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I Wanna Fully Breastfeed My 2nd Baby Too!!!

I had successfully exclusively breastfed my daughter (using only Avent manual breastpump) until she is 2 years old and 7 months. (March 2007 to end 2009)

I am still amazed that i managed to go through that challenging + joyful moments of breastfeeding! Tell you what, it was not easy! You’ll need all the positiveness,determination and motivational support that you can get.

Well, that’s 1st child experience. I am pretty sure for 2nd child it would be a whole new journey again!!

The Pump

Mandela Pump

This time i had ordered Mandela Freestyle Hands Free Pump (at a good price) from a friend in US. It is an investment for baby Naquib and my other 2 future children (insyallah). After comparing and evaluating between Philips Avent Isis IQ Duo Electric Pump & Mandela Freestyle, it is wiser to opt for Mandela Freestyle. Why?

1.  Because of the battery function that you can have the freedom to pump anywhere! Not need to search for power source each time to pump. I even had seperately ordered a car charger for my Mandela pump just incase i ran out of battery power! (LOL).

2. Freestyle – you can use it hands free!

When Naquib was born on 30th June 2011, he was admitted for his illness and was not allowed to be breastfed directly due to his conditions (in incubator). So i only managed to pump on my 2nd day after the c-sect delivery.

Avent Manual Pump

Somehow, i am still attached to my old manual Avent pump lah! It was easy to bring with me and i know i am very comfortable and confident  with its function. (Mandela was very foreign to me at the beginning!)

My first few drops of colostrums on 3rd day after delivery

1 day EBM Stock

Ready to be sent to APSH Nursery every morning during his 8 days there

So here i am, using both pump and loving each pump for its own unique functionality!

When i feel a bit lazy and the stock macam tak banyak i’ll just express using Avent pump, when i am in hurry or too engorged i’ll use my Mandela pump! During my confinement days, i used it alternately.

Personally, i still think manual pump can give you the extra few ounces/drops of milk when you need it the most (especially when you are running out of ebm stock!) hehehe…

The current EBM story…

Few days after N was discharged, i got Mastisis during my early days of confinement! Gosh it was painful, all my body parts ache (sakit habis sendi-sendi) and i had the high fever! huurrrr…had to rushed to the clinic to take some antibiotics, pain ressistance pills and panadol! I had it twice during the 44 days of confinement tau! Ouch, i even used cabbage to reduce the engorgement!

These few days, i am experiencing a new type of soreness pulak dah! Still puting on my Mandela purelan cream on the nips and hopefully it’ll just fade away…

Stocking Up

It is true that the saying of “Knowledge Makes You Smarter, Experience Make You Wiser”  Because, I’ve definitely learnt from my past experience during my EBM time with Sarah! Stocking up is not easy, especially towards reaching the age of 2 yrs old. Your supplies seems to reduced due to your time limitations to frequently express every 3 hours. I was either getting too busy with my work, working out of comfort zone to ebm or just because of my lazziness!

I could still remember, feeling all stressed up with the next day stock. Every drops was precious to ensure i express enough ounces for each feeding. Waaa…i hope i can reduce that kinda moment this time!

I’ve started my EBM stocking up since the day i left the hospital. We all know that the milk supplies is at its peak during confinement periods. I took full advantage of this knowledge and experience too EBM every last drop i could managed. My mom’s 2 fridge freezer was full that i had to purchased the cheapest chest freezer.

Alhamdulillah, as at today i have more than 200 ebm stocks available. It was a bit messy when you try organize the ebm in a chest freezer. This is how i stockup my ebm.

1. After expressing, leave your milk to cool down a bit before putting it in the fridge/freezer.

2. Use masking tape & permanent ink pen to mark your milk supplies date and time.

3. Use sandwich bag or any see thru bag to categorize your stock according to its date.

4. Use FIFO concept, first in first out. Arrange the most latest ebm to be at the bottom and the old stock at the top of the deep freezer. (yupe kindda messy but it’ll be easier for my maid to take out according to FIFO concept!)

The cheapest chest freezer we could get @ TESCO

The Cheapest Chest Freezer that we found!

My Important EBM Utensil

Masking tape,permanent ink pen, storage bags/bottles/ sandwich bags/pumpMy EBM utensil

Organized storage Organized EBM

All ready stocked up just for you Naquib!Stocking for my working days!

Praying hard that this time it’ll be a much much much smoother experience. More supportive environments and people to encourage breastfeeding for our future children the next generation!

I wanna fully breastfeed my 2nd baby too!! Don’t you?



Note: Ohhww before SIL, Pu3 shared with me this link ” Cara Pengurusan EBM” from SARAKids..Kindda similar to mine but it’s another way of storage strategy. Good link for knowledge sharing kan?? 🙂 Happy EBM stocking everyone!

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44 days of Confinement : Post Natal

Fourty Four Days of confinement period is definitely long for an active lady like me.

