there will be more brand participations!! If tak silap anjuran mami & babyB-)

Till we meet again on this topic,toodles!



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Good News in da house!

Yes!!!! Naquib and Sarah is expecting another cousin next July 2012!

Congrats to abang and my SIL Kak Nina!

May your pregnancy be as smooth as it could be! ๐Ÿ™‚



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My Breastfeeding Stories : Storing EBM While Travelling

When my SIL emailed me last friday asking how did I do it while I was travelling around during my outstation period,i thought hmph I have delayed long enough! so here we are…

Well I did my research and ask aroud especially to my office ebm group. Yes,we do have an official breastfeeding mommies club at work! Yeay!

Well I won’t bragged on the details,but here are the tips i’ve gathered and done myself.

1. Buy extra ebm icepacks + good storage bags that will help you to gain the extra cooling hours.

2. Check your hotel or any form of accomodation for their utilities. In our case is of course The Fridge!!..oh yes to boil too, sterilize your pumping stuff.

3.Plan early on how you will deal with your ebm stock while travelling from one point to the other.

4. Always have options (plan a or b) on how to deal with your ebm stocks.

Tips from ebm group

Q: How can I retain the freshness of my ebm milk storage while travelling?

1. I am content with the manufacture of my ebm icepacks that it should maintain its coolness for 16 hrs.

2. I try my best to put all ebm last before I left my accomodation. I makesure that the icepacks are 100% frozen. (sometimes you need to adjust your fridge temperature when you checked in)

3. When I travel with car,i make sure my storage bag is hidden at the coolest part of the car. NEVER keep it in your car boot.( temperature is really high!!)

4. For best result,always take it out with you when you stopped more than 15 to 20 minutes.

5. I did kept my ebm at the restaurant’s fridge or hotel’s main fridge when I had no other choices left – just to ensure the freshness of my ebm stocks.

Q: If my storage bag is not big enough to store all ebm stocks + ice packs?

1. Buy yourself a coleman box (sizes according to your preferences), fill it in with cube ices that you can buy from any convenience shop.

2. When it melts, you can always pour it out and fill it in with freshly bought ice cubes from any shop/restaurant that you found on your stop (i.e.R&R, kedai mamak..etc)

3. Please do make sure all ebm bottles and plastics are sealed tightly when you opt for this method to avoid from water mixing with your ebm.

Flying with your EBM

1. All local flights do allow liquid to be hand carry into their flights…eh in my case i’ve travelled with MAS airlines.

2.Only on international flights that you are prohibited from bringing more than xmls of liquid on air.

3. One of the mommies had to checked in her ebm but alhamdulillah the stock was in good condition (no spilling due to air pressure)

Hmph what else? Well that is that…anybody experienced bad time with ebm-ing when travelling? I had my fair share of the experience!

Do share your tips and stories here!

Hope this entry is helpful for those travelling working mum out there!

You can do it no matter where you are! Just need a little pinch of determination and a spoonful of patient!



Note: excuse my entry via android wordpress hp maa! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Hari Raya Eid Adha 1432H / 2011








It is raya haji again and this time we celebrate it at my inlaws ( morning) and later ard 3pm we head to shah alam for our merrier raya with my family side!

This time my aunty alia and her hubby requested for our dearest maknyah to cook the aqeqah lamb. They donated one to the anak yatim and the other one to jamu the family. I tell youlah….maknyah is the best cook in the town. Kambing tuuu masak kuah beriyani,masyallah sedap betul!

Cicah garlic bread perghh!

Anyway, everyone got to see Ilyaas and Alia ๐Ÿ™‚

The kids were looking forward for their swimming session and wawa lead the toddlers group utk serbu pool!! Hehe lucky I brought bibik to look after wawa while I took care Naquib. Papa ntah mana main bola, my dad golf, brorhers layan movie and my mom borak2 with the rest.All in one house! Macam club daaa…then of course solat jemaah beramai- ramai.

Oh yes it was zakiyy 20th birthday too…love the rainbow cake!

Whatever it is, top dish of the day seharusnya kambing tadi oookayy!

Selamat Hari Raya Korban everyone!



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Double Tree – pool scenes




Looking forward for our stay here next year! Just look at the pool, memang cantikkan?

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Birthday Lunch@ Double Tree by Hilton


It’s my dad 58th ud my SIL 33rd double birthday celebration. Both birthdate on 30th & 31st Oct. A birthday treat by my mom and my eldest brother…last year was at Chilis this year they decided to try out the famous New Double Tree Hotel – Makan Time Kitchen.

It is located on 11th floor, a great concept where every angle of the restaurant served different type of cuisine. We booked our tables of 12 next to the Indian corner. The best part was that it has a children corner! Yeay!

Wished I brought along bibik to take care of the kids while the adult can concentrate on trying all the dishes :p

Main highlight of my entry is of course the kids’ corner! ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe.

To be continued.


The food was great especially the chinese corner,with all the dim sum, love the cold taufufa plus longan + dried dates dessert! Yummey!

I enjoyed my meal and the kids’ corner dessert. For your info kids below 6 yrs old are under “Kids Eat Free!” and just look at the kids buffet @ kids’ corner. They served nasi goreng, spagetti, mushroom and tomato gravy. For dessert the kids enjoyed chocolate cake dessert.

Loved that this place has its own kids corner fills with fun activities such as color sand fill,balloon, coloring and of course clown act.

Little reminder to myself, wawa nya birthday party, NO CLOWN allowed! Huhu….punyala dia tak nak pergi kat area tu coz ada clown. Last2 we all had to bring her there siap papa dia dukung tu.

It is an awesome place to book your next lunch! Oh yes kalau super rich bley la buat kids party kat sana ngeeee!!

Other hotel that provide kids’ corner is Royal Chulan hotel! Maybe one day can try pulak if ada rezeki ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh yes, thank you abang and mama for a great lunch experience! Happy birthday papa and kak Nina!! We love you.



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Baby Keepsake Survey






I was looking for a different present this time for a finance manager of HSBC and a cousin of mine and decided to buy both of them one of these!!

Little Naquib need 1 for himself too? Sarah has one,a present from my SIL ages ago!

Let’s see if its worth buying or not during Mothecare Sale tdy! ๐Ÿ™‚ But somehow I am aiming for something specific and very useful gadget this time! Tungguuuu!



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Little Uncle & Kisah Kambing


Visited baby n mommy yesterday and the baby name is

Tengku Ilyaas Zayyan b. Tengku Izzat Zumairi. Wahhh Naquib got another Zayyan ni the family!! :))

This sunday is hari raya korban,we decided to give our 2 booked kambing for their aqeqah. Feeling sad,bukan rezeki Naquib. Takpelah me pujuk-ing myself…Insyallah ada hikmah disebalik setiap kejadian.ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Cukur jambul dah tak dan dah nak buat,so my last hope is to host it with a double celebration next year INSYALLAH.

Just sharing my joy n happiness here….



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