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Welcoming the Month of Ramadhan

The official announcement of the holy month of Ramadhan was on TV today,1st August 2011 will be the beginning of fasting for all muslims around the globe.

Am glad that this Ramadhan i am still breathing to welcome this month.A month where all muslims ought to stop or slow down with their duniawi. To focus with our ibadah and to ensure our closeness to the Almighty.

My du’aa this Ramadhan,may it filled with ibadah,may all of us become a better muslim. Insyallah.

Happy Ramadhan you all! Wished i can join the joy of Ramadhan as soon as I finish my confinement.



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O.N.E. M.O.N.T.H. O.L.D

Our baby turned one month old today the 30th July 2011. He was borned at 7.03pm of 30th June 2011 via C-Section at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital (APSH). Read more on his birth stories.

Mommy just couldn’t resist to start her monthly self- photoshoot of her boy.



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Something Borrowed!


The moment i accidently found this movie trailer on YouTube i fell in love with it immediately. It is a typical real life drama of someone falling for someone else’s boyfriend of girlfriend or in this case your bestfriend fiancee’.

The book written by Emily Giffin was amazing and it was totally opposite of what you thought it should end with. If everyone follow their heart, if i to follow my heart…i wonder where we all ought to end up with.It might be a different story, with a different ending.

I don’t regret with what i’ve decided in my life. I am here because of my passed decisions. You are here because of the same reasons.

Something borrowed might have a good ending, but we rarely go for that kind of ending aight? Something to ponder. Enjoy the trailer linked here “Something Borrowed”.




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Bonjour WordPress,Je m’appelle FairyYaya!

I’m finally ready to move on from my previous Beloved Fotoblog!

Greeting earthlings..I am new here on wordpress, to share my daily highlights on everything that i love about!

Hope i won’t loose everything i shared in my “Beloved Fotoblog” as that shall be my life momento for my kids to read one day.

An introductionary poem on my new blog…

Life is full of wonderful opportunities                                                                      Mine are just filled with extra dosage of probabilities                                                      Indulging myself to a perfume drug of what we called LIFE IS ALL ABOUT                 Life is indeed like a wish, only the Almighty knows what lies within no doubt!

* ntah apa la aku ngarut nih hehe…Just poem kay people.

xoxo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   FairyYaya

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