My first 4 weeks of confinement period was more towards focusing with the healing of my c-sect area. This round, the wound was a bit wet and painful especially on the left side.  I noticed the wound was still bleeding after 2 weeks!! Yikes! Sangatlah sakit bila nak gerak sana sini. We went to see my doc, and she was shocked to discover this! The redness on the scars, nasib baik takde nanah(almost). She took out the thread used to stitch me (it was really pedih ok when she pulled the benang out!) She told me that i am allregic to external (bendasing) stuff. She gave me some alcohol swaps, antibiotic cream and pills. Alhamdulillah it finally 100% healed by 5th week.

My Mak Bidan Berpantang (My Confinement Lady)

During my early days of confinement, we hired “makcik urut Piah” to do all the caring of me and the baby.

She was recommended by my best friend Fazz. She charged us , Rm 850 for 7 days of massages,baby bath,tungku,sauna and will provide you with batu tungku,daun mengkudu,periuk sauna. She charged another RM228for all the ubats ( ubat mkn gamat (2 bottles), jamu, special pad, minyak telon bayi,minyak panas for siang and malam,bengkung, rempah for air ubat periuk,param & bedak sejuk). Another RM450 is for the ending of 44 days ( day 40 to 43) for the last round of massage,body scrub and mandi sintok (a type of root (akar)). This pricing depends on the package you choose. She can even cook for you during your confinement period.For those who are staying quite far out from Taman Melati (she lives there), she’ll charged her travelling expenses. Mine was nearby, so nil.

RM228 worth of ubat/minyak to use during pantang.Akar Sintok

                       Akar Sintok for Mandi Sintok on the last day of Confinement

She called herself “achik piah”(sofiah). She used to work as a nurse at HKL Maternity Ward. So she does know medically how to handle babies! A plus point.

If you are searching for your confinement makcik urut and you want to try her, do leave a message here. I’ll pm back you her hp number. My advice to you, do discuss on the pricing first before agreeing! She came to our house before we decided to use her service.

My Confinement Diet

Besides being pampered with the massages, the malay culture confinement ensures both you and baby on strict schedule. You must tie your hair high back,wear param to get rid of the “wind” air getting into your body.

As for food,no cold ice drinks allowed, no beans, no spicy food,no coconut based food. I was only allowed to eat ikan tenggiri,kurau and bawal. Sometimes fried sometimes steamed. Black pepper meat and for veggie either sawi or cabbage. Fruits allowed either apples or oranges! Others i dare not eat (as for melon,bananas all either cold or windy) and my mom and neighbours seems to agree that i should not take chicken (due to the hormone they injected) and eggs (takut gatal luka jahit).

Shaping Up/ Firming Up

So here i am, finally on my 44th day of confinement. I can honestly say that i am not 100% recovered but i am definitely getting better! My weight has dropped drastically in 44 days. My weight before delivery was at 85kg! (huyooo) and after 2 weeks i was at 72kg and finally today my weight is at 67kg. I hope i can reduce to 60kg at least (as my original weight before mabuk was 65kg).

The problem now is to shaped up & firmed up some of the body parts. I’ve been using Design Veronique girdles recommended by my gyne. They have all kind of girdles but mine is specially for c-sect ladies like me. Cost me RM550 (I’m sure for normal full body suit is more than this) and  worthwhile buying it. An investment for beauty? hahah :p The nurse siap pakaikan tu dalam check- up room, it support my tummy up from touching the wound. So i feel firmer and comfortable wearing it. Interested? Want to try? Why don’t you drop by at Doc Ariza’s clinic at APSH. You’ll see the banner in the waiting room. 🙂

I *heart* my Design Veronique!

i love my Design Veronique Girdles for C Sect


My Overall Confinement Journey

Alhamdulillah, it was full with ups and downs. Filled in with tears and laughter. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to rest and recover. I was given the chances to be with my baby N for full 44 days, 24/7 without doubt. I’d like to express my  gratitude expecially to my very patience husband, my beloved mother & father, my daughter Sarah and the rest of the family members and friends ohh not forgetting the maids for all the motivations, support and encouragement given to me all throughtout my pregnancy, labour and confinement moments. I know I couldn’t managed on my own without all the help from all of you. Only Allah knows how greatful i am. May Allah bless you all. Thank you!

my babies


Fairy Yaya

Pesanan penaja: Achik Piah ni banyak side business, if you are looking for a caterer, makcik marhaban (for aqeqah/berendoi), curtains/baju tailor, part time lulur, urut, you can call her. I send some materials to try on her tailoring. Let see what the out come! hehehe…bagus contact achik ni!

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Updates on Prolonged Jaundice

Alhamdulillah, received the two blood test results from the lab (Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Shanaliza) and were told it’s nothing to worry about. No further investigation need to been done and my baby can stay home sweet home.

As my own step of precaution, i’ll keep monitoring his urine and stool, just in case!

I can’t wait for his 2 months checkup with Doc.Nasir, two down one to go (DL)

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Congenital Pneumonia, Prolonged Jaundice & Dialated Kidneys

I wanted to share with all other mothers or parents on this 3 illness that my son was/is diagnosed with.

