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Exclusive Pictures of Naquib



Among private pictures saved by us during his critical moments after birth ( in incubator immediately after birth pics taken by hubby while i was bed ridden)…a few first moment pics  taken during our 1st direct bf time with Naquib ( sayu bila ingat balik + bahagia rasa dapat akhirnya pegang anak setelah sekian lama x dpt pegang)

My boy…mama will always pray for you to fully recover and grow into a strong healthy boy! love you Muhammad Naquib Nazhan!!!



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My Breastfeeding Stories : Freestyling in Train!



Hehe i did it again,this time with my poncho shawl as the main cover to pump in public!

My outstation trip to Ipoh via KTM train!

Raise your ounces at anytime at anywhere!

I can do it,so can u.



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Sarah’s Kindergarten Hari Raya Open Day




We were notified by her kindie newsletter that there will be a raya celebration where the kids needs to bring their raya attire to kindie and change later on that day. Parents were invited and sumbangan makanan dialu-alukan.

I was sooooo busy with my work that week, but alhamdulillah my friend Maria was able to baked 50 pieces of her yummyilicious choco moist cuppies. Wanted the kids to enjoy the cuppies very much so i ordered 25 princess edible cuppies for the girls and 25 ben ten edible for the boys. Too bad Maria could only get Toys Story edible sheet…am glad that wawa was soooo happy & excited to share it with her fellow ICDCians.

That 23rd Sept morning i told wawa that both of us won’t be coming to her kinddie. She kept saying

“ala mama….datangla sekolah wawa….teacher suruh datang tuk hari raya”

….that morning i was wearing purple kurung she said

“mama pakai purple lawa ni na kgi school wawa la kan”

i said no, my office got hari raya function as well.

“ala mama dtg la….semua mak bpk datang”

Hati mana tak kesian tengok anak merayu minta ma n pa dia dtg ke kindie. The father said,nvmd tok ma can attend on behalf…but deep down inside myself i’ve set my mind to try and attend myself. The problem is now to excuse myself and i need a car!

Alhamdulillah, my brother agreed to for me to drive home with his car while he went for his bowling tournament.

So 4pm, i rushed to her school and hanged around the school for 30mins. Sarah beamed to see me walk into the school. Talked to a few of her teachers and mingled around the parents. Finally i met her friends…Amira, Amar, Nabil, Balqis, Khadijah etc…

Am very happy i made it for her raya day…Alhamdulillah i’ll try my best in the future for my children sake!



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My Breastfeeding Stories;Freestyling while Driving



I tried it for the first time! From Bangi to UK i got my normal full two bottles.Of course after stopping by to assemble it on and covered myself well!

Taking it off is a bit tricky,coz of my fear of spilling the milk all over the car…but Alhamdulillah everything was ok..just make sure you stop by the road to set on and off the freestyle pump. 🙂

If i drive to work daily,I would add 1 extra pumping session for surelah hehe!

I love my “i-tek” ;p



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Raya Photo Shoot with KC

This year, i tetiba rasa nak bergambar when i saw KC’s FB status saying she got some free slots for Merdeka Raya shots at her LittleBigShots Studio in Kajang. I thought, why not? Since we have already been invited to my aunt’s house in the same Taman Prima Saujana.

So on Saturday 10th Sept, we left the house early to a few open houses but end up stuck at a horrendous traffic jam to Kajang area :((, by the time we arrived it was already 4pm. It was raining… The kids were cranky and both were crying, my hubby was bad mood and sleepy…non-stop incoming calls checking either i’m attending open house in Sg.Buloh was really stressing me out 😦

So i tried to calm myself down,refresh and solat zohor. So the end results are some as displayed in the sneak peaks shared by KC in FB. I am still hoping a gorgeous picture of four of us to be blow up into a canvas pic…lets wait till we see the rest of the picas!

Thanks KC, for your patience on that day. I almost give-up myself!

My beloved hubby * kids

Our small family of four :)

Fairy Princess

Fairy princess ni terselit, coz KC try pujuk wawa to smile during the PS after she cried bangun tido. So i had to became the clown jumping here and there to make her laugh and smile! Thanks KC Love emmm very much!

A few of my friends and family members enquire about this PS with KC, so you can definitely contact KC directly via her link at LittleBigShots or here 🙂



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2 Months Old @ 30th August 2011

Naquib turned 2 months old on Hari Raya Aidilfitri Day,the 1st Syawal 1432 Hijrah.

His Progress – So far he can lift his head high,nearly half turned his body and love to “borak-borak”…with his adorable smiles and cooing. 🙂

His 2nd month photos taken on 30.8.2011 ( Tuesday) by mommy.

Self monthly PS.

We went for his first jab appointment with doc Nasir@ APSH on 13th Sept 2011. Guessed what? His weight at 73 days is 6.06kg! Double his birth weight! His 1 month weight was 4.08kg. We took the normal compulsory 2 mths jab plus Pneumococcal vaccine. Kesian Naquib, he cried sampai suara tak keluar. 😦 The next day terus demam panas!

During his checkup, we went and met Doc Wan a pediatric surgeon either Naquib should be circumcised or not (due to his further kidney porblem further investigation). He checked Naquib thoroughly and adviced us to come back in January 2012 to do a followup ultrasound to see either his kidney shrink back to normal size. Nak sunat pun baby dah besar doc kata hehe…we were quite shocked to see the charges they charged for circumcision surgery. RM650 for half concious operation, and RM1,350 for full knock off. Gheeee mahalnya for a baby! heeheh…

By the way Doc Wan told us not to worry too much as Naquib case is considered mild.

Praying very hard for Naquib’s normal recovery! Amin!