 1.CONGENITAL PNEUMONIA                                                                                        

 When he was borned, he suffered Congenital Pneumonia (CP). At first we have no idea of what it was all about,only managed to looked at our poor son chest rapidly moving up and down! It was such a scary sight for us, he was then treated in a very special incubator with a small oxygen tank for his breathing (head area). His feet was full of wires and was on antibiotic drip to treat the CP.

What is CP? I did some googling during my 8 days stay in the hospital and i extract this from

Pneumonia that becomes clinically evident within 24 hours of birth may originate at 3 different times. The 3 categories of CP are:-

1.True CP  2. Intrapartum pneumonia 3. Postnatal pneumonia

In our case, our son was dignosed with the first one, True CP. True CP is already established at birth. It may become established long before birth or relatively shortly before birth. Transmission of CP usually occurs via 1 of 3 routes:-

1. Hemotogeneous 2. Ascending 3. Aspiration. ( Read more from the site)

Doctor suspected ours was number 1, infection during pregnancy.

Alhamdulillah after 6 days in the incubator, he was off oxygen and antibiotic. Right now he is doing fine at home, with of course special monitoring from all of us. Everytime when we checked on him, we’ll always check his chest and his breathing. The nurses and the Paed said it is one of the common problem for babies. They looked so relaxed, but i doubt any parents out there can be as relaxed as them. He’ll grow out of it, they said. Insyallah.


After his 3rd day of birth,my son was dignosed with Neonatal Jaundice (NJ). His reading was as high as 18mg on his 3rd day in the incubator. Later on, his NJ reading slowly reduced to 10mg on his 8th day(off incubator). He was allowed to go home with me, after being seperated since the birth day. 😦

We noticed that his skin was still yellowish a week after his was discharged and brought him for another check-up. His NJ readings had increased to 16mg! His Paed adviced me to stop eating all the jamu, herbs, ginseng based food. I even stop taking my gamat and pati ikan haruan. Eventhough he told me, tumeric based food does not effect my son’s NJ, I still stop taking it. All was avoided to ensure he recover. After 5 days, we took another blood test and his NJ reduced to 13mg.

The paed advice us to go home, and monitor our child’s stool and urine. To see if the color was not yellow and the stool texture is not smudgy.

As i am typing this entry, my son is still suffering jaundice at 38 days after his birth! So we took him for a 2nd opinion and his blood samples was taken again today. After all i was damn worried after doing a lot of reading from the internet, that if you do not treat NJ on time it may lead to brain damaged or  This Paed told us, if an infant still suffers jaundice after 1 month it is called prolonged jaundice (PJ). Now to determined what type of PJ, is it Conjugated Jaundice (CJ) or Non Conjugated Jaundice (NCJ). What the heck is this? I have no idea! Lets read on…it’s getting to complicated with all the medical terms/jargons!! The Paed will be advising us on what the difference between the two of this on Monday (8th August 2011) right after we get my son’s blood test. She took 2 tube of blood and send to a lab to check on the mg level and on his liver.

So this topic shall be updated on Monday or do feel free to read/reaserch on. Me? I’ll take a break for a while la!

We are worried, our prayers and du’aa to our dearest son. May the results come back with nothing serious. I hope it is just a normal prolonged jaundice phase. This is what i gained from a forum in feel free to read on.


We were told during my 28th week pregnancy that our boy’s kidney were dialated. At first it was just one side, then later on both sides! Oh Ya Allah, dugaanmu hebat sekali. I was a bit panicky at the beginning,but later on tried to calm down when the doctors told me it is normal for baby boys to have dialated kidneys.

From a website: Having dilated kidneys basically indicates that there is an obstruction to the flow of urine from your baby’s kidneys. It’s hard to tell exactly what this might mean in your baby‘s case. There’s a wide range of severity, so it’s difficult to give you precise advice.


Sometimes, having dilated kidneys is a very minor problem and is simply a variant of normal. This can mean that there aren’t any health consequences for your baby at all and everything’s fine. In other cases, the condition can be more severe and can mean that there’s a risk to kidney function.

As you have been told that both of your baby’s kidneys are affected, it could mean that there is a problem with the bladder or urethra (the tube that leads from the bladder to outside).

Yupe, they told me the probability of the swealling to reduce back to normal and the chances it might get back to normal size. I was hoping for that, but after 3 weeks from his birth his kidneys were still dialated. APSH Paed told us that he needs to do another follow-up test to determined the illness. It could be Kidney Hydronephrosis or Kidney Dysplasia or others that i yet to know. Here are some info gained from the forum.

Yes i’ve done this research since i was pregnant, i am scared for my son. It is a relief to know there are cures for these kind of illness. BUT i will always pray and du’aa so that a miracle will happened if not we will go through this. Insyallah. Let’s pray together for our dearest Naquib. Your prayers and du’aa are very precious to us.

I’ll update on this after his test this next week.



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Quote of the day

“Life is like taking photos. We often pose the way we want to been seen by the others,but the candid shots captures who we really are.”

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Hijrah Time!

Ready or not, here we go...Welcome!

Ready or not, here we go. I am sharing my new blogging page with the public today!

Wish me luck…and Welcome to my new world of blogging!



Note: Hijrah – Movement from one point to another/changes.

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