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My Breastfeeding Stories: Power Pumping

Pics from google imageI’ve never tried this before but today i decided to try it out after one of my pumping mate @ office highlighted the option on this method. Never thought i would run low on my supplies after a very clingy moments with Naquib all throughout the night (last night).

So this morning  i tried, to pump for ten minutes, rest for ten minutes, on and off, for a total of one hour, to simulate a growth spurt. Alhamdulillah it works wonders! From less than 1 ounce to 5 ounce! (tu baru try sikit…and i realised that’s why i love manual pumping due to this factorlah…never hit me that it was called PP hahah)

I guessed i’ll be practicing this “power pumping” when i suffer through ” low milk supplies” moments again later in the future.

Cheers to group knowledge! Power the ounces bebeh! ;P



Notes on (PP) Power Pumping(extracted from a site).
Power pumping is a technique that can be helpful in building a milk supply .Power pumping involves using regular pumping techniques and setup, but in a unique way.

The idea is to mimic a baby who is nursing frequently to increase a mother’s supply, as is common in the nursing relationship during a growth spurt.

To power pump, hook-up as you would for a normal pumping session, pump for 10-20 minutes, rest 10 minutes, then pump another 10 minutes, then rest for 10 minutes, then pump again for 10 minutes. The mother does this for about an hour, once per day, to increase supply.

At other pumping times during the day, routine pumping is used. It can take about a week to see an increase, so don’t get discouraged. Some mothers prefer to concentrate their efforts and have a power pumping weekend, called “Power Pumping Boot Camp” by some lactation consultants. They power pump at each pumping for a couple of
days before returning to routine pumping.

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Wan Family & Nasi Kerabu!

It’s the time of the year again…we tried to change the menu but failed as all d’couzins demanded nasi kerabu mama as the main course for our annual family open house.

The preparation begin since 3rd raya day. Groceries shopping for all the ulam2,ikan kembong  and etc…by 4th uraya we started to sort out the living hall and started to bakar ikan kembong..
still  we were hunting for the sooo susah nak cari daun kesum from one pasar to supermarkets ..semua licin!!

The night before d-day,all of us semua turun padang racik all the ulam2…my dad pon tolong tarik isi ayam for mee laksa lemak singapore!

Eventhough we were all tired,but happy to watch all enjoying the  nasi kerabu,mee lemak and chicken tonight!

“kak yah,u cannot change ur menu every raya…it’s ur signature dish!!”

hnmm…i need to learn the tumis for nasi  kerabulaaa..but everytime my mum buat,me and SIL busy preparing the condiments!


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Sarah’s First Field Trip : Beryl’s Chocolate Factory

This year, on 9th September (a week after she returned from her 2 weeks raya break)our little Sarah’s school organised a field trip to the famous Beryls’s Chocolate Factory located at :-                                                                                                                    No. 2, Jalan Raya 7/1, Kawasan Perindustrian  Seri Kembangan                                        
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel : 603-89436136
Fax : 603-89436021                                                                                              Operation Hours : Monday – Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday until 3pm
Email : Website :

I myself have been there a few times to purchase for my brother’s wedding favors and for my kids parties….but we weren’t allowed to go in to watch the whole chocolate A – Z process! You should go there when they have sales from time to time! Sangat berbaloi-baloi!

Eh…Enough about me,back to Sarah’s story :p

Parents were informed in advance before Ramadhan. Kids were to wear full purple school uniforms plus white shoes! Oh yeah and to be punctual on the day itself! A few days before the trip, Sarah told us that they need to queue before hopping on the bus and were divided into groups with a designated teacher. (Lega hati mendengar, bcoz Sarah had never been to a trip without us before and on a bus??!!)

When she came back from the trip, guessed what she was so excited about? Common tekala? heheh..

Wawa: ” Mama…wawa tadi naik yellow school bus!! Bole tak wawa gi school naik school bus?”

AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa tidak!!!

Well, that’s that! So we had to probe her for more details of her trip. The summary is that they had to wait for the bus and she sat next to…a girl (terlupa la nama). They sang a few song on the bus. She also told us that there were some melted coco being made into squarish chocolates and each kid got to bring home some.

All she brought home was a bag of chocolates (i think it was given by the factory to the kids), a chocolate ordered by Tok Mi (yupe…my mom siap kasi duit tuh) and the rest was for herself! heheh…

Oh yes, she brought home a small MCD smurf holding a red sword too! She said it was given by her teacher for each kids together with the meal!  (wow ada org belanja Mc D kids set for all the 60 kids!! Moga murah rezeki hamba Allah yang pemurah itu!!)

Apa-apa pun…dia highlight naik bas sekolah yang paling best!! ahahaha!

Tok Ma cerita, after the school trip she was asleep sampaikan cikgu kena dukung masuk kereta and langsung tak sedar until she was sent home! Penat sangat la tu 🙂

By the way, alhamdulillah she enjoyed her school trip and is looking forward for next year pulak! Some pictures taken by the teachers during the day!

Gosh my girl dah besar laaaa! 🙂 Dah naik bas! hehehe!



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Selamat Hari Raya 2011




Wishing all my beloved family members and friends all over the globe a very happy eidul fitri.

Sepuluh jari ku hulurkan dengan penuh kekesalan,moga terima maaf yang ku pintai dari kalian semua. Halalkan makan minum,maafkan kekhilafanku. Moga di hari dan bulan yang mulia ini,hubungan silarraturahim kian mersa.

Alhamdulillah,i’ve managed to fast for 18 days this ramadhan without any problem eventhough i am fully breastfeeding my son. We are very happy this syawal as we have a new addition to our family of three. Aqib’s first raya,our first raya berempat!

Syukur….syukur…..salam lebaran buat semua


Fairy Yaya

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